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I dont know what to call it

i was about 8 my cousin was in his 20″s
i only remember waking up by his weight on me and feeling his penis on me
i don’t know how i got to my bed or what had happened
i am 27 years old today
he is in jail for rape
my family thinks his innocent but i dont cause i never told anyone whats happened.
he still had the nerve to phone me from prison to wish me good on my wedding day.

my step-cousin use to always try to rape me but my brothers always caught him and stopped him
he was not normal in his head and everyone new how he was but one day he almost raped me
i layed on the couch with a night dress and he tried putting his penis in me i opened my legs and my stepmother walked in before he could.

i dated a guy 18years older then me
he got me a interview at his work place he worked in the bank
but i decided to back to my childs father
the day before the interview i told my mother i do not want to go and she told me i should go he has no power to do anything
i got at the office they told me where to go and which boardroom i went and he said come in the people is waiting for u when i entered and he closed the door behind me and chocked me beat me up for leaving him and then took me in a room where all the plugs were and raped me he took me to his flat and raped me and made me bath and dropped me of

i never told anyone about this

i know think that all men wants is sex to keep a relationship going i think it messed me up.

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  • Alexis


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