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Beyond a story

Dear Linor, I attended your movie showing in Monaco this past weekend. The irony was I attended thinking I was going to see a Princess Grace movie. Something light, beautiful, and with a story. I attended to honour Princesse Grace who is in the hearts of everyone she has touched. Instead, I watched a story unfold that was far from light. It was intense, real and inextricably beautifully revealing moment by moment. The story goes beyond a story. It may be a movie, but each chapter shares the heart, soul, pain and fear counter pointed with family, support, love, friendship and kindness. I didn’t say hello in person. I said hello in silence. In awe of your strength and admiring your lovely sense of humour. I was waiting for the advice and you shared it. Face it and you can leave it.

Not friends

I was drinking pretty hard for a couple weeks straight, and drugs on and off, this is before I started treatment for bipolar disorder. I was very hypersexual. I came on to a longtime friend of mine, who habitually used me for money, etc anyway. Later I told him, we shouldn’t have done that. He kept persisting after that and pressuring me, especially when I was drunk. A couple times he went ahead and did it anyway when I was too messed up to move, even when I said no. He made me feel guilty for “leading him on”, to the point where I still felt guilty even after I sobered up and got treatment and got a boyfriend. He hasn’t tried to touch me since then, but needed someone to fill an apartment in a building he lives in and, once again, pressured me. Now I am stuck living here, finally coming to terms… Continue reading »

Believe Her

About a month ago, my live in girlfriend didn’t come home. As it got later, I called and texted her about every 15 minutes. I called everyone I knew to find her. By half way through the night, my friends were trying to be honest: If she didn’t come home, she was somewhere, with someone. I felt like a pile of dung that the beetles wouldn’t touch. I thought things were going so well. Why would she look for someone else, especially when I was home? About 10 minutes until dawn, I got a call from her. She needed a ride. I asked who she was with until dawn. She didn’t want to say it. Why didn’t she answer, because she didn’t get them. I almost told her to do to herself what I knew she was doing to someone else all night. She was in the hospital, please come get her. I rushed over… Continue reading »

Emotional Abuse

1) He was sexually aroused by fat women and weight gain 2) He asked me to gain weight, and when I declined, he accused me of suppressing/demonizing his sexuality, and damaging his psychosocial wellbeing 3) I regressed into eating disorder behavior, to justify my refusal 4) I lost so much weight so unhealthily that my hair started to fall out and my periods became erratic 5) There are many more details I am not comfortable revealing publicly, but after we finally separated, I was repulsed by all physical intimacy Abuse comes in many forms. What scares me most is that sometimes the abuser doesn’t even know he’s doing it. Incidentally, one of the only people I told was my GP, who said she didn’t “want to overstep professional boundaries, but…” Thank you for your unspoken words, it brought clarity regarding the insanity of the situation.

My experience as an intern in highschool

I was a senior at Towson High School in 1970. I was allowed to be an intern for half the day in my chosen interest. I was a member of DECCA, and did well, so I spent half the school day at the Towson Times, a member at the time of Stromberg Publications in Maryland. I was a bright student working at Towson Times, doing everything from drawing cartoons for the paper, as well as going around to ad sales with the top salesperson …one day, this person took me to my house during our sales run to my house in Hampton…we went in, went to get a book…he came with me, and I turned around and saw his penis out and he asked me to quote blow him…next day went to my intern job and I thought bravely went to the editor of the Towson Times and told the story…the editor said, that is… Continue reading »

An Embarrassing Situation

Let me start my story as my experience is a little non typical, and I feel for those who had a harder fate, as I got very lucky. Most who I tell this to take it well, it was a learning experience! I made an incredible mistake! I walked to my car in the lot, and stood there several minutes digging in the bottom of my purse for the keys, absolutely oblivious to my surroundings(you take out the keys before you leave a public crowded area), and though I must have done this often this was THE time it was bad! He came up unseen, put a gun to my head, hand over my mouth, and bodily dragged me down an access corridor and into a janitor closet! He pushed me inside and locked the door. I had every concept of exactly what we were there for! All that ran through my mind was I… Continue reading »

My Husband Set Me Up!

George set up a night out. We left in the evening for a nice date night out at the movies. On the way there, he picked up Pete, for a ride he needed. While we drove, Pete put a gun to my head, and we pulled over. I had no idea where we were, and Pete told me to get in the back seat with him. George told me to do as he says, even as Pete told me to get undressed. He told me to lie down on the seat as he undid his pants. As he started to have sex with me, George started taking pictures, and cheering on the show. I could not help getting ill and vomiting in the back of the car. George uploaded the pictures online to be used later in a divorce to prove adultery. He had a 16yo girlfriend he wanted. Pete just wanted to have me,… Continue reading »

There Is Hope For Us

Hi, I’m not here to share my story. Because I already did that ( I’m here to tell you all, that there is hope for us. After almost 1 month of joining this site/forum and telling my story, yesterday (with the help of my boyfriend), I finally got the courage and strength to tell my mom. And even though I was consumed with fear and sadness at this point, I let it all out. And now I wonder…Why did I keep it to myself for so long? After almost 7 years of that incident, I finally did it. (Shout out to the people here who helped me and encouraged me to do it!) And I have to got to say, she took it in a really nice way. She’s always been a strong woman, and I admire her for that. So she has been really supportive. And I just want to say, that if there’s… Continue reading »

She Should Be Over It

A year ago, one of my best friends, who happens to be a guy, broke down to me about issues his girlfriend was having. He wasn’t crying, or sad, or hurt..he was angry, as he told me about how her ex had forced her a while ago (they had been together for almost a year already), he thought she should be over it. What he didn’t know, was that I had went through something of the same nature less than a year before that, and I’am still not over it now. His words, She Should Be Over It. They’re still with me. His words weren’t meant for me, and he will probably never even consider that his lesbian best friend who was considered tough amongst their group, went through anything like that. But, when I wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for air afraid to move because my dreams to fresh and… Continue reading »

My Snowball Effect

My life has been a serious of many many struggles. But, I am grateful that they happened because I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. It started with my parents relationship. It was ever really good. But at the age of nine, I caught my Father cheating on my mom. He was emailing this woman because he knew that Mom had no idea how to use a computer(my mother is from another country). As a child at the age of nine, I instantly told my mom. It felt like a personal attack to me because my father seemed perfect to me. I mean, they fought like a normal couple does, but nothing more. I talked to my dad and it seemed like things were gonna change. I never saw that side of my dad before. Due to this happening, it caused a lot of anxiety, I didn’t trust anyone, and I started to… Continue reading »