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Bringing the Stories to Light

I am so grateful for the bravery and commitment to change that Linor has demonstrated. When watching Brave Miss World I was moved by her courage. I have been in contact with Linor and the Brave Miss World team because I am also working toward ending the silence of rape culture. I am completely agree with Linor that rape thrives in silence and as a society, together we can find our voices, tell our stories and collectively stand together to make change. The project I am heading is called bringing the stories to light. I am collecting stories from those effected by sexual abuse/ assault and am going to be making a book out of the stories. My sole intention is to raise awareness and break the silence. I would like to encourage those who resonated with Brave Miss World to consider having a look at the bringing stories to light project. You can find… Continue reading »

After 14 Years

I wasn’t stabbed, beaten, or even hurt. There were no marks on my body. Two and a half years after it happened, the police officer, detective, and lawyer to whom I told my story all believed me and were respectful and empowering. In so many ways, I have been lucky. But even after 14 years, I feel alone, lost, drowning.

Rape and the Aftermath

My story happened 20 years ago, but I do not talk about it and only my friends that new me back then know my story. I met my first husband when I was 18 years old. Shortly after that I got pregnant and we married. The abuse started while I was pregnant, it was more mental abuse then anything else. He would tell me that if I did not have a girl he would leave me. I remember while I was in labour him whispering into my ear that if I didn’t have a girl he was going to leave me. Well I did have a girl and things just got worse from there. He would always tell me that I had nothing and nobody and if I tired to leave him he would make sure that I never day my daughter again, he would force himself on me whenever he like. I remember one… Continue reading »

You Were Suppose To Protect Me

I was…young. Five or six when my brother raped me. I didn’t know what was going on. He had just pulled me into this small hallway that connected the bedroom hallway and kitchen. He had pulled out his penis and told me to touch it. Told me to pump it and to put my mouth on it. ‘Pretend it’s one of those Popsicle you like.’ To this day I can’t eat another Popsicle. He then told me to lay on my back and entered me. It hurt, god it hurt so badly, but i kept quite. I was so confused and he kept saying ‘it feels good right? you said you wanted to do this, didn’t you?’ This killed me. For the longest time I felt this was my fault, because I said yes. But I was six. This happened multiple times. They blur, but I can remember bits and pieces. I remember going to… Continue reading »

He Was My Boyfriend

Sometimes I have a hard time saying that what happened to me was rape. I feel like it takes away from legitimate experiences of it and that I’m just being stupid. But what better place to talk about it than here, right? I was 20 years old and he was my first everything. We met online and clicked. After about a month of seeing each other exclusively and having consensual sex I agreed to become his girlfriend. From this point on our relationship changed. He stopped making an effort to make me happy, and I was always compromising to make him happy. I’m not sure even today if he knows how much of myself I compromised for him. Our relationship began as a summer fling, but when school started things changed. Our schedules became so busy that we could only find time to see each other once a week, on Friday nights. We would text… Continue reading »

Raped by Brother

I was about 12/13 years old when I was raped by my brother. In my memory it happened often during approx. 1 year. He warned me not to talk about it with my mom. When we went on a family holiday, my eldest brother did not come. Usually they would be together in a room and I would sleep with my parents. This vacation I was with him in a room. I never did talk about it and blocked it. When I was about 16, my brother became mentally ill. He was hospitalized and told my mother that he could understand I never should visit, and told her the story. She felt so guilty. But I was angry he told her, because now it was there again. Long story short, my brother, who was brilliant smart, good in all sports, funny etc., committed suicide at the age of 23. All not easy. But, still tried… Continue reading »

Ignored For a Lifetime

I was sexually abused repeatedly at the hands of an uncle when I was nine years old. My entire family has always chosen to ignore that ever happened, to this day. The ghosts of this traumatic series of events have haunted me for the next 41 years of my life. I have grown deep, emotional scars that have become an ever growing rage which, frequently, consume my soul and my life. I have never sought help, therapy, or any sort of professional assistance. I am strong and always thought I could handle it by not thinking about it and living the life I was meant to live… I was wrong. This abuse took place in Caracas, Venezuela. I was born in Caracas, in 1964. I have one elder brother and my parents were both born in Cuba. They fled Castro’s Communist regime and found a friendly, hospitable, fertile young country where to start their lives… Continue reading »

My Story

I was raped by my boyfriend at the time, and 5 of his friends, when I was 18. It happened in a hotel in London where I live, and although it was 22 years ago I’ve never been able to go near the hotel -it’s really well known. But, now after watching Brave Miss World, I’ve decided that I need to see it to help with my healing process I have a wonderful boyfriend who I’ve been with for four years now who has offered to come with me for support. Thanks to you and the other amazing women on your film I finally, after 22 years, feel strong enough to do it. Thank you so much and I’ll let you know how I get on.

My 21st Birthday

I’ve never told anyone this story before, mostly because I know too much time has passed between what happened and now and know one will believe me. One of my best friends is still good friends with my rapist. Furthermore, I know that they will not believe me because many years before when I was 19, I had a former teacher. A man who I trusted, gets me so high of weed and try to take advantage of me. Lucky in that situation, I still had enough of my wits that I was able to deflect him. When he pinned me down and began pulling down my trousers. I started to crying about a former boyfriend and how I wasn’t ready for intimacy. So, he left me alone. I thank god every minute to this day that I thought so quickly despite everything. When I told my friends about it none of them believed me…. Continue reading »

Restoring Innocence

I just wanted to write to all of those who have taken the time to write. I am a victim of rape as well. I am saddened and horrified by the stories here. By the stories of my past. I just wanted to offer up a little joy. I am proud of everyone who writes. I am proud of Linor. I will pray for everyone here, that they seek wisdom, and healing. That they feel their innocence restored by their bravery. Please don’t be ashamed. People who rape are sick, troubled individuals. I know how difficult it is to function afterwards. Intimacy with my husband is now difficult. I am afraid of being desired as an outlet, as opposed to for mutual communion. I am afraid of enjoying intimacy. I still battle deep depressions, feelings of worthlessness, loneliness. I know that many things have caused this, not simply the rapes or molestation, however, nothing takes… Continue reading »