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Worst pain of my life

Two months before my 18th birthday I snuck out the house to go over this guys house.he went to my school we were peers but not really friends. Back then I was prone to smacking out, it was sitting almost. My mother was so smothering I was just used to smacking and lying. It was late of course because I had to wait til everyone went to sleep but I was just planning on chilling at his house, I just wanted to get out of the house. He picked me up and I climbed out of my window and got in the car. Pulling up to his house he told me his mother was home but she was a heavy sleeper and she didn’t care about him having guests in the A.M. We walked in and went straight to the basement. We sat on the couch while we were picking out a movie to watch. I really thought we were going to watch it. A couple minutes after it started playing he made a comment on why I was so far away. I was sitting on the edge of the couch, making it clear I wasn’t there to get close. After a couple times of him trying to pull me closer and me moving back he stopped. It was freezing in his basement and I said how cold it was. Then he started taking about how much more warm it was in the back room. We were going back and fourth about it and I said I was fine now. Eventually he got me into the room and pushed me onto the bed. I laughed it out like it was okay, I shouldn’t have. Surprisingly we laid there for moment and just talked. Maybe that’s what made me okay with the situation. Skip again pass the obvious touching and feeling he was doing, he managed to get on top of me but I was on my stomach. He kept touching me and I told him didn’t want to, he said we weren’t going to do anything he just wanted to touch me. Then he pulled it out and pulled my pants down a couple inches.I freaked out and told him no, he said he want going to put it in. Again, I believed him… he did it, forcefully. I started getting louder telling him to stop but not loud enough to wake his mom up. He had my arms pinned down so hard it lefted marks. It was the violent situation I have ever been in. I remember my forehead repeatedly hitting a stack of tires after he flipped me over like a fucking pancake.. the wash he doing it you would think he was angry. The entire time all I could think about was when was it going to end? When it finally did he got up and left the room. I got up immediately and rushed and put on everything. He came in and did the same. We got in the car and left. The entire ride was dead silent. When we pulled up to my house he said “call me tomorrow“. I quietly snuck back in and fell into my bed from my window and cried myself to sleep. I didn’t close my window, take off my boots.. I couldn’t do anything. When I woke I went to the bathroom to pee like always. It was like my insides were on fire. I got up and the toilet was fled with the brightest red blood. It was like that for two weeks. Turns out I had lacerations inside of my vagina. He called me 4 times a day everyday for months and I never answered. Eventually he stopped and I never told anyone. I’m now 20.

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