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Deacon abused for reporting

I stood up for a person that was sexually assualted by a deacon at Germantown Baptist Church in Germantown, TN. The young lady, 18, was traumatized by the event as she had worked for the church’s daycare. It was so toxic to the people in the congreagation they would only mention the young lady’s first name. In October 2017 the parents put a proclamation on the church’s door as to biblical why and how the situation should be addressed. The parents and friends of the abused met with the pastor, yet he did nothing and refused to report the crime. After the family put the proclamation on the door, i went to the family and apologized on behalf of the church. The family was most concerned about the emotional health of the young lady and sought counseling. The deacon was counseling her off campus and took her from Starbucks to a Park in his car. Amazing, the deacon was married with 5 kids at the time and was never removed as a deacon and is an active deacon. I was removed as a deacon since i told the pastor he should address the issue properly. Well, i was embarrassed and angry that a church i have attended for 50 plus years would not report the issue. Not the pastor, assistant pastor, chairman of the deacons, nor the vice chairman of the deacons would report. A year passed as the young lady was getting her emotional strength back so she missed her window. I reported the crime to the Germantown Police Dept and Shelby County Sheriff’s office so now the church is seeking to remove my membership as they say i am creating disunity in the body of Christ. The interesting thing to have seen in sexual assault is that it affects the person forever and effects all future relationships. And in this case, it is not only the person that is sexual assaulted that gets harmed, it is the people who try to make a difference and stand up for the abused that get attacked.


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