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Someone I should be able to trust

I was four hours the first time my mum left me alone with my grandfather playing with a doll called rainbow bright funny the things you remember I remember holding on to her the whole time when he forced me to the floor I couldn’t fight he was so big I didn’t understand what he was doing I’d never known pain like it before or since I remember being so scared thinking I must be really bad to be punished like this I’m now 40 and even now have only told two people what happened to me as a child by someone I should have been able to trust
I’ve avoided all relationships I’m the odd one always single never dating never trusting I don’t think I will ever be normal or be able to have a relationship I found out recently that he had done the same to my mum and my aunt and all I can think is why did you leave me with him why didn’t you protect me why did he choose me what did I do wrong.

— Sue

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