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Wedding Horror Story

A little over a month ago, I got married.
Please do not Congratulate me until you Read.
In itself, it was a Year of Stress,Stress,Stress! I was amazed that it went flawlessly, and that should have told me disaster was coming! After all, I had secured a very religious and old fashioned value man, who wished a religious and old fashioned value wife.
We had the Ceremony, and most of the Reception, when I went to a rest room to change out of my VERY uncomfortable gown. I had it off, and was topless, as it didn’t allow wearing of a bra, and I think everyone kissing me Good Luck in line got a good look downblouse. I had my huge skirt around my knees.
One of my Husband’s close friends from work, softball, and the firehouse, just walked in! I guess I left it unlocked. I fell backwards onto something, which was okay, as he needed the room to pass. He drunkenly announced his need to pee, and pulling out his penis, proceeded to relieve himself right next to me. I struggled to stand, still wrapped in petticoats.
When he finished, he stared at me, and whistled. He said he saw how I looked at him in the kiss line. I told him to get out, but he grabbed my skirts away, and then my ankles, and jumping atop me. I was tipsy, and it wasn’t until he touched my underwear, that I thought to scream. No one answered, as he pulled them aside to push into me, succeeding in taking my guarded virginity after some rough thrusts on the toilet tile floor. Of course he used no protection, and I’m not experienced, but Whoa! at the moment seems inappropriate. My Husband, plus his Wife and Daughter, were downstairs. He stumbled out to rejoin the party.
I got dressed, and cleaned myself. My Husband was dancing with my Maid of Honor, but excused himself to take me onto the floor. I couldn’t tell him what just happened!
After about an hour, we left in the limo to our Honeymoon Suite. We made love that night, but he had no idea he wasn’t my first, as I was still bleeding for a bit.
My Husband sees him daily at work, and plays a game each weekend. I get to smile and bring chips and beer when he comes over.
A couple of weeks ago, I fearfully needed to go buy a test kit. After using them, I had the Doctor test.
I just got to go for the results, It was Positive, 98.8%, I’m Pregnant.
I don’t know Whose, I can’t tell him, or for that matter anyone we know. We know a lot of net savvy people, so I can’t have anyone write to other than a committed account, and no calls, or new appointments. I even went out to use a Public computer to ask for help Anonymous.
I’m asking for Help!


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