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Was It Rape? I Don’t Know

So a few months back I had sex with a guy named henry. The first time was 5 minutes and was over. So in my head I was like, this is the last time Ill ever see this guy. Weeks later He texted me and was like come over. So I did expecting the quick deal and it was not. For the first thirty minutes it was fine until it started hurting. I would tell him to stop and roll on my side and cross my legs. He kept rolling me back over and having sex with me even when I wanted to stop. At one point I ended up crying. He didn’t say sorry until the end. After that he wanted to have sex again so he forced me too. Its one of those cases where you think, was it rape? At first I didn’t consider it but yes it is. He didn’t want to stop so he kept going. We ended up having sex for over two hours. Today I was on facebook and he ended up blackmailing a girl because she wouldn’t have sex with him. Now he is all over facebook and I ended up talking to his ex and the same thing that happened to me happened to her. She classified it as rape!

— Survivor, age 19

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