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HS Reunion

This year, I attended my 10 year Reunion, the first time I saw anyone from HS since Graduation Day. Most of all, I had a long talk with Jerry R. Jerry R. and I dated for a long time, and over my objections, he kind of forced me into having sex, being my first. After a few months, we had a pregnancy scare, and he was a bit immature in dealing with it, and it was contributing to a break-up. We talked about old times, and he apologized if his libido left me feeling unappreciated. He regretting losing me all these years. As I had lost my husband years before, he wanted to take me out, to make it up to me, and I agreed. I had to cancel twice, because I don’t have a steady sitter, but we got it together. We had a nice dinner, and played some games, won some prizes, and… Continue reading »

My sisters boyfriend abused me

I was just 15, shy, skinny and a late developer. He abused me systematically, first with teasing, then physical attacks, short and disguised as tom foolery. wresting me to the ground and pulling my pants down, trying to break into bathroom when i was i there, touching my breasts when he passed me by. then finally trying to rape me as I lay asleep, It was over quickly but he managed to penetrate me. he tried another time, this time I was able to fight him off. but to make sure I kept quiet and told no one he murdered my beloved pets. I was afraid of him and left home. It has taken me several decades to come forward about this, because I thought it was just me he harmed, and I thought if I buried it I could forget it But it turns out there are more victims. I have reported him to… Continue reading »

Men ruined my life

Growing up, my older brother mistreated me, abused me, and left me in eternal emotional agony. when I was only 12, my brother was 17, my mother went to work and my dad had the day off I was in the living room watching tv. my brother wouldn’t stop torturing me and I got to one point to where I stood up for myself and that’s when he got me down on the floor and started beating me with no mercy, my stupid father was to drunk to do anything, he made matters worse. when my mother came home that evening, I tried telling her and my drunken father started complaining about his ‘almost grown children wouldn’t get along’ no dumb*** it was my brother who always starts it with me! my mother had to quit her job so she can protect me from my brother, then when I was 14 & 15 I was… Continue reading »


I used to live in south Korea with my parents and my two brothers (one older and one younger). My older brother died when I was very young and my parents decided to migrate overseas for a fresh new start. When we first came to Australia, we settled in extremely well and I quickly got attached to my new home. However, 2 days before my first day of high school, my mother died. So I was left with my father and younger brother. My father worked very hard to take care of us both and I even began working a part-time job to help out. This was until my younger brother also died, 2 years after my mother’s death. This was a major turning point in my life. I was diagnosed with depression and my father had been broken physically and emotionally. He began to regularly skip work and developed a serious alcohol habit, and… Continue reading »

He ruined my life

My mum and dad separated when I was 12. After that she began to hate me and my sister (who was 7 at the time) because we were her ex-boyfriend’s daughters. A few months later she brought in one of her old school friends to live with us. Although we didn’t like him, he was initially very friendly so we tried our best to get along. However, as time went on, he began to show his true abusive side and would often physically and verbally abuse us. He is a very strong guy and my sister and I are abnormally skinny, so we would always get hurt. Earlier this year on my sister’s 11th birthday, he dragged her into her room and said “I’ll show you something special.” I heard her screaming and crying and after a few minutes, he walked out. My sister was on the bed with blood all over her legs and… Continue reading »

Everyone loves him

I’ll make this short because he’s still here and I’m not going to escape. Writing this as I’m visiting with a friend because she has access to the internet and usually, I just don’t. The first time I met him I was fifteen, and it was facilitated by my mother. We come from old money, and I guess his family did too. It was a weird thing that most people nowadays might not understand, but I was being set up to marry him. I still did, anyway, because there was nothing else to do. The first time we met was at this party that my mother had suggested we both attend, but it wasn’t some fancy thing. There were tons of teens there and underage drinking was all over– he brought me what was apparently apple juice, or grape, I just remember it tasted awful. He drugged it because I can barely remember what happened… Continue reading »

Nobody believed me

I’m not going to state the relationship I had with this boy but I was around six. I’ll call him x so x one day took me into a room. And started touching me. X was much older than I was and I was a scrawny little girl. X continued to do this to me until I was 8 close to being nine. I remember x would pour water on me. And always cover my face. X stuck other objects in me as well. X would make me watch porn. I’d was forced to do whatever x wanted. I didn’t like it. But I was so little it became normal. I remember x brought a friend (g) and g did the same thing to me but only like once or twice. I found out this was wrong and told my mom. She told my dad. They called x and he denied it all. They told… Continue reading »

I’m not broken but worse. I’m dead.

Hi. I am a woman (those words are hard to type and to see). I am approaching middle age and have never, ever desired or enjoyed sex. I feel hopeless and sometimes I wish I could die. Many years ago, when I was 7, a boy who lived in my neighborhood raped me and also made me do sick, humiliating things. This mostly occurred in a bathroom in the basement of his parent’s house. This went on until I was 8, when he and his family left the neighborhood. I tried to tell my mom several times but I lacked the vocabulary and she missed what I was trying to tell her. Eventually, I remember thinking that if I just buried the horror deep into my mind, it would eventually disappear. It was also around this age that kids at school started taunting me, telling me my body was disgusting, that I smelled like shit… Continue reading »

I don’t know who I am

25 years o­ld and hav­e been in ­and out of­ therapy f­or the pas­t 10 years­. I am diagnosed wit­h CPTSD, D­issociativ­e identity­ disorder,­ and sever­e major de­pressive d­isorder wi­th suicida­l tendencies. I grew­ up in a b­roken home­ where my ­mom would ­beat me ev­ery night ­and leave ­me to slee­p on the bathroom fl­oor. My fa­ther was a­n alcoholi­c and left­ when I wa­s only 5 y­ears old. ­Growing up­ I was use­d to havin­g my needs­ ignored a­nd because­ my mom would blame ­me for eve­rything th­at went wr­ong, I dev­eloped an ­extremely ­low sense ­of self-es­teem. I’ve­ never hea­rd “I­ love you” from­ any of my­ parents, ­instead “I wish­ you hadn’­t been bor­n” an­d “yo ­u’re the r­eason we’r­e sufferin­g” an­d “yo­ur dad lef­t because ­you’re the­ devil” were phrases I gr­ew accusto­med to. Be­cause of t­his, I hav­e a very h­ard time maintaining friendships because­ I am conv­inced that­… Continue reading »

Childhood nightmares

When I was younger, my brother would sexually harass me. He would call me names like “slut” or “bitch”. He would also pull on my underwear or hit my butt…sometimes even when other people were around. It was humiliating. I was 13 but I felt powerless to stop him. Then when I got a little older he started to hit me, threaten to hit me and called me even worse names. He told me I was lucky my family actually kept me around because no one loved me enough to take care of me. I never told my mother because I thought she wouldn’t believe me. While I’m aware that what happened to me isn’t the worst thing in the world, it was still humiliating and traumatic to live with. — Survivor, age 18