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Thank You

I was raped when I was in college. I haven’t told many people about it because I had been drinking at the time and did go home with him. I thought it didn’t count or I deserved it because I had lead him on. Watching Brave Miss World made me feel better and taught me it doesn’t matter if I was drinking or lead him on…it is still rape. It’s a shame in our societies that people feel this way, but I think what you are doing is helping change that. This documentary will be seen by so many people all over the world and help open up the eyes to the reality about rape. Thank you so much for what you do and I wish you the best.

Afraid of Being Judged

When I was 18 years old I was like a lot of young women-dating, trying out relationships, making mistakes. My biggest mistake was to trust a “friend.”. We had a passionate relationship at the start. We were both college freshman, I had a long-distance boyfriend that wasn’t working out-and we became intimate though never officially boyfriend & girlfriend. He was inexperienced, and fell in love with me very quickly. Looking back, I should have seen many aspects of his behavior for the red flags that they were: he often persisted in pressing me on things when I’d already said no many times. After our first semester, when I went home for Christmas break, and spent time away from him, I had the time to reflect on our relationship. I was no longer comfortable with it. He was in love with me, but I was not in love with him. I had not yet totally broken… Continue reading »

I Was Manipulated

3 weeks before I left my first year of college, (I had just turned 19) I met a boy through a school event and a few mutual friends. I talked to him first, and he felt that my initiation meant that “I wanted it”. I had recently been through a painful breakup, and I knew that I wasn’t ready to engage in intercourse. I went with some friends on a Saturday night to he and his friends apartment to pre-game. He asked me to stay around after, but I wanted to stay with my friends. We later met up at the same party. After a while of talking, he took me on the back porch and started kissing me and pulling off my dress. He said we should go back to his place, and I said okay, but that I didn’t want to have sex with him. He started interrogating me about it, and belittling me for… Continue reading »

My Story of a Gang Rape

I was 18 years old and away at college. I was with my boyfriend and just had sex for the first time. Afterwards he was unable to start his car and 3 men pulled up and offered to help. They got out of their car with a gun. My boyfriend was pistol whipped and then the 3 men drove me away holding my head down on the seat with a gun on it. They took me to an old shack where all 3 of them raped me. Then they put me back in the car and dropped me off in the middle of nowhere. I walked through a field until I saw a light- there were some little shack houses. I knocked on a door and was told to go across the street. There a man let me stay on his couch for the night and took me to my dorm in he morning. The… Continue reading »

Multiple Times

Raped by a caregiver at 6 years old and then again after he was released from captivity. Second rape was also kidnapping and stabbing to punish me for telling the first time. I almost died. I blocked the trauma from my memory. My mother tried to get me help but when I became a teenager she called me Slut and told me I would one day remember why. I don’t speak to her anymore. Raped again at 19 while at university. Friends didn’t want to help me because they felt it was only date rape and maybe I just wanted attention. I gained weight to look unattractive so men would leave me alone. I hoped to find a man who would love me for me. Instead I was broken and alone for many years. I lost the weight to get healthy and tried to be conservative with my appearance but only found more abuse. Started… Continue reading »

Virgin Rape

In 1971, I was groomed/tricked by a male student from Chicago’s south side who was at a community college located in southeastern Washington State on a football scholarship. I was 18. I came from an abusive home: my mother mentally, emotionally and physically abused me from my age of 2 1/2 years when my father was not present and my elder siblings were at school. I was the family scapegoat–my older siblings (boy and girl 7 and 5 years older) never came to my defense when these assaults happened after school. I protected my younger brother from my mother’s abuse until I left home at age 18. I was naive in the world yet understood in crisis moments I had no experience to stop abusive behavior toward me from others–all I thought of was surviving the moment. This is the first of many terrible experiences of varying types I underwent in my early adult years… Continue reading »

The Night That Changed My World

I was raped at college just after turning 21. Off campus at FSU. It was New Year’s Eve, 1979. He got in & blindfolded me. I was raped repeatedly for hours. There were no roommates or neighbors, no cell phones, nothing but a pair of scissors I was fixated on across the room, 3 drawers down in the dresser. I went into shock, my legs shook uncontrollably, I bled, fingerprints all over my throat where I was choked. He put the pillow over my face to smother me. I played dead to survive. I wouldn’t move for hours not knowing if he was still there. I called the police, they came, said it was my fault because my friend left the door unlocked. The intense, overwhelming, shame permeated every aspect of my being for countless years. My personality changed, unwise choices, my heart was cold. After a devastating divorce, I went for help. The healing… Continue reading »

Becoming a Warrior

It all started when I chose to attend Frostburg State University for my undergraduate studies. It was a compromise of sorts; my Father wanted me close to home, while there was enough distance to allow me the chance to flourish and be on my own. I knew the moment I stepped on-campus that I was where I wanted to be. I saw my first day as a chance to adopt a clean slate; a new me in the sense that I could leave the quiet girl I was, all through school, behind. Eventually, I had even hoped she would become a distant memory and fade away all together. In time she did as I became involved in the campus and community. Joining the Student Government Association (SGA) offered me so many opportunities to voice the concerns of my constituents and be the voice of reason when students were being overlooked and not advocated for. It… Continue reading »


I was at a fraternity party with a date in February 1989 at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a beach theme, so we were all wearing bathing suits. I distinctly remember choosing a one-piece because I thought that a bikini would cause problems. I was wearing denim shorts as well. Two “big brothers” visiting from another school followed me upstairs when I went to get my cigarettes from my coat. They dragged me into on of the rooms. They took turns holding my arms down while the other raped me. I remember looking at a reptile tank on the dresser to avoid looking at them. I remember telling them that I didn’t want them to do this. I wasn’t screaming; I wasn’t fighting. I was numb. I couldn’t believe that they weren’t respecting my wishes. Afterward, I went into the bathroom & cried. I went to a guy friend’s dorm & asked to shower… Continue reading »

I Am Still Standing

Being taken advantage of isn’t particularly new to me. From the ages of four to eighteen I was neglected and abused by both of my parents in many ways. When I left for college in August of 2010 I fully planned to leave my old life behind and fight to build my own new life. My father had all but disowned me (that would come later in my freshmen year) and my mother was all but non-existent. The fight for my own life, however, was only going to get more complicated. A month into my freshmen year at my university I was raped by a new acquaintance – an international student from Jamaica who had claimed he fully understood we could be nothing more than friends (I was dating long distance at the time) – in my dorm room. Because of my previous experiences as a child I froze. I didn’t scream, but remember saying,… Continue reading »