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Today is the day that I have to face my fears. I don’t know how to start but I know that I have to tell my story for even one person who has been through the same things and thinks that his story doesn’t count. Just like I did some months earlier. Through my life as a young adult know I have been groped a couple of times something that it can be seen as a typical guy thing and I have had guys teasing me about some creepy sexual stuff. I believe that these things have not traumatized me because I was not that young but Even now years later I remembered the one time I was a teen and someone touched me. It ruined me. It changed my personality. Made me lost trust in men and people in general. Made my anxiety appeared. For years I thought that this event is something similar to everything else. Something not that bad as other things I would be lying if I was saying that a tiny piece of me isn’t believing it until now. But over the years I learnt that NO ONE has the right to touch you without your consent and EVERY STORY MATTERS! FELLOW SURVIVORS WE ARE STRONG


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