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The rape apology and my reply

(I have changed the names of all people involved in this account.) This is quite a long account so I do apologise. Max, this is the message you sent me 8 years after I woke up to you on top of me after our college prom: Hi, I sincerely hope that life is treating you well and you are feeling good. I hope this message isn’t an intrusion on your happiness. But, f**k, I miss you like crazy. I understand that I was a special sort of C**t. I know that I don’t even warrant a thought. But I think of you often. I realise that my behaviour was beyond reprehensible. I just wish that I still knew you.Feel free to ignore this. I just turned 26 and know I still think about you daily and wish I had done the right thing for you and by you. I hope you have the best of… Continue reading »

Make Me Proud

thought joining the military would make me proud. I thought the military was a safe place for women. When my mom told me woman in the military got assaulted, I told her she was wrong. They had programs that protect women from such things. Little did I know, I was the one that was wrong and those programs failed me. At the age of 20, I joined the military. I loved it. It gave me so much pride. And never once did I think the most unsafe place I would be was my own dorm room. I had a job that required 12 hour rotating night and day shifts, so I was on sleeping medication to help me get some sleep. This guy was best friends with my best friend and we’d hung out a few times, in groups, mostly drinking. He asked to come over one night, and believing he was a good guy… Continue reading »

My story

if anyone is unable offer me support or assistance please pray for me?thank you, i come to you tired and heart sick as i am in a bad place, its been a year or so since my abusive husband attacked me physically but i live in fear he could hurt me again and everyday i live endure verbal emotional mental and financial abuse each day and i have tried to reach out for many years and many times and noone will assist me, please let me share my personal life with you, i am not a stranger to abuse heartbreak and pain, i grew up in a abusive household i was raped when i was 13 and i struggled with it and found the courage to tell my mother she called me a whore and blamed me and i was raped again when i was 21 by my abusive husband and too ashamed to tell… Continue reading »

I was raped by a cop

My sister’s husband, a police officer who I am fine naming, raped me. He was a childhood boyfriend of mine but I dumped him in the 10th grade. My younger sister married him. They were moving to another state and we went out dancing. I drank that night, and for some reason he drove me home. I woke up in Memorial Park with him ejaculating inside of me. I instantly began to struggle and cry. He said he wasn’t done and raped me again. He said he hoped he got me pregnant so he could divorce my sister and be with me. He drove me to my apartment. I showered until the water ran cold. I sat in the corner of my living room until the sun came up and drove straight to my mother’s house. I told her we had to save my sister, she could not live with a rapist. My mother told… Continue reading »

My Best Friend’s Husband Raped Me

I was raped by my best friend’s husband in their home while I was in the guest bedroom and she was upstairs about 50 ft away. — Alison, age 50

I’m 17 and I’m over it

My story starts at the age of twelve. I had a “boyfriend” at that time, he was my first one. I really did like him since I’ve known him for about 6 years. Every 2nd weekend I stayed over at his place since he was living 3 hours away from me. The 8th time I stayed over at his house it happened. He pulled my pants down and so on. It took 30 seconds. I don’t remember many details, maybe because I forgot or maybe because my brain needed it to be forgotten. I know I was crying but it was dark. I know I was hurting but he didn’t want to hear it. And I knew he wouldn’t care. I remember thinking about how he would react if I would stand up or if I say something. And I came to the conclusion that every movie shows that he leaves you if you do… Continue reading »

BoR Amendment VI – Protecting Rapists in NC

Where are my rights? How is it that the accused enjoy so many privileges under our Bill of Rights, yet victims are hung to dry. A non-intimate person that I know broke into the room I was sleeping and tried to rape me 3 times. He was forcibly removed from my body the first time by 2 witnesses (both testified in court) and the last two by me. My trial was not speedy, it took 6 months of repeated court dates and rescheduling. While 6 months does not sound horrible, he ended up stalking me at my private residence after I filed the report and spent 2 days shaking at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse to get an emergency restraining order where I got to spend my first day with him in court. The 2nd court date was for arbitration in Iredell Country. I cried, “I barley know this man and he tried to rape me… Continue reading »

Twice a pattern?

If something bad happens once, people usually say it’s bad luck. But to happen twice, just seems stupid. Growing up in a restricted family, I had never been exposed to the sexually explicit content that is out in the world. However, when I turned 17 that all changed for me. The winter months, I remember it now, 19th December, though at the time I did not really understand what had happened. It was my first time. I had started dating a guy on the 10th December, by the 19th we had met twice and we went back to his, so I innocently thought, he could make us food. When we got to his he began immediately on what I can now see as his conquest. He already had a girlfriend, that I didn’t know about until after (which only made me feel the guilty party) but she wasn’t around. No one was. Only him and… Continue reading »

My 21st Birthday

I “celebrated” my 21st birthday with 3 of my cousins. At first it was fun. I was sober enough to know what I was doing. They told me they wanted to take me out that Friday night so we did. Btw, I was hanging with 2 of my girl cousins and 1 boy cousin. They’re all over the age of 28. They told me that they would take care of me. And that I should have fun and experience getting drunk. I believed them and trusted them. Apparently, I thought wrong. We went to 3 bars and by the last bar, the last thing I remember was waiting for our Lyft driver on the sidewalk. I don’t remember going back to the apartment. I don’t remember how my guy cousin got ahold of me in his room. Everything is so fuzzy. But I do faintly remember him on top of me. He kept telling me,… Continue reading »

Friends With Benefit Raped Me After I Had Enough of Hot/Cold Relationship

I was friends with benefits on/off again with the guy I lost my virginity to. He raped me after I finally told him I wasn’t interested in that sort of relationship anymore, I had enough of his hot/cold behavior towards me. He would randomly break things off with me when I developed feelings and call me crazy and turn our mutual friends against me, but then come crawling back months later saying he was sorry and didn’t mean what he said. This was a cycle that repeated twice. Eventually I knew I deserved an actual relationship and told him that when he came back the third time junior year. I thought we would stay just friends after, since he would sit and talk with me after that and always knew just where to find me. I should have known it was a red flag when one conversation he asked if he can pay me for… Continue reading »