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I’ve survived sexual abuse

As a kid I was a molested from the time I was 5 until 15. I married to leave my house. Got pregnant and divorced soon after. Then I found myself in a very controlling relationship. Found myself pregnant again which are lost that child due to a DUI driver almost lost my life but God seem to be there for me because he saved my life. I was severely emotionally unstable. I thought to help with my pain that carrying life inside me what to help ease it somehow. That made things worse I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me with someone very close to me after he choked me till I passed out and took me and dumped me in my parents driveway and left me now I was pregnant with one child and single and dealing with the life of a death of a child still not have dealt with the molestation and rape I had suffered as a child . I tried to move on with my life. I met a man we ended up getting married I thought he was a good man everything changed after when married and I got pregnant with our first child. That’s when the abuse started he would beat me if I didn’t do what he wanted he would make me have sex whenever he wanted to. If I refuse to he would get his gun out hold it to my head threaten to kill to and then to kill the kids so I would just give him anything he wanted. I ended up having two more kids with him. I stayed like 7 years before I got the courage up to leave. I told myself after that I would not let another man put his hands on me nor would I be a victim. But then I went to a party where after just a couple sips of one beer I don’t remember anything. I just know I woke up in the in the bathroom with bruises all over me blood everywhere turns out I had been given what what they call the date rape drug and I have been raped by two guys. Not Survivor I use my stories like you do to help others I’m writing you today because I’m watching Brave Miss World season 1 episode 1 it touched me when you had your meltdown not feeling strong enough halfway through I have to tell you you are a brave woman you strong woman you are a great woman meltdowns like these will happen but the longer time goes by the less they will happen I’m in my forties now hard to be 50 in a few years I have gotten help for all my past traumas you’re amazing keep up the good work.

— Survivor, age 44

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