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Never Heals

I am a young girl, only fifteen years old. It was over seven months ago, when I went through a very traumatic time. I was at a house party, somewhere I regret ever going. I was interested in a boy who was holding the party, and that was the only reason I went. I didn’t know anyone else at the party but I agreed to go for him. The moment I arrived he handed me a bottle of strong spirits and ordered me to drink it straight. I was stupid and niave and I did what he said, and after a short while and a lot of drinks he led me to his bedroom. His friend stood at the door, making sure no one got in or out. Others claimed they tried to help me, but they were stopped. I still remember the feeling of helplessness. I still remember the look in his eyes. Almost every single night, I wake up screaming at him to stop, screaming at myself to fight, to get up, to run. But I lay there, tears streaming down my face unable to move and unable to think and I will never ever forgive myself for that. No matter how hard I try, the images remain burnt into my mind.

— Survivor, age 15

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