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Your never stop hurting me till your gone

I barely knew you. You only just came back to your family. You were supposed to be a fun loving uncle but instead you hurt me. I was a week away from being 15 and you knew what you were doing was wrong, so why’d you do it.
My uncle recently split with his wife and moved back in with my grandma and every one in my family was excited to see him again. Last time I saw him I was 13 and he got my older sister drunk when my parents weren’t around. Before that I hadn’t seen him since I was about 8 so i was excited too. Let me just say that he is a photographer who only takes pictures of dancers about my age. Anyway so while my step day was away for work for 3 weeks my mom sent me and my sisters to my grandmas house for a week and he was there. My grandma has a pool so we were all hanging in it the first day I got there and my uncle had this wired thing where he would just hold me in the pool and not let me go. It was like a game to him. Eventually he threw me on to a float and pulled at my swimsuit bottoms and then let go. That should have been a big red flag but I just didn’t pay attention. So later that night when everyone was out of the pool and going in side I went to the pool to get my shoes and he was in it all alone. He looked sad so I sat down and asked him what was wrong. We talked for about 30 minuets until he convinced me to get in the pool. I should have stayed out. He held me and didn’t let go. He would hold me around the waist really close to him. He is a strong man so I could get out of his grip and when I did I was back in it. He would hold me on his lap and force my legs around him and touch my thighs. He even asked if I liked it and I said no and he continued. He is 32 and was drunk. I was scared and couldn’t do anything. I was stuck in that pool with him for over an hour until my aunt came out. She didn’t see anything because he let go Of me right away and I got out. I haven’t gone in to much detail but someone touching you for that long definitely leaves a mark. For the rest of that week I covered as much as possible and stayed away from him. He also continued to take pictures of me all week trying to catch me off guard. It’s been 6 weeks now since then and I have only seen him one other time and he tried to get me drunk. I can still feel his hands on me and have had nightmares. I go on vacation in a week with my family and he is going to be there. He will never stop hurting me until he is gone. I plan on talking to my aunt as soon as we get there so she can help because he plans on getting me drunk on vacation and I don’t want it to get any worse than it already is.

— Jay, age 15


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