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Believe it or Not, It happened to me

was raped 29 years ago.
I was Party Raped, Gang Raped, whatever you want to call it.
1989 I was 14, and raped by my ex boyfriend and 2 of his friends (who I had never spoke to).
I will save all the details. I was Drunk, beyond drunk, and already passed out on a mattress on the floor, I believe now my ex done this for revenge, I really don’t know.
I didn’t report it because I was not supposed to be where I was, and definitely not suppose to be drunk. Also how embarrassing would it be for a 14 year old girl living in the Bible Belt of the South to have to let everybody know what happened, the details are awful enough, I was too drunk to fight, I couldn’t even sit up.
And the MESSED up part is I still had feelings for my ex. Long story short,he was my First real boyfriend, and a REAL Sociapath, how lucky I was.
3 days after my rape he went to jail, and later prison for robbing an elderly man. The 2 others that raped me I now know he lead them to do it, not that it excuses them, but you would have to know how my ex had a way of getting people to do things.
I am upset that none of them have Ever had to pay for the lifetime of trauma that I have endured, and NOW I am Angry at Me for not telling. I know it is too late now.
I have never seen my rapists since that night, I imagine running into them, what I will say, or do… I have it all worked out in my mind, because noww I am not the 14 year old child they damaged.
Believe Me or Not, I Know.


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