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Was It Rape?

When I was 16 years old I finished my part time job and decided to hang out around the town with two of my friends. We met some boys whilst we were there that were in our year and the year above and managed the older ones to buy us a bottle of wine. I had about a third of this bottle of wine but suddenly seemed very drunk. My two friends went home and left me with the group of boys as I insisted I wanted to stay. The whole night is still a blur but I remember one of them taking me behind a public toilet building and having sex with me. My friend walked around the corner and saw this happen as he had come out to look for me again. Me and him have never spoken about this but I would like to ask him how the situation looked to him and why he did not step in and help. Due to my lack of memory I am never sure if I initiated the sexual encounter or if it was forced upon me, but I have thought about it most days, usually late at night. I am not sure if perhaps my embarrassment at the situation made me put it into my head that it was not consensual or that deep down I always know that it wasn’t.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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