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Thank you

I am a survivor of sexual abuse and rape. As a child my father repeatedly raped both my sister and I until we were adopted by my step-father. I suffered from selective amnesia and didn’t remember much of my youth until I was a freshman in college and began having flashbacks.
In high school I was raped by a boy I had been dating. I never reported it because I felt guilty for not fighting back enough. Through therapy and the support of friends later on in my life I now know I am not at fault for either of these events and that, unfortunately, I am also not alone.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to speak out about my survival and about how I’ve coped because I feel that one of the reason rape and sexual assault are such issues is that they are taboo subjects. I hope by speaking out and sharing my story that more attention will be brought to this matter, and hopefully by bringing awareness to these issues women will be able to more effectively stand up and fight against their attackers.
Thank you for making this film and for sharing your stories. The biggest help for me has been to know I’m not alone in this struggle.

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