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Be Aware

A girl I date recently came forward to me about 2 occurrences. I really don’t know how to feel about it all because she is a victim of rape but she also put herself in each situation it occurred. The summer after her freshman year of college she went to Europe for two weeks. She got way too intoxicated before clubbing. At the club she was wasted and apparently made out with 8 older men, the bartender and snoop into VIP. Her friend she was abroad with told her to chill out and she said no and continued to do the same activities. Frustrated her friend left and went back to the hospital. The next morning she woke up without her underwear on and with a lollipop in her hand. She didn’t remember anything except getting in a taxi after the club. Later that day, people who she shared the room with told her that… Continue reading »

God Saw You Kill My Two Little Friends

I grew up in the Appalachian mountains with incest and violence, I’m an Appalachian inbred Hillbilly, ain’t nothing wrong with that. People who write similar stories or movies most times are not an inbred Hillbilly which makes my story unique. At nine years old I was beaten and raped at gunpoint. My two card playing Hillbilly girlfriends were beaten, raped and shot in front of me. Uncles, brothers and cousins raped the girls. I want to educate the world that inbreds are not blue or have defects. I was born at 11:59 on December, 31, 1955, on New Year’s Eve in Indianapolis, Indiana, but was raised in the Appalachian mountains. I trained managers to be sphincters for thirty five years. I abandoned many homes to violent husbands. I gave birth to five children and people stole them like I’m a baby factory. Thieves took all my material belongings over and over and won’t give nothing… Continue reading »


I wasn’t raped but i sure am traumatized. I use to get nervous every time i saw him but now i’m just mad. It was may 2017. I was a 14 year old sophomore. I was at a new school trying to have fun and trying to get to know my friends better. When a guy approached us. He was a bit short I must admit but wait, i knew him. He’s approached me before he isn’t a stranger. Hes cool. Those were my initial thoughts. I’ve rejected him before but here he is. Back again. He kept persisting to talk to me in private. I said NO. but then i said yes……..Why? Why? Why? did i say yes:( We went up stairs and he brought me to a dark corner where he pinned me on the wall. At first i was laughing giggling actually. I said “Why are we up here?” He just says… Continue reading »

Family rape

I’m so lost. All my life I have seen and herd stories about girls being raped, touched, all sorts of unwanted physical interaction. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think It was going to be me. I always knew how to prevent situations like those from evolving or getting to that point. But when its someone so close to you, family even. How do you even begin to speak about it. — Survivor, age 17

My husband was molested as a child

This is my husband’s story. He recently confided to me about how terrible of a person his great uncle is. He was molested multiple times by him whom I’ve met a few times in the past. Let’s call him Guu. It started when he was very young (6 or 7) when Guu would babysit him. As a kid, he didn’t really know what was going on. He only knew he would get candies or his favorite food in exchange for Guu touching him (sexual favors). So he never thought anything was wrong with it until he got older (10 years old). He understood what Guu was doing to him is wrong and told him to stop. Guu and his family soon moved out of town, and my husband kinda blocked it out of his head. My husband is now 26. I don’t know why, but a few days ago, he finally told me. I was… Continue reading »

Beyond a story

Dear Linor, I attended your movie showing in Monaco this past weekend. The irony was I attended thinking I was going to see a Princess Grace movie. Something light, beautiful, and with a story. I attended to honour Princesse Grace who is in the hearts of everyone she has touched. Instead, I watched a story unfold that was far from light. It was intense, real and inextricably beautifully revealing moment by moment. The story goes beyond a story. It may be a movie, but each chapter shares the heart, soul, pain and fear counter pointed with family, support, love, friendship and kindness. I didn’t say hello in person. I said hello in silence. In awe of your strength and admiring your lovely sense of humour. I was waiting for the advice and you shared it. Face it and you can leave it.

Not friends

I was drinking pretty hard for a couple weeks straight, and drugs on and off, this is before I started treatment for bipolar disorder. I was very hypersexual. I came on to a longtime friend of mine, who habitually used me for money, etc anyway. Later I told him, we shouldn’t have done that. He kept persisting after that and pressuring me, especially when I was drunk. A couple times he went ahead and did it anyway when I was too messed up to move, even when I said no. He made me feel guilty for “leading him on”, to the point where I still felt guilty even after I sobered up and got treatment and got a boyfriend. He hasn’t tried to touch me since then, but needed someone to fill an apartment in a building he lives in and, once again, pressured me. Now I am stuck living here, finally coming to terms… Continue reading »

Believe Her

About a month ago, my live in girlfriend didn’t come home. As it got later, I called and texted her about every 15 minutes. I called everyone I knew to find her. By half way through the night, my friends were trying to be honest: If she didn’t come home, she was somewhere, with someone. I felt like a pile of dung that the beetles wouldn’t touch. I thought things were going so well. Why would she look for someone else, especially when I was home? About 10 minutes until dawn, I got a call from her. She needed a ride. I asked who she was with until dawn. She didn’t want to say it. Why didn’t she answer, because she didn’t get them. I almost told her to do to herself what I knew she was doing to someone else all night. She was in the hospital, please come get her. I rushed over… Continue reading »

Emotional Abuse

1) He was sexually aroused by fat women and weight gain 2) He asked me to gain weight, and when I declined, he accused me of suppressing/demonizing his sexuality, and damaging his psychosocial wellbeing 3) I regressed into eating disorder behavior, to justify my refusal 4) I lost so much weight so unhealthily that my hair started to fall out and my periods became erratic 5) There are many more details I am not comfortable revealing publicly, but after we finally separated, I was repulsed by all physical intimacy Abuse comes in many forms. What scares me most is that sometimes the abuser doesn’t even know he’s doing it. Incidentally, one of the only people I told was my GP, who said she didn’t “want to overstep professional boundaries, but…” Thank you for your unspoken words, it brought clarity regarding the insanity of the situation.

My experience as an intern in highschool

I was a senior at Towson High School in 1970. I was allowed to be an intern for half the day in my chosen interest. I was a member of DECCA, and did well, so I spent half the school day at the Towson Times, a member at the time of Stromberg Publications in Maryland. I was a bright student working at Towson Times, doing everything from drawing cartoons for the paper, as well as going around to ad sales with the top salesperson …one day, this person took me to my house during our sales run to my house in Hampton…we went in, went to get a book…he came with me, and I turned around and saw his penis out and he asked me to quote blow him…next day went to my intern job and I thought bravely went to the editor of the Towson Times and told the story…the editor said, that is… Continue reading »