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I was too young to know what sexual abuse was

Aug 20th I was going into freshman year of high school and they had an orientation at the high school to tour around and see where our classes were at. I met a guy named blake ….we clicked right away and we started hanging out more and more i met his parents and his sister. He had the kitchen upstairs and two living rooms one downstairs and one upstairs at first i thought he was an amazing person a person i wanted to have kids with because i saw what i wanted to see i didn’t leave the first time he sexually assaulted me i was 14 i didn’t know what sex even was let alone sexual abuse and assault. I told myself he wouldn’t do it again or oh this is normal as the months passed and he was getting eager and was always leaning towards sex or sexual acts there were times where i consented but most of the time i didn’t. Afraid to move and in shock while i feel like I’m not even in my body i would just lay there and look away from him. Do you want to here the fucked up part? we went to the same school and he had tons of friends mostly girls and they had no idea what kind of person he really was and still til this day no one knows who he really is…except for me and the other girls he’s done stuff to but most of us stayed silent i know i did. I blocked mostly everything out so i don’t remember anything. My friend told me i never ate i acted out and walked out of class I suppressed it so bad i don’t remember anything at all and uh i hate it. After 5 years I’m starting to work on it with my therapist little by little and it actually feels good to tell my story in an odd way.

— Angelina


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