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When I was 15 years old I had gotten a Facebook message from a guy telling me I was beautiful and that he wanted to take me out for coffee. After he asked me if I wanted to hang out at his place and I went.

I had fount out he was 20 and it made me feel flattered that an older guy would be interested in me. We kissed and he tried taking off my clothes. I told him I didn’t want to have sex, and he got mad and took off my clothes anyway. He raped me in the vagina and anus and when I tried to scream, he choked me. After I walked home and never told anyone I was raped even though he told everyone we had consensual sex.

Shortly after I had a boyfriend, together for 3 years now. At 16 he got me pregnant. Because of my pregnancy, I had to get a physical. I found out that my rapist had given me chlamydia. My boyfriend and I were both treated. My mom cried so hard when I told hee that I was raped and she wished that I would have gotten help. Now I have a healthy baby boy but my rapist is still roaming free. I’ve heard more stories of him raping local girls and I wondered why no one is doing anything about it. Probably the same reason I didn’t, I was scared people would think I was seeking attention and I tried so hard convincing myself it wasn’t really rape, but it was. I was underage and told him no, but he did it anyway.


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