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My Best Friend’s Brother

A few months ago, back in February, I went through something I can’t ever forget. A little backstory, about a year ago in October, my boyfriend of a little over a year left me after telling me he wanted to marry me. I obviously was devastated and didn’t handle it well. After all, he was the young man I gave my virginity to. He was my world at that time. I started to flirt around a bit, but it was nothing more than flirting. A little after christmas I started talking to someone who was good friends with my best friend, and I happened to catch feelings for him. He was a damaged boy, but he had a good heart. I thought that maybe I could help him heal. Maybe. I misread the situation, though, and ended up being used for sex. I gave myself willingly, but it still hurt like hell. Around the time… Continue reading »


I recently went through a very hard time in my life and I turned to alcohol. It was my coping mechanism, it helped me through the darkness. I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do but I continued to do it against everyone’s wishes. I finally started getting better, no more showing up drunk to work, no more passing out in the middle of the road. I was getting better. Then, the night came, I drank far too much than I expected. I have never been the one to ask for a ride home. I collected myself and left the place I had been drinking. I remember walking home and hearing all the street noises, remembering voices, remembering everything until I didn’t. The next thing I remembered was waking up in my own bed. I woke up with dirt in my nails, hair, and clothes. I woke up with my shirt on backward. I… Continue reading »

Drunk and Alone

I went drinking last night with a friend and we both were there intending to pick up. We got pretty wasted from drinks these 2 brothers were buying and we went out and around back to the alley to make out a bit. After a few minutes my friend waved good bye as they went down the alley I guess to go to his place leaving us to have fun. I was a bit drifty but I remember the clear question was it okay to continue which I told him it was okay. I woke up to just as he came in me and remember telling him that was okay and he could keep going but I passed back out. Next I remember a guy trying to flip me over and I told him I’d get sick and I went to wipe my mouth and my hand was on another guys member and he wouldn’t… Continue reading »

Set Up

Hi, I’m Hailey and this is my story on how I was setup, and basically pimped out. I was set up by someone who pretended they loved me, pretended they cared when they really didn’t. This story is sort of long but each detail is relevant and important so bear with me. I was dating this guy, or so I thought I was. I thought he was my boyfriend. From the time I met him he caused trouble in my life. I was 15. He was 17 at the time (if that’s even true, I doubt it.) I was in a really bad place. I was and still am struggling with depression and anxiety and he was my escape. He encouraged me to stay out with him for days on end, while my family stayed home crying trying to find me. This happened on multiple occasions. For about 5 months we were “in a relationship”… Continue reading »


It’s still hard to tell although quite some time passed. i was held against my will and raped for two months by a crazy guy while traveling in europe. i got left pregnant and i bleed for 2 months after my body naturally aborted. he told me he would kill me. how did it happen. he seemed like a nice friendly guy about my age, bright eyes, i went to his house where we smoked a joint that was drugged and etc…the ordeal was horrible, i thought i would die, i remember screaming and it was an apartment complex and the cops never came, i don’t know why. i got really sick with a 40degree fever and my throat got an infection and i started bleeding, we didn’t know i was pregnant i think he got scared and i told him i had to leave that i was really sick and he let me go…i… Continue reading »

Politeness Serves No One

I had just started college; this was about ten years ago. I was leaving a frat party on my own. A male friend of a friend texted me to ask what I was doing and if I needed someone to walk me back to the dorms. I had only met him once, but I was a little drunk, and he seemed nice the one time I met him. Also, he knew my friend from high school so I assumed he was trustworthy. I had a couple beers at the party. He met me outside the house, and it was dark outside. He said he had to stop by the liquor store, and he bought a six pack of Smirnoff Ice along with a couple other things. He asked if we could stop at his place first for a drink before he dropped me off at my dorm. I said sure and was fake nice and… Continue reading »

Ketamine Rape

It was the first semester of my first year of college. I was desperate… desperate for approval, desperate for love, desperate to fit in. Tony seemed like a nice guy, though I had only met him once before. He asked if I would be his girlfriend, and I agreed. Over the next couple of months, he quickly started pushing past my boundaries. He would lay on top of me (he was 280 pounds) and make out with me until I was gasping for breath, give me a minute to breathe, and then start again. I became increasingly uncomfortable, and so broke things off. That night he came to my dorm room and asked to have one last cup of (non-alcoholic) eggnog, which was a tradition of ours. He said he just wanted closure. I didn’t watch him pour it. I took a few sips quickly and realized something was wrong, but by the time I… Continue reading »

A letter to my rapist

I cannot even put into words how much you have hurt me. You have completely broken me and I hope by writing this I can explain at least a bit of how your assault affected my life. What you did to me has shattered the way in which I see the world. I have always had anxiety, I’ve grown up with it and learned to deal with it. However, the anxiety you make me feel is so much more than I have ever experienced. Every time I walk down the street I think about being raped. Sometimes the thoughts are fleeting, they just sweep by and go to the back of my mind. However, on bad days, every time I walk past a guy that looks in any way similar to you I feel sick. Luckily I am good at hiding it, I can force myself to be calm on the outside while on the… Continue reading »

November ’08

Hi, my name is Erica. On November 4th, 2008, the day the results of the presidential election were announced, I was sexually assaulted. It was a Tuesday night. Myself and a couple of friends were at a bar across from Union Station, having drinks while waiting to find out the results of the recent election. I was 19. Obviously Obama was the victor of this election. Everyone at the bar (including myself) was in good spirits upon hearing the news. Eventually, my friend (K) and I ended up going back to my ex-boyfriend’s house to celebrate. After we arrived, we had a few drinks with my ex (R) and his friend Phil. At the time, I was a sophomore at Catholic University (in NE, DC), and I knew R from college. R was also a bartender at a local bar and Phil was an occasional DJ at the bar. Phil was much older (mid 40’s)… Continue reading »

The Friendship I Always Never Wanted

Denny* and I had a turbulent relationship. We had fun, so much fun – until 2009 began to unfold. Surviving Black Saturday traumatized Denny. His uncle had committed suicide a month earlier. He was experiencing his first hardships as an adult, and I was too young and naïve to see how it was destroying him. He became distant from his friends, our friends. They too were blind to the truth. I was burdened with the blame for his absence, from everyone. Even William*. I looked up to William. I wanted so much to be a part of his life. Being shunned by him for consequences outside my actions hurt deeply. I was desperate to befriend him again. To be forgiven for wrongs I had not committed. Denny and I broke up. Years went by. William and I were on the outskirts of one and other, infinitely crossing paths. My grief for our friendship stayed strong…. Continue reading »