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The cycle

Not once but twice I was raped. The first time I was young, I was recovering from a medical procedure and used this truth as an excuse to not engage in sex with the man I was in a relationship with. He was much older than I, and I had caught him in lies in the weeks and months earlier. I was ready to make a break. It was not to happen that way. Instead, he forced himself on me while I cried. How he had the ability to rape me, the person he supposedly cared for while I cried throughout is still a mystery to me. I knew then that I needed to escape him for good; it took some time but eventually, I did. I was freed. Years later, a new me emerged. I had graduated from business school and decided to pursue another career which meant moving away from my friends and… Continue reading »

I was born for this

My Story. Where do I begin, throughout my childhood I’ve lived to be someone’s property of satisfaction, unable to experience an ordinary childhood. from the age of 5 was when I started being portrayed as a simple object, being touched in areas that a child would never understand but wonder confusedly. That was the moment I lost trust in my family, knowing my own blood uncle would even consider doing so to me. A young child who didn’t know any better, keeping silence from the world. As I finally escaped that moment believing I was safe, 2 years later at the age of 7 to 8 I was pushed into going to a babysitter with my 2 younger siblings. When it was nap time for everyone I would be taken into the bathroom by a teenage boy who would force it down my throat, stripping me of everything I wore, satisfying himself, telling me to… Continue reading »

Finally ready to tell my story

My story began when I was 17. It was a few weeks before Halloween. I had been dating this guy my sister went to school with. We always partied together. He was a recovering drug addict. He was also a bit older than me, 25. I remember sitting in my sisters living room watching dirty dancing. He and I were laying on the couch. There were a few other people in the room and he said, we should go lay in bed and let them have the couch. Fair enough. We went and laid down. He started trying to fool around. I just wasn’t in the mood. I told him we could just make out. I was fine with that. But he wouldn’t stop trying to put his hand down my underwear. The harder I pushed his hand away, the harder he pushed back. It all happened so fast. He was on me, still kissing… Continue reading »

Childhood rape

Hello, I’m a male. I was raped when I was age 9 by my brother, my mom was on drugs at the time and my brother was with are dad in another state, my mom got so bad on drugs she couldn’t take care of me they way should have, so she sent me to my dads house, it was the first time I got to see my real dad and my step brother, I was so excited to finally get to see them, I was happy to get out of the place o called home because to me it was a war zone, didn’t know where I was going to sleep or eat, not knowing if some bad person was going to come in and kill us for the drugs and Cash that was in side. So I went to my dads house and it was really great to finally be with them. It… Continue reading »

Fiance Father of my Child

I was nine months pregnant and he was mad at me. I tried getting him to talk to me ana calm down. Helps started hurting me. He then decided to hurt me in the way it would hurt the most. My biggest fear. He raped me. I begged him not to I fought him with everything. He ignored me. I begged him to stop. He didn’t till he slipped out. I talked to him about it today. I don’t think he even remembers that night. He was in shock asked if he was a rapist. I couldn’t stand to see him hurt. I didn’t use our safe words that our friend group has. So he used that to say it wasn’t rape. He wasn’t a rapist. I could tell he couldn’t handle it and I would loose him. He had me promise him he wasn’t a rapist, that he didn’t rape me. I don’t break… Continue reading »

Marital Rape and the abuser in my life

I’m not sure where to start. Years ago I met a much younger man who would not leave my side. He is not in the U.S. legally. Now it’s clear that back then, he was looking for protection, and security, and he found that in me. He was subtle in his actions, and not much for words. We married 3 years later and had our little girl in 2010. When my daughter was 10 months old and we had only been married for 3 months, he started to rape me. I left him because the mental abuse was too much for me to handle, but he didn’t leave me alone. In 2011 I filed for divorce, but the divorce wasn’t finalized because I didn’t have all the money I needed. He moved super close to me and going against my wish for divorce took me to live with him instead. By this time, and after… Continue reading »

I was raped and I didnt know it…

It is after many many years that I have finally come to realise that I was raped. Not just once, but several times and with not just the same man. That is the guilt I carry with me, that I allowed it to happen over and over again. One day just like a spark that took off in my head, I realised the truth of what happened that night. It was someone I knew. Someone I shared a physical relationship with before. It was aggressive, but I did what pleased him. Until one night he held me down. I could usually wiggle myself out and take control of the situation but this time I couldn’t. This time he was adamant. He pinned me down, and this time it didn’t feel right. I didn’t fight it; I didn’t scream. I thought if I let him finish, the pain would soon be over. When I went to… Continue reading »


Dear God, Turn me into a unicorn. Sincerely, Me. A unicorn. My first memories as well as current thinking that comes to mind when I hear the term “unicorn” is my Lisa Frank trapped keeper and the 500 page sticker sheets that made their comeback debut at Target dollar spot a few years back. What are Unicorns? Everyone has a theory, belief, or thanks to “emojis” we now have an actual visual represention of what they are, look like or should be mentally noted as. Without the risk of being too forward or suggesting my belief is the same as others, I’d like to give my “definition” of a unicorn. Unicorn (n): 1. a mysterious, and magical creature that has been replicated throughout history’s images, and is often related or referred to in fairytales, and other stories that conclude in “happilier ever after”. 2. (n) a wonderful work of ones imagination. A creature that is… Continue reading »

silent rape

I have never spoken out before like this, I’ve told close friends before that I’ve been raped but never actually retold the story. I started watching the documentary on Netflix and could only watch the first 10ish minutes before I had to turn it off as it triggered something. I never dealt with it, period. I am 27 years old and this happened when I was 15. I never talked about it because a part of me believes that I let it happen, that I asked for it…. so here’s my story. I took the train with a friend to hang out at one of her friend’s house. I have never met them before. We were all drinking and we had planned to sleep over at this house. My friend was clearly vibing with one of the guys and it was obvious that they were going to hook up. The other guy that I was… Continue reading »


My name is Sabrina Giglio. My family are descendants from Sicily, Palermo, Italy. When I was 13, I am now 45, I was raped by my cousin, my mothers sisters son. When it happened all in a three month period, I was taken in back of alleys, beaten, anal violated, oral sex in houses of people who condoned it. When I told my mother she told me to stay quiet. When I told my father he just said it took two to tango. I never ever have dealt with the pain. I always want and want and want to see him suffer, I hate him he is married with children and even my other cousins in Italy stayed quiet. To this day, it has ruined my life. I did drugs I became a relationship nightmare, now with 4 children and I lost my career, I lost all hope. No one cares for me, I am… Continue reading »