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Cuando tenía 23 años de edad empecé a trabajar con el ejército de mi país por 6 meses. Allí conocí a un teniente que al principio nos llevábamos bien, conversábamos, etc. Teníamos las habitaciones continuas. Un día, él me llamó y él estaba dentro de su habitación, yo no pensé nada malo, sólo entré para ver para qué me llamaba. Quedamos los dos solos en la noche, el me besó y me abrazó, él me gustaba, pero cuando vi que él empezó a forzarme para quitarme la ropa, me asusté, le dije “No” que nunca había estado con ningún hombre, le decía no, no, pero él continuaba forzándome, simplemente me quedé paralizada porque no podía creer lo que estaba pasando. Cuando terminó, me echó de la habitación. Tuve un sangrado terrible y me asu sté, le hice creer a mi compañera de cuarto que tenía la menstruación, pero no era así. Al día siguiente volvió… Continue reading »

Ritual Sexual Abuse

Here is the story I want to write. I was sexually molested by my uncle before the age of 2 , when I was still in my diapers. After this, came years and years of sexual abuse and rape by ‘ extended family’ members. I have changed the word’ family’ members to ‘ enemies.’ Real ‘family’ do not rape other ‘family’ members. The particular kind of sexual abuse which was inflicted on me by my enemies: ( cousins and uncles) is called’ ritual sexual abuse. This occurs when the sexual abuse is conducted in groups settings over a long and sustained period of time.( sometimes with a spiritual element) I remember all my male cousin- enemies lining up to rape me, and mocking and laughing and having a wonderful time. I dissociated because I could not live in my body as it went through this, time after time. Many of them were adolescents so they… Continue reading »

A familiar fight

Like Linor, I too am working to encourage victims to speak out and let the rapist be the only one ashamed. Ironically, I also made a documentary, “Miniskirts, Mace and Other Misconceptions” about my personal story and the way our culture treats victims of rape. I am working to educate society, empower victims and fight for justice. I have started a movement, the MMOM Movement and my story is best told on that website: I am so proud of all the women who are speaking out. Together, we are all challenging a world that permits victim blaming. One day, we will change it.

Thank you

Thank you for your voice and for your strength.