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“You were lucky”

In my high school, it was a tradition to rent a beachhouse for “senior week” before officially graduating from high school. Many of the high schools in the area did the same thing, which meant the whole small beach town was filled with seniors. One evening, my girlfriends and I went to a party at a beach house belonging to some guy friends of ours. Two of our guy friends, who I had known all of high school, asked if I wanted to walk to get beer from their other house, which was a block away. It was a nice night, and I walked with them as we talked and joked around. When we got to the house, they asked if I wanted to go inside. I said I would wait as they got the case of beer and then we could walk back. They became very insistent, putting their arms around me. One of… Continue reading »

Was it my fault?

Up until right now, I’ve never spoke of what happened to me. I’ve never told anyone. I really don’t know why. Maybe because I felt to blame. Maybe because I’m not sure it could even be considered rape. I really don’t know. The only thing I do know is that it made me feel terrible and disgusting. When I was 18 I went on a beach trip with some friends. We were all excited to party and meet cute guys. It was me and two of my friends. We all shared a hotel room. A few rooms down we noticed a group of cute guys were staying. We started flirting with these guys one night, and they ended up drinking with us in our hotel room. One guy in particular was so cute to me. I flirted with him the whole time. At one point during the night he said he wanted to go back… Continue reading »

I Shouldn’t Have Drank

My friend was throwing a party for me and two other friends. We all shared birthdays around the same time, so we celebrated them together. A lot of people I didn’t even speak to showed up. I was turning 15 and it was my first time drinking. Apparently I drank whole bottle of UV blue (Head Bottle). I didn’t last to long. I wasn’t feeling good so I just went into my friends living room and laid down. I VAGUELY remember walking down the road from her house with someone that sounded like they were on a skateboard. I was also recovering from a bad knee injury. I had tore my ACL and I was able to walk and slightly run but nothing TO physical. Next thing I remember was being at a park by my friends house. The park was gated so I don’t know how I got over the fence. I was in… Continue reading »

Shopping-Me too

I had just put my daughter in the car seat, when I felt a knife at my throat. He pulled out his penis, and demanded fellatio, and do it well “Or Else”. So in a busy parking lot, I did for this stranger what I didn’t do for my husband, in front of my toddler. He wouldn’t take it out until he totally finished, and I almost passed out, and puked for minutes. I recovered my groceries and left. I didn’t want my husband to know.

Was I really raped?

I am yet to process what had happened to me because I am yet to understand, was I to blame or he? He (not to be named) began messaging me through Facebook and after only a few hours of Facebook messaging soon led to an exchange of numbers and then a FaceTime call ALL in the same day. Our first FaceTime call consisted of getting to know each other, as well flirting which always suggests things are going great, so we arranged to meet up in the next few days. I admit to exchanging nudes before our meeting and a small amount of dirty talk, but I made sure he knew that on our first encounter NO funny business would go on nor would there on our second meeting and maybe third other than maybe a cheeky kiss! I told him on how I only wanted to get to know each other for now… there… Continue reading »

It’s OK

My Rapist: My mother’s boyfriend. My Age: 13 Force Used: Authority We had a close family, my Mom, my bratty Little Sis, Me of course, and the latest of Mom’s Boyfriends. We used to do a lot of things together, especially watch Cable. Once we were all on the couch, and Mom and Sis fell asleep, and I was drifting off, and I rolled over against him, and he put his arm over my shoulder, and his hand rested a bit on my boob by accident. He said he was “sorry”, and I said “It’s OK”, and he didn’t move it, but I didn’t care. The next time I watched a movie with him, it was a bit less “family”, and while I sat up, he reached around me, and under my arm, and his fingers rested under my boob. He asked if I was “bothered”, and I said “It’s OK”. He would flex his… Continue reading »

How can we make it stop?

I was 14 or 15. He was my best friend’s father, and a retired church minister. He spoiled his kids, and one day he also started spoiling me. He would buy us clothes, take us to get our hair done, and give us money to go to the movies. One time I even got to go with my friend and her family to New York for a week, and he paid for everything. I spent almost all of my free time at my friend’s home. I don’t quite remember when it started, and I’m still not sure how long it lasted. My friend’s family seemed very loving and they were always very touchy with each other, which my family never was. He used to kiss me. Sometimes in greeting, sometimes goodbye. I think the kisses started out as just being on my cheek. But then they gradually became more close to my mouth. And then… Continue reading »

Sexually assaulted several times

In my childhood, I had a cousin babysit me. i was only 6 at the time when he took me into my brother’s room. He told me it was “nap time” even though I knew clearly it wasn’t. I remember feeling uncomfortable being in the same room as he was, knowing that there was no one else home. He kept insisting that I close the door and I knew I didn’t want to because I remember being afraid of what might happen next. I stalled every time he would try to close the door. To my surprise, he was very patient and never got short with me when I resisted closing that door. Eventually he just left it open. Then proceeded to force me under the blanket with him by my side. He kept saying it was nap time. I remember laying there staring into the dark, thinking about how uncomfortable I felt. Next thing… Continue reading »

I was raped

When I was 17 I was drinking this wine in my bedroom when I wake up and I can’t see and I can’t move and there’s a guy who’s fingering me and it’s painful and then he taps me on the shoulder and I don’t wake up and he rapes me and moans in my ear and I wake up the next day with my leggings ripped to this day I don’t know who it was but I think it was a boy who went to my school/ — Teruihi, age 19

An Embarrassing Situation

Let me start my story as my experience is a little non typical, and I feel for those who had a harder fate, as I got very lucky. Most who I tell this to take it well, it was a learning experience! I made an incredible mistake! I walked to my car in the lot, and stood there several minutes digging in the bottom of my purse for the keys, absolutely oblivious to my surroundings(you take out the keys before you leave a public crowded area), and though I must have done this often this was THE time it was bad! He came up unseen, put a gun to my head, hand over my mouth, and bodily dragged me down an access corridor and into a janitor closet! He pushed me inside and locked the door. I had every concept of exactly what we were there for! All that ran through my mind was I… Continue reading »