Click below to find out the steps you can take to be part of the #IAmBrave movement.

Step I: #IAmBrave Photo Challenge

After watching Brave Miss World, a great way to share the impact the film had on your life is by taking an #IAmBrave selfie. Download the template by clicking here or simply write “I AM BRAVE…” on a piece of paper, add a message which describes your thoughts or feelings, and hold the paper up in front of you.

When posting the image, please add the #IAmBrave hashtag to your post. Examples of a message: “I am Brave…”
– because I’m a survivor. #IAmBrave”
– because I want to make the world a better place. #IAmBrave”
– to make sure no one else becomes a victim. #IAmBrave”

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Step II: Share Your #IAmBrave Story

We know that it’s difficult to share personal experiences, and that not everyone is prepared to do so. We believe that your survival story can inspire others who may be victims of sexual assault to come forward and receive the help they need. Our hope is that the process of sharing your struggle will help you overcome what happened and heal, as well as connect you to a community that lets you know you’re not alone.

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#IAmBrave campus rape survivor Elsa Maria made this video “to celebrate survivorship, and to honor the beauty, strength, hope, and light that is available for those who have been through or are going through the hell of sexual assault, abuse, and violence.” Thank you so much Elsa Maria.


Step III: Share #BraveMissWorld on your social media accounts

Share a sexual assault statistic on Twitter or make one your Facebook status for an entire day. Connect your share to the #BraveMissWorld website at so your friends and family members can find out more information.

Step IV: Wear an #IAmBrave T-Shirt

Wear a Brave Miss World t-shirt to help raise awareness and spark conversations. The proceeds help us bring the film to more schools and communities.


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