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Life Spiraled

When i was 14 i had a boyfriend who i only knew via phone calls. We made plans to see each other for a night so i lied to my parents and went to meet him at the mall. When he showed up he was with his entire family. Parents brothers and sisters everybody. We left the mall and went to their house somehow it was ok with this boys parents that i sleep in his bed with him probably because his 2 younger brothers were sleeping on the floor. He himself was only 16. When we started making out i thought to myself i don’t want to have sex so ill just say no it never crossed my mind that he wouldn’t stop. There was nothing violent about my rape but i said no all the way up until he penetrated me. I couldn’t stop him. Then to my horror after he was finished he tried to persuade me to do it again and couldn’t understand why i was upset. In the morning i just waited for his parents to give me a ride out of there and i never spoke to him again. Afterwards my life spiraled into a frenzy that i’ve never gotten out of. The guilt and shame and distrust has followed me everywhere. Ive never had the courage to tell anyone my story in full detail until i watched your movie. God bless you and i hope this help me and anyone else who reads it.

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