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I’ve just finished watching your amazing documentary, it’s taken me a couple of months of knowing about it to finally be able to press play. I’m so pleased I did, I cried for you Linor, I cried for myself and I cried for all the strong women who spoke, and more than anything I think I cried with your family and friends, giving me some insight into my own family as after 19 years I am on a journey to stop minimizing what happened to me and realize what an unimaginable reality it really was. Kind of a really amazing movie that no one would actually want to watch. In 1995 as a 21 year old New Zealander I was living as a volunteer on a Kibbutz in the North of Israel, I had been there for 4 months and was having a wonderful time. I was very aware of the freedom I represented and… Continue reading »

Happy Survivor

I am 14 years old and was raped over a year ago. It happened about 4-5 times my rapist was my step cousin. When everyone was asleep he would sneak into my room. Seven months is how long I had kept it inside for with out telling anyone until one day I told my mother and it escalated from there on. I used to cut myself, and tried suicide many time. I used to feel like I didn’t belong, like I shouldn’t be alive. If you’re feeling like that please don’t. There’s always hope. I know what you’re going through. I’ve been through it and I go through it everyday. I cry myself to sleep a lot and have nightmares. It was worse until I tried suicide and they put me on medication for depression and PTSD. I had took the medication for about two months and then stopped because it made me fill sad…. Continue reading »

Repressed Memory

I feel like an impostor, like I might not even deserve this space, but I don’t know. I don’t remember anything but tiny bits from my childhood. Part of that is because the divorce from age 9-11 was so central to my life, partly because I think I have repressed so much of what happened in my life before my parents divorced. My mom was found negligent after abusing me (though my sisters say I deserved it) and my dad’s sister says that my mother’s step-father made her feel awkward when he held us as toddlers. I know I’ve repressed memories of abuse…shoes being thrown at me. But what if the boy on the bus, whose grandfather knew my grandmother, was right? What if we DID have sex when we were just 6 or 7, as he told all our our middle school peers. His nasty grandpa was trying to court my grandma, or was… Continue reading »

Almost Raped

I dated him about 5 years and then one day I took him home and we sat in my car and he out of the blue said, “I have been thinking about taking you down and having my way with you”. I was stunned, and said, “you know they call that rape’. He said, “yeah, I know.” This weighs heavy on my mind and heart all the time…and I just can’t shake it… He even hit me a few times, but praise the Lord he never raped me.

ללינור היקרה

היי לינור, קוראים לי אוריאן אני בת 16 מתל אביב. אני כותבת לך מכתב זה כי אני מעריכה אותך ורואה בך מודל לחיקוי. האומץ שבך,האסרטיביות,הכוח רצון,החוזק שיש בך נותנים לי כוח ורצון להמשיך הלאה. את אישה מדהימה ליונר, את לקחת את הכוח שיש לך לדברים טובים,לעזרה לזולת,ואני מתכוונת לכך שכשזכית בתואר מיס עולם יכלת למנף את עצמך למקומות אדירים ואת לקחת את הכוח שלך והחלטת שאת עוזרת לכל אותן הנערות שגם עברו מקרי אונס,את עזרת ועוזרת לכל כך הרבה בנות ושינית את העולם. אני רואה בך כמודל לחיקוי ורוצה להגיד לך תודה על מה שאת עושה.


I finished the film a few minutes ago and I am in awe. Although I have not been raped, I have been a victim of emotional, verbal & physical abuse. I have never really told anyone & the times I have mentioned my terror, I’ve made it seem as if they were isolated incidents. During last month, I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant with my current boyfriend’s child, someone who has also abused me as well. In a matter of two weeks, my relationship with my family, specially my parents, suffered immensely. Unfortunately I suffered a painful miscarriage within 2 weeks. As I watched Brave Miss World, I was subconsciously attempting to figure out why I felt so connected to Linor’s story since I had not experienced being raped myself. As the film came to an end, I realized why I could relate so much to her story. While being a victim of… Continue reading »

37 Years Ago

I just got thru watching your documentary on Netflix I cried thru most of it as obviously I can relate to some of the stories of the victims. I was not raped I was sexually molested by my grandfather at ages 6-9. As I now am 43 years old I don’t know the difference between the two. He had sex with me and I just laid there and pretended to sleep. I felt so dirty and bad and rotten I was too scared to ever tell my grandmother as ever summer I would stay at there home. I never Told a soul until I reached the age of 18 years old when I got a steady boyfriend and I freaked out on him when he touched me from behind a certain way. He then told my mother and she told her family. But it was my fathers father who did this to me and no… Continue reading »

Never Be the Same Again

On 03/02/11 my world changed forever I knew this guy he was acquaintance we decided to hangout I made it very clear to him I didn’t want to do anything sexual and he agreed and he told me he wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t want to do. So I went to his place had a few drinks and was sitting on the couch watching TV I kept falling asleep next thing I know he wakes me up and begins to sexually assault me. He forces me to give him oral then he puts me on the floor and rapes me I was scared and in shock my body went numb I was crying after it was over I told him to take me home. I didn’t report it or go to the hospital I was afraid no one would believe me or they would tell me it was my fault. I cried all night… Continue reading »

Raped Husband

I was married when I wasn’t a Christian. I was pregnant when I was 21 and my husband 24. I had a difficult marriage because my husband loved to get drunk. But, one time he told me he was rapped when he was a child by a 15 year old boy. He told me to not tell to his family, then he got worse with drugs and then I had to divorce. Then I knew Jesús and his Father the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When I told his family the truth they didn’t believed me and they tried to seperate me from him and not having our marriage mended. I raised my 2 girls, alone with Lords help. I have peace in the Lord but I am not sure how to help him. I just pray and fast for my family. I separated my husband since 1998 and I started to study the… Continue reading »

A Day My Life Changed Forever

It was Thanksgiving Day, 2009. I was going to meet a long time friend. We had known each other for 7 yrs and had been each others support when his sister, my lover had passed away 2 yrs before. I trusted him, he was a green barret soldier, I didn’t have anything to fear meeting him where I was, in military base grounds, alone where I knew no one. We had our Thanksgiving meal with 3 other soldiers of his unit. I felt tired and was about to head home when I was cornered by one of his friends. I was kind of hearded to a bedroom. I was being pushed and shoved and forced on bed, clothes ripped off by knife point. I was brutally raped, stabbed and tortured. I thought I’m going to die so I shouted all I felt. I pleaded and cursed. I gave upc and someone found me, a military… Continue reading »