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Even Lawyers Get Raped

It happened during a work related trip,I always liked him, but he was married so I kept it professional. We went out for drinks and dinner. I was just tipsy not drunk. He asked to come into my room to use the bathroom and he moved so fast. He was on top of me and inside me before I could cry out or shout. Afterwards I just kept quiet. Who would help me? The hotel clerk had seen him and I go up together. I was tipsy. I let him into my room. I was practically asking for it.

It lasted the whole night. I kept begging him to use a condom. I had them in my bag he wouldn’t even allow me that. I had to go for post rape treatment alone. Nobody in my family would have understood. I just told one female friend of mine and I couldn’t even bring myself to tell her that he forced himself on me. I live in Kenya so when they started stripping women and sexually abusing them in the street recently, it all came back to me.

Thank God I don’t have to work with him anymore. He left the organization for another, but I occasionally see him as the place he joined has ties with our organization and I always imagine stabbing him through the eyes.

I am surviving in my own way and the irony is that I am a legal officer. A trained lawyer, but even that couldn’t protect me. One day maybe I’ll forgive myself for letting that happen to me. God help me.

Thank God for this site its the first time I have ever truly said what happened to me that night


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