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I am More than a Victim

I was raped the summer before my sophomore year. I was at a party. I was dancing and talking to everyone that I came into contact with, I wasn’t drinking just having a good time. The friends I was with left to go get a drink and to go to the bathroom for what seemed like only a minute. Then this guy came up to me and started to flirt with me pretty heavily. I didn’t think anything of it. He was cute, I flirted back. He offered me a drink, which I denied, and told him I wasn’t drinking. He offered to go get me a Coke instead, and I accepted. He came back with an open can of Coke. I noticed it was open but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Actually I thought it was sweet of him to open it for me… but he was far from sweet…. Continue reading »

One Of Many

I was about 6 or 7, and I went to stay at a friends house. Her and I shared her brothers room that night, and for some reason I just could not sleep. So I lay there awake at 2:38 in the morning. The door opens and her oldest brother walks in, and sits next to me, and start to kiss me and put his weight on me pining me down. I started squirming and trying to get him of me. But he was stronger. I tried to yell for help or at lest wake his sister up. But he had his hand over my mouth. So I lay there fight and praying that he not hurt me to much. I started crying and his sister finally woke up. She may never know that she save me.

Festival Sexual Assault

This is my story of sexual assault at festivals and how we should speak up. I have been to many festivals before, i always go with a big group of boys which you’d think I would had been protected not this time. It was coming to the end of the night my favorite band was about to come on, I was letting loose, feeling the music, embracing the rain and having a permeant smile on my face, little did I know I was about to be sexually assaulted. I felt this presence come close behind I assumed he was another festival goer.. I could feel him coming closer, this is when my heart started to race, and then his dirty, grubby fingers slipped inside of me. I immediately pushed him away and stood there.. embarrassed, humiliated, why do boys think this is okay? no way did I give him consent to touch me. Later in… Continue reading »


I’m not gonna tell the story of what he did here, just the aftermath. In october I was raped by a boy I’ve been friends with for a couple years, and he forced my boyfriend and friends to watch. Yesterday I posted his name and the full story on my facebook account. He’s now threatening legal action for defamation. and I’m receiving threats from one of my “best friends.” I have to see him at school tomorrow and since all my friends believe him that I’m lying, I just know I’m going to get hurt. But I don’t regret posting it. I don’t regret speaking out. — Kat, age 19

Nobody Knew

My story starts on Canada Day 2014, I was 16 years old. The day went perfectly. I had my boyfriend with me, whom I thought was perfect in every way. He was older that me, so I thought I had a lot to compete with when it came to other girls and being around his friends. We spent the day celebrating with our friends downtown at the festival. I couldn’t have asked for a better DAY. We had decided to make our way to a local beach where there would be fire works to end off the celebration of Canada Day. We met up with some of his friends that had all been drinking and we joined them. We were both pretty drunk about an hour later. It was dark out at this point, and him and his friends were dancing around and smoking a joint. Tris (his nickname for this story) came up to… Continue reading »

Abused as a Child

I’m 19 now, but every single day my mind will keep on repeating the same old thing over again. I want it to stop but I CAN’T. I’m from the Southeast Asia, It happened when I was around 8 or 9 years old, on the second day of a festival season. I’ve been nearly abused by my cousin which is at that time was in his high school year. My aunt which is his mom was with us in the house, while we waited for others to arrived at the house, she went inside her room and took a nap. Meanwhile he asked me if I want to join him in his room, I was so naive and does not suspect a thing so I followed him. Me and him was lying on his bed reading a book that i barely remember, he then asked me about my breast and my private parts. He asked… Continue reading »

ONLY the Beginning

“Mmmm, such a good little cousin” To you, the connotation may be absolutely nothin’ But let me tell you about lil’ mini me 11 years back There were quite a few things that I seemed to have lacked My father was a deadbeat, mom a workaholic All I really had were my siblings, if that’s what you’d call ‘em Rude as all hell, threw me out the house once with no shoes So, who you tellin’ family are the people you can’t choose? All I had to keep my head up were my two aunt’s daughters One was cool, I guess, but the other? We took our friendship farther We were two peas in a pod and always together Therefore, I convinced mom to let them move in to make their life better Everything was all good until the late nights became later Mom didn’t notice anything suspicious, so I began to hate her You… Continue reading »

Him or Me

When I was 15 I was in a foster home. The couple was planning on adopting me. I was so excited to finally have a real family. A friend of their’s past away and her husband was in the army so they took in her son while his dad finished his deployment. J was 2 years older than me and pretty nice at first. My parents went out of town for just one night like they did a lot for medical reasons. They left the two of us at home. Late that evening he came into my room and asked me to have sex when him. I told him to get out, that he was making me uncomfortable and I had a boyfriend. He said he did not care and he raped me. I was so confused and broken at first. My whole world turned upside down. My best friend Manny who I had confided… Continue reading »

Rape and Crisis

I’ve been raped twice and attempted rape which I was coerced into I stopped but it was still very much sexual assault. This is over the past few months I’m jumpy can’t focus very anxious all the time sleep is when I can I try to sleep and have nightmares sometimes. I’m irritable and I’ve had two infections. I did physical cleansing this afternoon I was better whilst doing it. I’m having trouble even thinking it sounds daft. I’m doubting myself and avoiding meaningful conversations. Am trying to eat to improve my health. Until a few weeks ago I was drinking when I was going out and overeating anything. I feel like crying sometimes. — Bella, age 48

Bullied for Reporting Sexual Assault

I was sexually assaulted in school in a home economics class during a teacher demonstration by 2 fellow students. The 2 attackers were one of the popular kids in school even among the teachers. The first thing that hit me was shock. I never thought this would ever happen to me, you hear about it all the time but you never think it will ever happen to you. I almost ran back and saw their faces just laughing. I was so mortified and scared my whole face just turned super red and I began crying not even realizing it. A teacher saw me run back and I reported to one of my supervisors. I regret crying, I wish I could have said something or even shouted at them. I felt so weak and vulnerable. I didn’t know what to do, what can you do in this situation? Reporting sexual assault on someone who was incredibly… Continue reading »