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3 Days After Arriving at College

I was 18 years old, I thought he was cute, he was big football player I was meeting people in the first week. He seemed nice he invited me to a party in his dorm. I went there were people there and drinking, we flirted, then he signaled to his friends to leave and they were gone. We started kissing and I was okay with that much. Then he stripped me I was not ok with that. He lifted me up, I was tiny and thin, he put me on him, he put me under him. He had a lot of sex with me. I kept saying no. He did not listen.

I had only had sex with my high school boyfriend by then and was pretty innocent. I was so scared it was morning. I had him walk me to my dorm. I was afraid of getting raped again by someone else (seems silly now but I wasn’t thinking correctly). The next day the football team walked by me in the cafeteria. He looked proud of what he had done, and they all jeered at me. He seemed to have bragged . I was so ashamed. He gave me STD’s. I ended up hearing about another girl he had done the same thing too. I told her about the STDs. We wrote in the girls bathroom that this football player is a rapist. Now I am a therapist who treats trauma and rape


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