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It Was the Second

This story may not be relevant. But when I was 11 yrs old, I was almost raped by my aunt’s, husbands, uncle. I had such an uncomfortable feeling when I was around him…. well, I’ll just get to the point. He was a guest, so my aunt asked me to fix the curtains in his room. And as I turn around he had blocked the door. He was just standing there in a towel, fear took over my body. As I walked to the door, he tried to hand me money. I said no thank you. And as I had this little hope that everything was fine and I was being paranoid, he came behind me. He wrapped his arm around my neck to choke me. Still choking me, he started to kiss me. He began to put his hand up my shirt and down my pants. I was paralyzed with fear. I wanted to… Continue reading »

Not A Trustworthy Man

I always looked up to my uncles as father figures when my father was not around (he worked a lot). I never once thought that an uncle of mine, a father figure to me would do such a thing to me. Two or three summers ago, my aunt and mother left to do some shopping and my uncle stays behind and tells me “Hey, let’s go over my house real quick. I’m sure your cousin would like to see you” and I believing him went along with him. He started driving towards his home, and he started talking about how much I wanted a job. He told me “what if I pay you weekly? As in you work for me.” I instantly knew it was red flag… and he parks his car in the worst part ever. The ghetto. He starts talking to me and telling me how much he wanted me… and he started… Continue reading »

Suffered and Survived

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. I believe life is precious. You can only live one life, unfortunately. Death, can sweep you away in an instant. Some people just let it happen, but others are just too stubborn to give up. On 22nd of June, 2012, I experienced a traumatic experience. I had a car accident. My brother was driving. My sisters and I, were in the backseat and my cousin was sitting with my brother in the passenger seat. My brother, and I were joking around and laughing when all of a sudden, the world went black. Car’s tire erupted and we got hit by a pole. The next thing I remember is that I was in hospital and every body was in tension, I saw my mother was crying. I was told that I am… Continue reading »

My Story

I was a young teenager. I’ve never been ultra skinny, so I started to develop curves on a young age, hips, boobies, ass. Apparently for my uncle that was a reason to go and touch my boobs. He would come in my room when I was studying or chatting with my friends. He would give me a hug, and he would touch my boobies, squeeze them. He always told me it was our little secret. Because everybody in my family loved him so much, I didn’t dare speak out, but I started to keep away from him more and more. Than I met a guy via a friend. He was nice to me and we chatted away. With a girlfriend I went on working holidays at a camping. We both worked in the restaurant. Within 2 days, my friend had gotten 300 text messages, most sexually tinted, from our boss. We were brave enough to… Continue reading »

My Friend

I wasn’t raped or sexually assaulted, and I’m not sure if this belongs here, but I’m going to say something anyways. My friend was abused, physically and mentally, by his parents. They would lock him out of the house for long periods of time and do other things. He told me about it a few months ago, and I told my parents but didn’t tell them his name. He committed suicide a few days ago, and I feel terrible. I feel I could have done something to help him, and I didn’t… What can I do? I knew he was depressed, and I still didn’t do anything.

My Mother’s Albatross

My mother was raped by a “friend” when she was nineteen, something she never told me until I was in my twenties. Once she did tell me, a lot of things began to make sense. I never understood why she always slept with the light or why she was so adamant about me not wearing makeup or why she was visibly shaken when “Kung Fu Fighting” came on the radio one time. Now I understand. Looking back, I can see how much not talking about it has effected her life. Like she had to carry this enormous weight that was invisible to everyone but her. A crushing weight made doubly so by the fact that she couldn’t utter the words “I was raped” for fear of how others would react, or maybe because she wanted to forget it happened altogether. But, after forty one years, my mother has found the courage to speak about her… Continue reading »


Just need to express my anger about something that happened many years ago. I am a secondary survivor I would say. I was not physically raped by this man but my niece was at the tender age of 9 until she was 11. She is 47 now. I found out about it a few years ago. This whatever he is took advantage of his on daughter, I suspect his son and others in the family. I was 14 when he exposed himself to me. I have be haunted by that all my life as if it was yesterday. This family secret is something that I feel needs to be revealed. His wife is my sister and he has her brainwashed. He is 70 plus years now and has never been reported or paid the penalty for theses crimes. Should I let this remained unsolved? — Survivor, age 61


It happened two weeks ago in school I went to the bathroom and then there were two men. It happened, but they didn’t cut me or bruise me. They didn’t want anyone to notice after I ran from school and walked home and started cutting myself. I still don’t know how to stop this feeling.


So this is a bit difficult but I need to be able to express myself and doing that with my family hasn’t been helpful because they don’t understand my pain and what I went through. When I was 13 Years old I was followed grabbed forcibly and thrown into an abandoned staircase of a project building in the Bronx (NY). There I screamed, I fought, I tried my best to get away but it was like the more I struggled the more violent he got. It got so bad to a point where he took my head and banged it on a pipe I then became weak and he took advantage of me. That changed my life drastically! I hated myself. I didn’t have the support of anyone. I then became depressed and began cutting myself because that was the only thing that helped with the pain. I ended up stopping because my godmother had… Continue reading »

Rape at Bogota, Colombia

Sueño / Recuerdo I was running running running Past the halls, the screams, the stairs My hand was busy on something -Probably the piece of glass I used to cut him. And then she ripped her necklace off Just as they ripped out clothes off Shattered glass -Another way of showing their power-She said And it was oh so violent He grabbed my hair The floor was cold and There was blood everywhere All I had to do was swallow That was just too much All I had to do I would not; I did. And the taste of his sperm I did not bear -I wanna throw up. -Don’t you dare. (-Why won’t he kill me?) I stood up. And it hurt and they pushed me and I fell and I hit myself and I held to the window and someone passed by and broke it (And they broke me) and they smashed my… Continue reading »