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April 8th, 2016

This date changed my life. This was the date that lifted the rug, and uncovered all of the ill, suppressed memories and emotions that I had brushed under it. This was the date that opened my eyes to the exact number of times that I had been sexually assaulted: 6. Society creates these stigmas, stereotypes and ‘profiles’ of rapists and the victims who fell to them. I believed those stereotypes until this day that opened my eyes forever. I was in love once. He was a genuine, caring, selfless and loving man who knew me and my experiences inside and out. We agreed to stop seeing each other after I received a message from his girlfriend. After time had healed my wounds, I agreed to meet him at ‘our’ bar. This man was the only man that I had willingly given myself to in the past, and I arrived at this realization after I had… Continue reading »

I Thought They Cared About Me

I think it’s sick how so many of us are the victims of people who were supposed to care about us… people that we cared for. I had just turned 16 a month before when it started. That was when I met him for the first time. My mom had been dating this guy for about a year and he had two kids. The boy, let’s call him ML, was 3 years younger than me. I ignored them for the first year because I was still sore over my parents divorce but then he came along. ML’s friend, CC, moved in with him and he was so charming. He always had a smile. The more time I spent with them, the more it escalated. We were friends and I started to develop feelings for ML. I was very emotionally immature so I ignored the age difference. Despite the smiles and happy-go-lucky attitude, CC was cocky… Continue reading »

I’m Sorry if Assaulting Me Hurt You

My Side of the Story: I’m Sorry If Assaulting Me Hurt You 2/5/18 I was trying to find someone special. And as much as I wanted you to be it, I knew you weren’t. And I tried to tell you that. I thought I had. But I don’t think you heard. Because after throwing out phrases of reassurance and feminist ideals that treated me as an equal and and made me feel comfortable, you pinned me down to the carpet. Yes, I will admit that I tried to go along at first. I didn’t want to hurt you. I kissed you back, and I tried to move with you. And when your hands kept moving toward the underside of my shirt or the back of my pants, I hoped to god you wouldn’t touch me and gently guided them away. I really didn’t want to hurt you. But as I stopped returning the kisses, and… Continue reading »

Raped by best friend’s boyfriend

When I was 17, I was hanging out with my best friend and her boyfriend at her house. We often spent time together and also hung out with some of his colleagues. We listened to music, we joked, and we had a few drinks. I regret that. Eventually, they went to bed and I went to sleep on the sofa. I woke up during the night to her boyfriend having sex with me. I’m ashamed to say that I froze. I was scared that I had led him on and that it was my fault. I was scared that if I made a scene, my best friend would hear and blame me for it. I just kept still and quiet, pretended I was asleep, and was grateful that he had used a condom. Because he wasn’t violent and had taken precautions, I wondered if maybe it wasn’t rape. I blamed myself completely and was so… Continue reading »

My Brave Daughter

Last year my 13yo daughter told me that her friend confessed that her stepfather was indecently touching her. Her friend was afraid to tell her mother because she thinks that the authorities will take her away from her own family. After persuading her to seek help and the school helping us to report the abuse to the police. Her stepfather was arrested but he posted bail. The court case will be next month and my daughter and I as well as two of her friends will testify in court. I think she’s so incredibly courageous to tell me about her friend. When the detectives interviewed my daughter, they asked me if they can interview her by herself. They were impressed by her maturity and bravery to speak out. I think because of her, she saved her friend. For a little while, her friend refused to speak to her but I told her that she did… Continue reading »


As a young boy I was a very innocent, kind and caring person. I was always open to sharing myself with others. I was not raised by my mother and father, and my great aunt and uncle who raised me raised my mother when she was a little girl. So, they were already senior citizens when they raised me and my older brother. I would spend a lot of time outside exploring nature and the world that I loved. Unfortunately I was to innocent to understand that I could not be open and honest with everyone. As I was playing outside one day, a teenager asked me to come with him because he wanted to show me something cool. We went into his back yard and he began to sodomize me over a garbage can in his backyard. It was so painful that he had to stop because I was beginning to scream out loud…. Continue reading »

My baby girl

I am a mother of a beautiful 5 year old baby girl who I got custody taken away from me. For 2 long miserable years I fought for her to get supervised visits with her dad and I lost. My baby girl would come home and tell me horrible stories. She would ask for me to put cream on her “flower” her privates because her dad touched her. In November 2015 she came home and told me he put his finger up her butt. I kept her from him knowing there would be a chance I would go to jail. I was pregnant with a baby girl. In March 2016, I was sentenced to a week in jail for contempt of court. I had a 3 month old daughter and my baby girl got sent with her dad for that week. In our custody hearing I was accused of having Munchaesn because I was molested… Continue reading »


My name is Sabrina Giglio. My family are descendants from Sicily, Palermo, Italy. When I was 13, I am now 45, I was raped by my cousin, my mothers sisters son. When it happened all in a three month period, I was taken in back of alleys, beaten, anal violated, oral sex in houses of people who condoned it. When I told my mother she told me to stay quiet. When I told my father he just said it took two to tango. I never ever have dealt with the pain. I always want and want and want to see him suffer, I hate him he is married with children and even my other cousins in Italy stayed quiet. To this day, it has ruined my life. I did drugs I became a relationship nightmare, now with 4 children and I lost my career, I lost all hope. No one cares for me, I am… Continue reading »

Childhood/teenage sexually abuse

I am a survivor of sexually abuse from age 2 1/2 until I told the summer I came out of eight grade. I remember my abuse but I have blocked a lot of the feelings that go with it. I have done a lot of counseling because of this. I am 56 1/2 now and I have had my voice about talking to those who need to hear what I have to say and not feel ashamed for telling what happened to me. I have found that in telling what happened has been giving me my power back and is very healing. Many say I am crazy for bringing the past up and I should let that go. Why should I. At 2 1/2 I did not ask for these things to happen to me, at any age I did not ask for any of this. I wanted to die for so many years and… Continue reading »

A family assault

When I was 4 years old, I was watching TV at my grandmother’s house with my sister and cousins. My grandma had to leave for groceries so she asked who wanted to join her, I didn’t want to so my male cousin offered to watch me when the rest was out. (He was 15) I distinctly remember my older sister trying to get me to go with them. Once the car was out of sight, my cousin began to touch me everywhere and forced me to perform some sexual acts on him, like blowjobs and handjobs. I was so scared and didn’t understand what was going on. Before he could do worse things to me my grandma pulled up and he quickly said to me : ´if you tell anybody, I will do it again and this time it will be worse!’ I was 4, I had no idea what just happened but I knew… Continue reading »