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Just Like Yesterday

I am 58 years old but still remember it like it was yesterday. Hanging out with some friends at the lake at 15 years old. Some older people showed up and we all started talking and having fun. Come on with me and my friends and we’ll get some beer he said. So I went.

An hour later we were on a back road in the woods. His friend and his girl got out with a blanket and walked into the woods. A few minutes later he was on me. I kissed him back but when his hand went in my shirt I tried to stop him. But there was no stopping him. He pushed me over on my back. When I realized I wasn’t going to get away from him, I looked out the back window and saw the pine needles on the trees and just mentally left. Dissociation the professionals call it. That night my mother found my bloody underwear and she and my father confronted me. “Who is the boy?” My father screamed at me over and over. I just cried and never told…because you see it was my fault because I willingly went with him. It took years of therapy to believe that it wasn’t my fault. But I still hate pine trees and never go in the woods alone.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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