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Sexual Assault

For years I’ve blocked out these horrible images I have in my head. I see the younger me; volnerauble, and letting this man take advantage of me. I see myself hurting, and no one noticing. I’m sorry to my younger self, sorry for not being strong enough to speak up. For years, I was abused my someone in my family-someone who was supposed to love me, and protect me from everyone. It took me a long time to realize that what happened to me wasn’t ok. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college in 2016 when I was exposed to all these. I started realizing that it didn’t only happen to me, but to so many others as well; people like me who never asked to become what everyone likes to refer to as “victims.” As I came to understand what was going on, I thought it was my fault. Maybe my boobs were… Continue reading »

I survived

Hi my name is Autumn, I’m 17. I want to share my story with everyone. Here we go, when I was 6 my brother and I was taken away from my parents and placed with my grandparents. It was good to live there and get away from my parents arguing all the time, until I turned 7. My papaw started acting different toward me because strict on me, he wouldn’t let me go anywhere with friends or family. A few weeks past after my 7th birthday I remember walking into my bedroom and he was standing there and told me I had to remove my clothes or I was gonna be punished. He was very rough and abusive toward me and wouldn’t stop until I took off my clothes. I begged him to stop over and over again but he wouldn’t listen. From that day on anything I wanted to do he told me I… Continue reading »

Molested by Cousin

It’s starting to get hard to remember, but I’ll do my best to piece the story together. When I was young, maybe 6-8, I was very close with my second cousin who is two years younger. We would go up to his room, and I remember always being impressed because he had a TV in his room, so we would always go up there and watch tv with the door closed. Every chance he could get, he would quickly move across the couch to me and simultaneously force me to kiss him tongue and all, while groping/rubbing anything he could get his hands on (and for as long as he could). This became a weekly thing, and though I knew it wasn’t quite right I accepted it and allowed it to happen because I started to mind less and less, and almost enjoy it more and more. Every visit we made an agenda of what… Continue reading »

I Didn’t Choose This Life

My mom met a guy after my dad moved away. She took me to his house to meet his family and children. A few months his sons became my step brothers. There was the oldest which was the nice one and the youngest at the time about 14-15 while I was 4 or 5 he sexually abused me. My parents would leave him to babysit and my older brother had just moved out. He would feel up on me, make me watch porn with him , make me sit on his lap and do things. Some nights while my stepdad would be downstairs and my mom at work he would tell me to go out something nice on and come back. On road trips me and him would have to share the third row seat and he would tell me to be quiet and begin to touch on me. When I had sleepovers he’d ask… Continue reading »

School Principal

My name is Dassi Erlich. I am a survivor of sexual abuse through the hands of Malka Leifer, my former school principal. Malka Leifer is wanted to face trial in Australia on 74 charges of indecent assault and rape, involving myself and other girls of the Adass Israel School in Melbourne. In 2008 Malka fled Australia, and has since avoided extradition hearings in Israel by claiming she is too unwell to face the court. Judge Cohen has ruled that Leifer is required to attend treatment sessions only 5 times every 6 months before being re-assessed. This process could go on indefinitely. If Leifer is indeed too unwell to attend court, she should be admitted to a state psychiatric hospital until she is well enough to face the extradition hearing in court. I am campaigning to #bringleiferback.

Blaming Myself

I don’t remember when it started. All I remember is being afraid whenever my mom left the house and it was just my stepdad and I. He would always come around to my sister and I’s room after our mom had tucked us in so he could “tickle us.” Unsurprisingly, as I later realized, this wasn’t how “tickling” worked. He would take out his… thing and rub it on me while he roughly tickled me, repeatedly brushing his hand between my legs. It was always under the guise of harmless play, tickling or wrestling. Once, he pinned me on the couch and started humping me (with his clothes on) “I know you want it,” he repeated over and over. I cried. Whenever I had a leg cramp, he would sit me down on my bed and slide his hands up and down my thighs. He would yell at me for closing the door when I… Continue reading »

What am I doing wrong

My first experience with sexual abuse was at age 3 or 4, I don’t remember but my mother told me in an almost joking matter about what the 14 year old girl next door made me do. Again almost everyday in the 7th and 8th grade. The school bus was especially a nightmare everyday at 3:45 -4:45 being touched slapped my clothes removed while others watched. I used to scream but the bus driver told me to shut my mouth. My first boyfriend was the main culprit, he lived across the street and made it his job to constantly humiliate me. Bullying me in public physically and sexually. After we broke up he had other boys hold me down and touch me as revenge. I didn’t date again until age 18. a 25 year old I met online and agreed to let him take my virginity. He left me a week after and I met… Continue reading »

My Life

I was very young when my step dad abused me. I was about 5 or 6 years old. He said if I didn’t do as he said he would kill my mother. He was very abusive to my mother so I was scared and I did as he told me. When I was 7 I got to meet my father. We got to know each other and he suspected that my step father abused me. When I was 10, I lived with my father and my mother and my step father. 3 years later my step father died and I was relived and its took me 4 years to tell someone about my step father abusing me.

I am a survivor and got over it eventually

Hi my name is Sienna, I’m 14. I was raped about two years ago. My brothers best friends little brother, he was my crush for so long. Finally he talked to me and then we started talking to each other. We met up at the Rec center next to me. We were playing games outside and he pulled me in the trees and started kissing on me. I didn’t think anything of it tell he escalated he started taking my clothes off. Then he pushed me down. I said no and kept saying no. Finally he hit me and I stopped pushing, he raped me. I didn’t tell anyone for months, finally I told my cousin and she told my aunt finally my parents figured out. It was the hardiest thing I ever went through and I hate that sometimes I can’t even look in the mirror without feeling like a slut. I realized one… Continue reading »

My Untold Story

I don’t know when my grandfather started abusing me, I don’t remember there being a time before abuse. I know that I told a teacher in the 4th grade and that’s when it stopped. I don’t remember all the details, but bits and pieces come together all these years later (I am 40 now and just starting to face this since ignoring is no longer working). I remember being made to urinate in jugs while he watched, a massaging vibrating object in my body, and more frightening moments that still make my face turn red with shame although 30 years have passed and he is long dead. I think I need to tell my husband these details, but I am so afraid… I feel as if I cheated on him though I know logically that doesn’t make sense and that he loves me no matter what. I am just starting to mourn the loss of… Continue reading »