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Family Secrets

From the ages of 6-11, I was molested by my 12-17 year old step-brother. He started out making me kiss him. Saying that all brothers and sisters did it. Then came the touching and later on the oral sex. He would threaten to rape me or tell our parents “what I did.”

To this day, I have told no one in my family. I carry the guilt, shame, and distrust with me everyday. It’s been 10 years since the abuse and I still remember the last time to the very last detail.

I was under my bed trying to get away from him. He stuck his hand under the bed and started touching me. I was confused because it felt good, but I knew that I didn’t want it so I yelled, “STOP!!” And just like that he did.

Every day I carry the guilt that MAYBE if i had just said “stop” earlier it would have ended much sooner. But that’s something I’ll never know.

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