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He wasn’t a ‘friend’

One night, as per usual, we went downtown for a couple drinks. I don’t have my driver licence so he took me home. He was a good friend. I liked him very much. He always was so nice and understanding. We made out one night couple years prior to that night. But we both agreed it was nothing but drunken kisses. As we arrived at my place I was saying goodnight & about to leave when he asked me to stay a little to chat in the car. Of course I said yes. We were just chatting and first, then he asked for a hug. He started to get a little handsy. I was trying to get him off me but he was too strong. I panicked, didn’t know what to do. So I started pushing him away & saying ‘no’ ‘please stop’. He didn’t. He got his hand down my pants & starting fingering… Continue reading »

He WAS a friend

I was 11 when I was raped. He WAS friend. I was in middle school at that time, and we had a joining high school. I became friends with an 18 year old. Something I’ll regret for the rest of my life. I missed the bus one day to go home. So I decided to get a ride home with him. His grandpa was in the front seat, and we were in the back. I asked him to bring me home giving him my address. But instead we went back to his house. His grandpa parked the car, and him and I got out the back seat to play some basket ball. I remember him purposely throwing the ball next to this old shed. At the time I didn’t think anything about it. He proceeded to tell me to go pick up the ball, as I was doing so, he pushed me into the shed,… Continue reading »

A Lifetime of #MeToo – How Sexual Abuse Changed Me

I was eleven when I lost my virginity. It happened under an old pine tree in an overgrown backyard of an old lady’s house a block away from my childhood home. The boys were older. They were rough and cruel. They laughed the whole time like it was some hysterical joke I didn’t understand. Perhaps they thought I was the punchline. It killed my innocence and woke a nightmare that has been chasing me ever since. When I was thirteen, it began happening regularly. This time it was my brother’s friends. The first time my brother told me that one of his friends wanted to be with me, I said no. I didn’t want to do it. My brother, almost 5 years older than me and over twice my weight, changed my mind with his fists. It was easier to let it happen whenever they wanted than to get beaten. It was always easier to… Continue reading »

I didn’t know what to do

When I was 13 I was friends with a guy, he was 19 and I didn’t think it was serious, I was a kid and we hung out in a group. I went to his house because ‘he had to pick something up’. When I was there he started kissing me, I didn’t know what to do, and then he started taking off his trousers and pulling mine down. He then proceeded to have sex with me whilst I just laid there crying. When he was done I went home and said nothing. The next day my friends were angry with me because I’d not told them about it, and I felt horrible, he’d told everyone and everyone thought so little of me. Not until I got older I realised what had actually happened, he made out I was a slut and my friends believed him, I didn’t think it was rape at the time… Continue reading »

How can we make it stop?

I was 14 or 15. He was my best friend’s father, and a retired church minister. He spoiled his kids, and one day he also started spoiling me. He would buy us clothes, take us to get our hair done, and give us money to go to the movies. One time I even got to go with my friend and her family to New York for a week, and he paid for everything. I spent almost all of my free time at my friend’s home. I don’t quite remember when it started, and I’m still not sure how long it lasted. My friend’s family seemed very loving and they were always very touchy with each other, which my family never was. He used to kiss me. Sometimes in greeting, sometimes goodbye. I think the kisses started out as just being on my cheek. But then they gradually became more close to my mouth. And then… Continue reading »

Sexually assaulted several times

In my childhood, I had a cousin babysit me. i was only 6 at the time when he took me into my brother’s room. He told me it was “nap time” even though I knew clearly it wasn’t. I remember feeling uncomfortable being in the same room as he was, knowing that there was no one else home. He kept insisting that I close the door and I knew I didn’t want to because I remember being afraid of what might happen next. I stalled every time he would try to close the door. To my surprise, he was very patient and never got short with me when I resisted closing that door. Eventually he just left it open. Then proceeded to force me under the blanket with him by my side. He kept saying it was nap time. I remember laying there staring into the dark, thinking about how uncomfortable I felt. Next thing… Continue reading »

I was raped

When I was 17 I was drinking this wine in my bedroom when I wake up and I can’t see and I can’t move and there’s a guy who’s fingering me and it’s painful and then he taps me on the shoulder and I don’t wake up and he rapes me and moans in my ear and I wake up the next day with my leggings ripped to this day I don’t know who it was but I think it was a boy who went to my school/ — Teruihi, age 19

Raped as a child and teen

I am very passionate about victim’s rights and that they should be able to speak out without worrying about others. But I am a hypocrite. Let me start by saying that I now have a family who adopted me and would never let anything like this happen to me. When I was still with my bio “mom,” Dawn, she was married to a terrible man. He molested me from ages 5-9. I didn’t speak up until I was 9 because it started when I was so young that I didn’t realize it was wrong at first. I thought this was how father figures showed love. Until I got older, made friends, and he wouldn’t sneak into my bedroom while they were over. This tipped me off to the abnormality of the situation and I confronted him. He threatened me and beat me. I was about 7 or 8 the first time he actually penetrated me… Continue reading »

HS Reunion

This year, I attended my 10 year Reunion, the first time I saw anyone from HS since Graduation Day. Most of all, I had a long talk with Jerry R. Jerry R. and I dated for a long time, and over my objections, he kind of forced me into having sex, being my first. After a few months, we had a pregnancy scare, and he was a bit immature in dealing with it, and it was contributing to a break-up. We talked about old times, and he apologized if his libido left me feeling unappreciated. He regretting losing me all these years. As I had lost my husband years before, he wanted to take me out, to make it up to me, and I agreed. I had to cancel twice, because I don’t have a steady sitter, but we got it together. We had a nice dinner, and played some games, won some prizes, and… Continue reading »

My sisters boyfriend abused me

I was just 15, shy, skinny and a late developer. He abused me systematically, first with teasing, then physical attacks, short and disguised as tom foolery. wresting me to the ground and pulling my pants down, trying to break into bathroom when i was i there, touching my breasts when he passed me by. then finally trying to rape me as I lay asleep, It was over quickly but he managed to penetrate me. he tried another time, this time I was able to fight him off. but to make sure I kept quiet and told no one he murdered my beloved pets. I was afraid of him and left home. It has taken me several decades to come forward about this, because I thought it was just me he harmed, and I thought if I buried it I could forget it But it turns out there are more victims. I have reported him to… Continue reading »