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When Father’s Day is Painful

This Sunday many people will celebrate their dad in several ways by honoring the way he raised them, was there for them, carried sons and daughters through hard times, tough situations, rough health conditions, school burdens, maybe even bullying. How he always attended every soccer game, cheer leading tryout, dance recital, football awards banquet, how he taught them to play the piano, passed on great advice, taught them to drive, helped carry on his legacy of success, maybe passed on a great work ethic or the family business. But for many others like myself, this annual holiday is a painful reminder of what we don’t have – not only because our fathers aren’t here physically but because our fathers abused us. I always told everyone I was a Daddy’s girl and that my father and I were close, but that was a girlhood fantasy because I didn’t want to admit that though my father always… Continue reading »

They will never know what they did to me

From the age of 12 to 17 I was sexually assaulted repeatedly by peers. The remarks, the grabbing, pinning down, forceful touching, it happened on a weekly basis. Once in high school it slowed down. It still happened but more on a monthly basis. I didn’t realize how much it affected me, but I started wearing a lot of black, becoming a loner, listening to awful music. But later…I met a cute guy. I made him realize I was there, since he paid no attention to me at first. He was senior, and I was a junior. He was 18, I was 15. My first crush, my first time out with a boy. But had I known how it would end, I would’ve never spoken to him. It started out as friends. We would hang out at school and everything seemed fine. But the first time we went out alone, he made a move. He… Continue reading »

My story

if anyone is unable offer me support or assistance please pray for me?thank you, i come to you tired and heart sick as i am in a bad place, its been a year or so since my abusive husband attacked me physically but i live in fear he could hurt me again and everyday i live endure verbal emotional mental and financial abuse each day and i have tried to reach out for many years and many times and noone will assist me, please let me share my personal life with you, i am not a stranger to abuse heartbreak and pain, i grew up in a abusive household i was raped when i was 13 and i struggled with it and found the courage to tell my mother she called me a whore and blamed me and i was raped again when i was 21 by my abusive husband and too ashamed to tell… Continue reading »

My mom is in constant contact with the man who molested me

My father passed away when I was 5 years old and my mother soon remarried. This step-father was good to her, and to my little sister and I. He fulfilled his fatherly duties and took care of my fragile mother. My mom had a little boy, my half-brother when I was about 8. All seemed fine on the surface. But my step-father had been molesting me this whole time – and it continued till I was an early teenager. At the age of 6/7, you don’t really understand what is going on. Something feels wrong but you can’t describe it because you don’t know what it is. He was very manipulative, promising to buy my toys and whatever. He would remind me all the time that I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. As I got older, I became more and more impatient and rude towards him. I was living with a secret that was eating… Continue reading »

I am a survivor

I was first raped at the age of twelve, my school friend’s uncle, promised to take us to the movies, instead he took us to an isolated beach and grabbed me first, I tried fighting him but he was too strong for me, he hit me in my stomach and as i fell to the sand, he jumped on me and tore my clothes. He went on to rape me mercilessly. I had my eyes shut and screamed helplessly but he kept putting his hand to my mouth to shut me up. I must have fainted cause h next thing I saw was he running away. I dragged myself to the water, sobbing all the time, when suddenly I heard screams, I ran in the direction of the screams and there lay my friend also raped. Together we cried uncontrollably and comforted each other. That day we made a pact never to tell a soul… Continue reading »

I’m 17 and I’m over it

My story starts at the age of twelve. I had a “boyfriend” at that time, he was my first one. I really did like him since I’ve known him for about 6 years. Every 2nd weekend I stayed over at his place since he was living 3 hours away from me. The 8th time I stayed over at his house it happened. He pulled my pants down and so on. It took 30 seconds. I don’t remember many details, maybe because I forgot or maybe because my brain needed it to be forgotten. I know I was crying but it was dark. I know I was hurting but he didn’t want to hear it. And I knew he wouldn’t care. I remember thinking about how he would react if I would stand up or if I say something. And I came to the conclusion that every movie shows that he leaves you if you do… Continue reading »

The girl that got up and kicked ass

Nobody knows what it’s like. They want to tell people but I don’t want anyone else knowing, I don’t want people to look at me like the girl that got raped. I want to be the girl that survived and I want to be me. Not a title, not a poor little girl I want to be the girl that got back up and kicked ass. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to help people and animals. I want to be the girl that saved those people or animals. That’s the only title that’s ever okay. No means no. -The girl that survived being raped and got up and kicked ass

He turned me into a damn monster

When i was 4 or 5my mom had a boyfriend that would touch me while i slept and i could never understand why, id had never remembered until i turned 7 when i, the once victim started to develop feelings that a young boy should not have, and, eventually started doing it to my cousin. I knew it was wrong and my body shook like i was having a seizure when i did it bit for some reason its like my mind was being controlled, like i HAD to do it and i hated myself everytime i am now 21 and me and her have come to terms with it after she told her dad and we all talked, but i still wish i could turn back the clock, that i could undo all the terrible things ive done, i still have nightmares…. But then again she might too. We are actually very close now… Continue reading »

I was raped last summer

Last summer I meet this guy he was so nice to he asked me out and I said yes then things started to get bad the littlest things would make him mad and he would hit and punch me at this time i had not had sex yet. Everything started to get worse I told him I would leave him if he did not stop. He told me he would and it was good for a week then it was happening again. I told him I was leaving him. He grabbed me by the neck and started to choking me he told me if I left him he would kill me. He pinned me down beating me and then when I thought it was over I looked back and he was taking off his pants and he then raped me.

I don’t know if it counts

I was dating my best friend’s older cousin. He was 17, I was 14. Him, my other friend and I had been drinking because his mother bought us drinks. My friend passed out. I blacked out and one of the few memories I have was him saying “I have been trying to get you into sex mode for hours” I have no idea what that means. I was conscious only enough to remember that and I remember a few flashes of memory between. I know what he did to me after that point and I was a virgin before that. We had talked about having sex before and I never told him I didn’t want to. But I never told him to have sex with me. He started telling everyone we had sex and it was only then that I connected the pieces and realized what really happened. The entire memory i have what happened… Continue reading »