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One Of Many

I was about 6 or 7, and I went to stay at a friends house. Her and I shared her brothers room that night, and for some reason I just could not sleep. So I lay there awake at 2:38 in the morning. The door opens and her oldest brother walks in, and sits next to me, and start to kiss me and put his weight on me pining me down. I started squirming and trying to get him of me. But he was stronger. I tried to yell for help or at lest wake his sister up. But he had his hand over my mouth. So I lay there fight and praying that he not hurt me to much. I started crying and his sister finally woke up. She may never know that she save me.

My Nightmare

From the age of 8, I have been protecting and defending myself. Trying to keep on his good sudden so that he wouldn’t hit me the way he did mama. I just didn’t know that something worse was in store for me. One night he walked in all calm and cool and it scared me. I thought for sure that this would be the day I understood mama’s pain, but that pain never came. God! How I wish I would have felt that pain instead of this. I was too afraid to fight, but even when I did I wasn’t strong enough to get him from on top of me. As an 8 year old little girl I witnessed what it felt like to be raped by a grown man, someone I trusted none the less. It didn’t stop there though. He came in my room every night with that sick question, front or back?… Continue reading »

Nobody Knew

My story starts on Canada Day 2014, I was 16 years old. The day went perfectly. I had my boyfriend with me, whom I thought was perfect in every way. He was older that me, so I thought I had a lot to compete with when it came to other girls and being around his friends. We spent the day celebrating with our friends downtown at the festival. I couldn’t have asked for a better DAY. We had decided to make our way to a local beach where there would be fire works to end off the celebration of Canada Day. We met up with some of his friends that had all been drinking and we joined them. We were both pretty drunk about an hour later. It was dark out at this point, and him and his friends were dancing around and smoking a joint. Tris (his nickname for this story) came up to… Continue reading »

Abused as a Child

I’m 19 now, but every single day my mind will keep on repeating the same old thing over again. I want it to stop but I CAN’T. I’m from the Southeast Asia, It happened when I was around 8 or 9 years old, on the second day of a festival season. I’ve been nearly abused by my cousin which is at that time was in his high school year. My aunt which is his mom was with us in the house, while we waited for others to arrived at the house, she went inside her room and took a nap. Meanwhile he asked me if I want to join him in his room, I was so naive and does not suspect a thing so I followed him. Me and him was lying on his bed reading a book that i barely remember, he then asked me about my breast and my private parts. He asked… Continue reading »

Party Time

When I was fifteen I went to my first college party. My friend Katie who was a senior and eighteen at the time had been invited by an older boy and I insisted that we go. She was hesitant but I pushed and she relented. So we got all dolled up and went across the city to this frat house. It was wonderful at first, but I was stupid and didn’t pay attention to anything happening. Before I new it I felt as if I was loosing consciousness and I didn’t know why because I had only had one drink. I realized I was in this guys bed and he was on top of me. I tried to get him off but I was too weak. During the assault Katie barged in but It was too late. I could tell by the look on her face that I looked awful from being hit multiple times… Continue reading »

ONLY the Beginning

“Mmmm, such a good little cousin” To you, the connotation may be absolutely nothin’ But let me tell you about lil’ mini me 11 years back There were quite a few things that I seemed to have lacked My father was a deadbeat, mom a workaholic All I really had were my siblings, if that’s what you’d call ‘em Rude as all hell, threw me out the house once with no shoes So, who you tellin’ family are the people you can’t choose? All I had to keep my head up were my two aunt’s daughters One was cool, I guess, but the other? We took our friendship farther We were two peas in a pod and always together Therefore, I convinced mom to let them move in to make their life better Everything was all good until the late nights became later Mom didn’t notice anything suspicious, so I began to hate her You… Continue reading »

Him or Me

When I was 15 I was in a foster home. The couple was planning on adopting me. I was so excited to finally have a real family. A friend of their’s past away and her husband was in the army so they took in her son while his dad finished his deployment. J was 2 years older than me and pretty nice at first. My parents went out of town for just one night like they did a lot for medical reasons. They left the two of us at home. Late that evening he came into my room and asked me to have sex when him. I told him to get out, that he was making me uncomfortable and I had a boyfriend. He said he did not care and he raped me. I was so confused and broken at first. My whole world turned upside down. My best friend Manny who I had confided… Continue reading »

It’s still happening

This past December I was raped by a guy from my school. I went to his place and he raped me on his couch 4 separate times. I didn’t know where I was and neither was I able to use my phone because it had died. 2 months later, my dad made me think about him less, because he started doing it. My dad makes an effort to touch my body and force himself on me, since Feb 12. I got really drunk last week and my dad started feeling on my body and he would take off my clothes. All I wanted to do was sleep, but my dad wanted sex, and I told him I didn’t want him to do it and he stopped and started doing it again. He won’t stop at all, and he would talk to me like it was mutual.

Surviving, Kinda

Help. God help me write this, but I think its time I let it out. This is my story about how a man who completely destroyed me within a matter of minuets, three times. At first I didn’t know it was rape. After years of abuse I just thought it was normal and no one would talk about it. But surely it happens to everyone? Right? Clearly not. I somehow convinced myself that it was my fault and that I asked for it. And that I was wearing the wrong clothes so it could have happend to anyone. That I’m clearly a slut because of this. That no man will ever love me because of what has happened. No one will accept me and my past. But no one should ever feel like that, as it is the hardest thing I have ever had to get out of. And I’m still trying. I was 13… Continue reading »

Childhood trauma

I’m french so I’m sorry if my english is not good. I was undergo sexual assault by my father when I was about 6 years old. Between 11 and 13 years old, I was undergo sexual harassment and abuse every day at school. I tried to kill my self at 14. Nobody know. My family don’t know my story. I just talk to my mother but she don’t believe me. My Life was destroy. I try to forget and live but I couldn’t. I need to talk about my story because I don’t want to stay retreat into silence, solitude and shame anymore. I’m 33 and I loose so much time. I can’t have a sexual or love life and I’m very sad.I fight every day to survive. I try to write a book, it’s something very important for me. Thanks to Linor to help women. We have to talk our story to heal ourselves…. Continue reading »