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Was it rape?

My boyfriend and I are both 17. One night i threw a party at my house. There was obviously drinking and lots of people. My boyfriend never drinks so he’s never gotten drunk before. We were both drunk and fooling around in my room alone. I was fine doing whatever as long as my underwear stayed on. When we’re sober he’s really nice and constantly asks me if I’m comfortable and stuff but this time he was pressuring me to take them off. Giving in the the pressure I took them off. As a joke my friend brought a condom so he started looking for it in my room then put it on. Since i was very drunk i don’t remember 100% what i said but I’m pretty sure i said that i didn’t want to have sex and said no lots. He kept on saying something like come on you’ll never know if you like it unless you try… He put it in (not completely) then i pushed him off and told him to stop right away. I went to the washroom to think but he followed me. He now wanted me to give him a blowjob and said the same thing as before “please you might like it, just try it”.

All in all he did pressure me but throughout it all he was never holding me down or anything so I’m not sure if its considered as rape or whatnot.

Another thing, should i break up with him? This happened last week and we are still together but i love him and he’s an amazing guy. The next day he said that he barely remembered anything (only little parts), he remembers pressuring me. He said that he’s extremely sorry and that he will never drink again. Like i said when he’s sober he doesn’t pressure at all, he just wants me to be happy. What do you think, should I give him another chance or break up with him right away?

— Survivor, age 17


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