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Our Corrupted Country

I woke up from my bed. I could remember someone mixed dugs in my orange juice last night. I slept on my friend’s bed. I went to take a shower when I noticed nail marks on my (o)(o). I was horrified when I saw my hand. It was written. I love you. Don’t try to tell police. My friend was not there in the house. I was alone. My raper was standing right in front of me. He chuckled and attempted to rape me again. I somehow managed to hit his head with a metal flower vase. Locked the door from outside. I ran outside hid behind an alley and called police. Raper was caught. When will all this stop completely. I am concerned. — Megha Sharma

I am a Rape Survivor

I was raped by a male person every night until I was 22. He started raping me as a baby. No one ever helped me nor did they care. My body was position in ways to please his desire. I was forced to lay there and take it. My legs would be spread open by his sister, and I was kidnapped 4 times so they could rape me. They would drug me every day with ghb, and try to claim I was lying. My rapist wrote a book. In the book he mentioned a road, that road is were he raped me. — Belle, age 39

Finally Accepting I Was Raped

My story starts my first year of high school. I was the youngest person in my class; starting my freshman year at 13 years old. It was the first time being mixed together in classes with people older than myself. I was very sheltered by my parents, never allowed to do much, and no discussions about sex or anything of the sorts. It was just “don’t do that”! I had a senior in one of my elective classes. I actually kind of knew him as he was a friend’s brother. I had never really talked to him though. He immediately took a liking to me. I was so flattered. He was very good looking and could really have his pick of any girl. His attention made me feel so special. The boys in my class really didn’t look at me that way. He was quite a bit older than me. When our encounter took place;… Continue reading »

You Were My Friend

Only 15 and happy to be seeing you after I had been on vacation for awhile. You and another friend of mine who was a girl. I was tired for I had not slept well the night before. We were all in your room eating nachos and watching tv just like we had hundreds of times before. I felt sleepy so I lay down. Fighting to stay awake I lost my battle. My last memory before drifting off to a deep sleep is my girl friend telling me she had to leave to work and would be back later. I awake suddenly and the room is dark, you are next to me hand up my shirt where it should not me. Lips pressed against mine when they should not be. I freeze and debate how to proceed from here. Your hands wander all over my body up my shirt still and way too far down… Continue reading »

Young and Unaware

I’m 19 now and it took 4 years for me to process what had happened. I really only became aware of it 1 year ago. But when I was 14, I was dating a boy who was 17. I had lied about my age and he thought I was 15, I guess I thought you seemed cool dating boys who were older than you. One afternoon I told my mum I was going to hang at one of my girlfriends houses so I left and caught a cab to hang with my boyfriend at his friends house. It seemed pretty cool, they were all smoking weed, chatting and laughing. One of the boys had pre-mixed a 1.5L bottle of Solo and vodka and began to egg me into sculling it with the words “we thought you were cool, come on! Oh you wouldn’t be able to do it, would you”. So I got peer pressured… Continue reading »

I Woke Up In The Tub

I woke up in the bathtub. With the shower running. My socks were on. My underwear between my legs. The alarm was going off. Something was wrong. Besides the socks. Besides the underwear. Besides the shower and the tub. Besides the pain. Don’t think about the pain. Something was wrong. I was late for my flight. Get on the plane. Don’t think about the pain, get on the plane. So I did. I don’t remember actually getting out of the shower, turning off the water, drying off or getting dressed – I assume it happened because the next thing I remember is tossing my room keys onto the hotel front desk and checking out. Something’s wrong with my eyes. Why can’t I open my eyes all the way. Why do I hurt. Get on the plane. C calls – her driver’s license is missing; is mine missing? do I have hers accidentally? Do I remember… Continue reading »

I Just Started High School

When I started high school I was very quiet and shy, I went into high school with an on again off again boyfriend from 8th grade but it was never anything serious since we got together at 13 and I never kissed a guy (never kissed him) or even had a boyfriend before him but starting high school I was tired of him breaking up with me for every disagreement so I put my foot down about getting back together. Anyways, I was into heavy metal music, my school had a group of metal heads that hung out together and one guy was interested in me when I passed by them wearing a megadeth shirt and had iron maiden all over my binder. Later after school a couple of his friends came up to me and said their friend thought I was cute, I began to blush cause I was never the girl to have… Continue reading »

Once When I Was 6, Once When I Was 16

I am a 19 year old girl. I am a lot of things. I am kind. I am honest. I am respectful. I am caring. I am loyal. I am smart. I am everybody’s rock to lean on. I am an athlete. I am a scholar. I am a future nurse. I am a family girl. I am a lot of things. I am broken. I am lost. I am sad. I am confused. But most of all, I am a rape victim. It has been so many years since the day that my innocence was taken away from me, yet I am still sitting here trying to pick up the pieces that were shattered on those nights. People say that it is a tragedy, while others say that it was my fault. Somedays I believe them. I believe that I am not strong. I am not strong enough to put my broken pieces together…. Continue reading »

Lightening Does Strike Twice

I’ve been raped twice. One left left me bruised, one didn’t leave a mark. Both hurt the same. When I was 16 I got a boyfriend. He was older, and cool, and in a band. He took me to parties, and gave me weed, and made me feel cool, too. I’d only had sex once before him, but I liked it. I should have realized we only have sex after he’d given me something. I should have realized after that day I managed to stop him from forcing it into my ass, the day I hadn’t smoked like he thought I had. But I liked him. I did realize one day after smoking a bowl when I felt something very very wrong. My heart was beating out of my chest, I couldn’t move, I wanted to scratch everywhere, and I felt faint at the same time. I asked him what was going on. He laughed… Continue reading »

My Brothers Two Best Friends

On July 23rd 2016, I went bowling with my brother, his girlfriend Destiny and my brother’s two best friends, Chase and Francisco (Paco). We bowled and had a few drinks at the bowling alley. We even had a funny bet that the loser would have to run down Howard Street naked. (It was a joke bet not a real one.) My brother got first place, I got second, Chase got third, Paco got second and Destiny got last. While bowling a few of my other friends showed up, we will just call all of them Nick. They were very intoxicated. Their DD was drunk so he asked me if I could take them home. I wasn’t drunk so I was able to drive. My brother and the others went to my apartment to pick up some alcohol; I drove Nick and his friends to cookout, the gas station and then back to their apartment and… Continue reading »