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My Husband Set Me Up!

George set up a night out. We left in the evening for a nice date night out at the movies. On the way there, he picked up Pete, for a ride he needed. While we drove, Pete put a gun to my head, and we pulled over. I had no idea where we were, and Pete told me to get in the back seat with him. George told me to do as he says, even as Pete told me to get undressed. He told me to lie down on the seat as he undid his pants. As he started to have sex with me, George started taking pictures, and cheering on the show. I could not help getting ill and vomiting in the back of the car. George uploaded the pictures online to be used later in a divorce to prove adultery. He had a 16yo girlfriend he wanted. Pete just wanted to have me,… Continue reading »

Broken to Bold

I’ve never been the type to trust easily. I come from a family riddled with dishonesty, so I have an inability to trust as tall and wide as the Berlin Wall. My mom says that I’ve had this distrust in people from birth. She always tells a story of how the nurses were worried something was wrong with me because they couldn’t get me to eat. It wasn’t until they took me to my mom that I latched onto the bottle with a devious smile. Nonetheless, even that wall had to come crashing down at some point, didn’t it? And while walls are built to keep out the bad, they also quite often keep out the good. As a result, I’ve been known to let it down when I’ve felt moved to do so–when I’ve felt safe enough to allow someone in. It’s too bad that my trust was misplaced that time, but I won’t… Continue reading »

My best friend

Senior year of college, I was extremely drunk at a house party. My best friend, who I had hooked up with a few times was there with me, at a certain point I blacked out. I woke up in the morning in his bed with no clothes on, and I remembered nothing. Apparently, I had led him out of the house party back to his place. And we had sex, and then he left me in his bed and went to go hang out with a few friends. But the thing is I went a full 24 hours without knowing. I woke up that morning and saw him asleep on the couch and thanked him for being such a good friend that he knew not to take advantage of me in my drunk state. But that wasn’t the truth. My best friend, who knew what I was like when I was blackout, or even drunk,… Continue reading »

I thought he was a friend

This year I started my first year of uni and there was this guy in one of my classes he was an exchange student, and we became study partners, and I was helping him understand Aussie culture. After the mid-tri break second day back he asked to come over to work on our assessments, two hours later we gave up so I popped on ‘The Giver.’ I made a comment about how I hated waiting for the adds at the start of the movie to be over, next thing I know he’s kissing. I told him to stop and to leave but he just kept going, I said no and I went to say no again but he just slapped me and said if I screamed he’d beat me up and do it anyway. I froze.I just laid there I couldn’t move or speak, I was scared. All I could think about was how much… Continue reading »

Everyone loves him

I’ll make this short because he’s still here and I’m not going to escape. Writing this as I’m visiting with a friend because she has access to the internet and usually, I just don’t. The first time I met him I was fifteen, and it was facilitated by my mother. We come from old money, and I guess his family did too. It was a weird thing that most people nowadays might not understand, but I was being set up to marry him. I still did, anyway, because there was nothing else to do. The first time we met was at this party that my mother had suggested we both attend, but it wasn’t some fancy thing. There were tons of teens there and underage drinking was all over– he brought me what was apparently apple juice, or grape, I just remember it tasted awful. He drugged it because I can barely remember what happened… Continue reading »

My Best Friend’s Brother

A few months ago, back in February, I went through something I can’t ever forget. A little backstory, about a year ago in October, my boyfriend of a little over a year left me after telling me he wanted to marry me. I obviously was devastated and didn’t handle it well. After all, he was the young man I gave my virginity to. He was my world at that time. I started to flirt around a bit, but it was nothing more than flirting. A little after christmas I started talking to someone who was good friends with my best friend, and I happened to catch feelings for him. He was a damaged boy, but he had a good heart. I thought that maybe I could help him heal. Maybe. I misread the situation, though, and ended up being used for sex. I gave myself willingly, but it still hurt like hell. Around the time… Continue reading »

Date Rape

I had been dating this guy my freshman year in college for almost 3 weeks. i was riding in his car with him and he reached over and started touching my thighs. I told him to stop and that i don’t feel comfortable. he pulled over to a secluded area and slapped me so hard I couldn’t see. he raped me in his car and all I remember was waking up on the ground bruised and bleeding.

Walk Me?

Saturday, I was out at Karaoke @ Rigby’s Bar with a set of close friends. I had drinks, but wasn’t drunk. I had to work in the morning, so I wasn’t staying late. I was worried about getting raped on the way to my car, so I asked for an escort. I got 2 volunteers, and I had Dale walk me to the car. I got there and unlocked the doors, thanking him for making sure I got to the car. Dale then pinned me against the car, kissing me. He opened the door, and pushed me onto the back seat, where he raped me. I called the cops, and hung up, called the hotline and hung up, called my best friend and hung up. Dale texted me to see if I got home O.K. I went to work on time. I got an invite to go out next Saturday. It’s like nothing happened at… Continue reading »

Was I Raped?

In January of this year, I was invited to a male friend’s house with a female friend. We were told another one of friends were there, as well. My female friend and I didn’t have plans, so we agreed to go over. We all sat in the tv room of his basement and listened to music and watched some shows. He asked my friend and his friend to leave (as they were sort of a thing, I thought nothing of it). He aggressively tried to force himself on me and I kept fighting. He didn’t stop. I was in pain, but all he wanted was to continue. I know he was aware that I did not want this. He then told us to leave because he had more people coming over. Was I raped? Please help me know what happened to me. I need closure. I don’t know what this was, or what to call… Continue reading »

Online dating

I have been raped three times in my life. Once was with a boyfriend in high school when I was 17. His sexual preferences changed as ours all do, but mine stayed the same and we didn’t like the same things anymore. But that didn’t stop him from getting what he wanted. The second time was when I was 18, I don’t remember anything between meeting a guy friend at the park, to waking up in the bushes with my pants down and blood in between my legs. But when I was 19 in 2015 was the worst one… the one that leaves me lying awake at night and the endless panic attacks was that from a guy I met online. I met him off of Plenty of Fish, and we had already gone out on our first date. Everything went well and he seemed like a really nice guy. So we went out on… Continue reading »