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Coming forward turned into a nightmare

6 months ago I was raped while at college. And I still have no idea who by. I was walking by a lake to get some fresh air and he came from behind. I never even saw his face. It all happened so fast that I completely froze. I didn’t fight back, didn’t scream, nothing. I am still so ashamed. Ashamed, because I was out alone when it was beginning to get dark and ashamed because I didn’t fight back. I know it was in no way my fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that I think I could have somehow prevented it. Afterwards, I felt so embarrassed, so dirty. I showered about 3 times and still felt disgusting. I was at school at the time and decided I needed to get the hell away from there, so I left. When I finally got home and told my family, they strongly encouraged me to… Continue reading »

My story

I was 20 just before my 21st birthday. I was in college, out at a party with some friends. We’d been drinking and having a good time. A friend came over to me and said that this guy she’d been interested in had invited her to come over to his house and hang out in his hot tub but she didn’t want to go over there alone and had asked if I would go with her. I said sure, thinking that we’d be together the whole time so everything would be fine. So we picked up our swim suits and she drove us over to his house and hes there with his best friend, we know both of these guys, we were all in the same major so we went to the same classes and saw each other every day. We spent some time in the hot tub talking and drinking a little more. I’m… Continue reading »

Fraternity Men

Hi. I’m really not sure how to go about this and I don’t know how comfortable I feel yet, but I saw your site and I wanted to reach out to share with other women. I was raped by a Fraternity man who I was actually very close friends with. I knew the majority of the men in the Frat and had spent every day with them for months. I considered them to be some of my closest friends. I had told this one particular man that I did not ever plan on hooking up with him. One night, after he bought all of my drinks, he raped me. I do not have any recollection due to alcohol, but I was sore and he told me we had sex…even though I did not give consent. I completely stopped talking to him or hanging out with him as to avoid this from ever happening again. I… Continue reading »


The first time I was raped I was about 7 years old, my uncle raped me in my grandmother’s house, he had previously assaulted my mother when he was younger and my mother was a kid. I was sleeping in my room with my cousin by my side, and I felt someone pulling down my pajama pants, I remember being so scared I pretended to be asleep and tried to pull my pants back on, but he just took them off again, it has taken me 17 years to want to speak out, I wish I could talk to him and ask him why, ask him how he could hurt someone who loved him. To this day I can’t sleep, I can spend entire nights no sleeping even when I’m tired, if someone comes in my room I wake up in a panic, some days I feel so dirty I don’t want to even exist…. Continue reading »

I was raped

I am a freshman at Upper Darby High School. I was raped while walking home from school. I don’t want to go into a lot of details, except that I was a virgin before it. He is a member of my class, and I see him every school day. I don’t look at him. I see a lot of Survival Stories, and I am glad you post them. — Survivor, age 13

They thought it was fun

I started at 7th grade. I was asked by one of the seniors to meet them by the lockers after school. I was dumb and amateur. When I went there, they locked me in their locker room while filming the whole thing. I was so numb I didn’t know what to do. They started unbuttoning until I was completely naked. I begged them to stop but they threatened they’d upload it if I tell anyone. There were three of them. They raped me brutally. I even bled because I was a virgin. I cried so bad. The next day, one of them slipped a note in my locker that they wanted a second round. The routine went on for a year because I was too scared to tell anyone. But I eventually opened up to my class teacher whom was a huge help. The guys got expelled and some legal actions. But that’s not my… Continue reading »

One in Four

I came into college knowing the horrifying statistics of rape, but I never thought that I would be the one in four. My night started like any other night of drinking and hanging out with my roommate, only this time our “friend” asked if he could come join us. We said yes, as he was a friend who we knew to be the life of the party. I remember sitting at our kitchen table playing quarters and laughing at the jokes he was telling us. If only I had known that in less than two hours from that moment that the only joke I would be laughing at was myself, and the thought of this man sitting in front of me really being a friend. I walked to my room only to find that my door had been closed and the lights to be turned off. I opened the door only to find him laying… Continue reading »


Born A Girl When I was 10, I noticed men looking at me differently When I was 10 to 12 men and boys of all ages honked their horns, whistled and yelled profanities at me When I was 13 my friend and I were walking home in the daylight, when a man came out from his backyard and asked us if we wanted to drink beers and join his party When I was 14 a handsome man in his 20’s began spending time with me. I thought he would love me forever if I gave him my virginity. He accepted and took it because he could. He was known for his interests in young girls, yet he stayed quite popular When I was 15, I was intoxicated and walking through a park. I could hardly stand, let alone walk. A man pulled up in his truck, walked up to me and raped me. He left… Continue reading »

Set Up

This is crazy because this is the first time I’ve ever publicly talked about it. Not even many of my friends know. I always say “something transpired in college.” It’s my way of not dealing with it. Well, by the subject I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean by set up. My “friend” in college set me up for what she said would be a party but that I was the special guest. In college, all you do is party. The crazy thing is I was never the party type because my parents allowed me to have a pretty decent social life so when I got to college I didn’t need to break free. Well, that was all dandy until I met Dee. She was really cool, and so was her family — they are socialites. Dee, who I spent what seemed like every free minute with was trying to get me out of my… Continue reading »

Too drunk to respond

I was living in a university dorm. I was 18. I had had too much to drink and my older next door neighbor had said that he would help me as I had cut my hand on glass. He took me into his room. He started to kiss me and take off my pants. I didn’t want to do anything with him so I rolled onto my stomach. All I wanted to do was sleep and be left alone. Even though I have very foggy memories of that night that is how I know he raped me. I didn’t want to. I thought he would leave me alone if I was on my stomach. I didn’t say no but I was too out of it to consent or fight back. Instead he had sex with me from behind. I was half conscious. I felt sick. After he was done he put me to sleep in… Continue reading »