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Through the Window

I was working hard as an undergraduate and I guess not getting enough sleep, because I slept through the man coming into my apartment and climbing on top of me and holding his hand over my mouth. Then I woke up. And realized my best bet was to comply and keep this person from going ballistic. I don’t remember it all but I survived.

It pissed me off royally and I tried to get the jerk put away. I went through some rough times-drinking too much. But I ended up getting a PhD and am a professor and life is pretty good.

I still struggle with not understanding how society can ignore this problem and with being wary of telling my story. A traumatized war veteran can say ‘Yeah I got PTSD from some stuff I experienced in the war in X”. But women are discouraged from talking about fighting what I consider a women’s war. And after all these years I am coming to terms with how much my body remembers and I somewhat ignored it. Something I wish I had been alerted to earlier. Maybe we can make strides in treatment like what happened once cancer could be talked about openly


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