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A Rough Life

I was born with half developed lungs and had to stay in the hospital for two months. My grandparents took me home when I okay to leave the hospital. I lived in a filthy house with two older siblings, a sister and a brother. I had a mother and father who didn’t care about me or my brother and sister. I was neglected and abused. I lived in a house that was roach and rat infested. I slept with crusty blankets, and no pillows. I had fleas and lice, was covered in bites. There was garbage everywhere, and I slept in a closet. I was never bathed and rarely feed. All of my clothes were filthy and to small. My diapers where rarely changed and I wasn’t even loved. When I was thirteen months old, my brother and sister and I were taken from that house and put into foster care. We lived in seven foster homes together through out the year. When I was fifteen months old, I was separated from my brother and sister.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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