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It’s just not fair, why did he treat her like an actual human being but saw me as an object he can just use whenever he wants? I would ask myself that every night.
He took my voice away and made my words not matter. He’d make me call myself things that I knew I wasn’t. In a way, this was all just because he lacked two things; sympathy and respect. I now see that he didn’t treat me like that because I was a woman, he treated me bad because I had depression. He saw me as weak; like I was his prey and in a way, that’s so much more fucked up than just seeing me as a woman. We started out as friends who meet online but every time we hung out he would pressure me to have sex with him. He didn’t even feel an ounce of responsibility when he took my virginity at 14. But it just got worse, the things he made me do. He even let his friends watch through his closet and I was completely unaware of this till after. I wish I left sooner but I had no one and I was suicidal even before I met him. For the past year, I thought he broke me completely but I am now choosing to turn my sorrows into strength. He doesn’t have power over me anymore!

— Survivor, age 15


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