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His opportunity

My boyfriend went to California for the weekend, and as soon as I arrived home from the airport, one of his coworkers arrived at the door. He pushed his way inside, and almost picked me up to carry to the bedroom. He forced me to engage in various sexual activities that I wish to leave my own bad memory. I was only happy to see that he left me alive, and relatively undamaged. — Jie, age 19

Chiropractor/Massage Therapist

George Dimov of Metropolitan Chiropractic Center under chiropractor Anthony Avedesian groped my breasts, my buttocks and masturbated me on top of my underwear. I reported this to the Vienna Police and also the state sexual assault hotline. I gave them my white underwear with black flowers hoping they could pull DNA because they can on CSI…and well, not watching that show anymore. The police said there wasn’t much they could do because only he and I were present in the room. I was crying silently while he was rubbing my clitoris. The room feels like it is moving as I write this. I have told my story again and again to disinterested listeners (hotline, police, licensing board) who said they wanted to help, but well, they didn’t mean this. I want to shower in bleach. He walks free and I am haunted.


Let me start by complimenting Ms. Abargil on a Brave struggle. I too have competed in pageants, though never reaching the International stages, and well know the sexual harassment attracted. I have the fortune to not have matters progress to such violence, as she contended with. I do not feel I could have mustered the Bravery to compete following an assault. This weekend, I fought my way to replenish the Holiday supplies following the locusts that visited. I am a small woman, with an infant in a carrier, and a small daughter in tow. After exhausting hours in vain attempts to avoid being trampled, I put my cart of food in the car. A man in a hoodie approached, though nothing suspicious, along the line of cars, and as he got to me, asked if I needed help, and I said I was done, but Thank You. He pulled a large kitchen knife! I told… Continue reading »

Long way back

I have gotten out of a very abusive relationship. It started when we were dating, with requesting and then demanding being masturbated in his car. Eventually he wanted oral sex. When his parents were out, he took my virginity, over my objections, and after that regularly wanted sex. He got an apartment, and had me move in with him. I did not pay in, but paid in sex as he wanted it. I had no real say in when, what or how much we did. As we went into our second year, he started to show me for friends. Starting with being partially clothed and doing hand or oral sex acts, to full sex shows. He did not share my services, but showed his control. At that stage, I felt that I had to do things to keep him. It would not occur to me to refuse, or find a new lover. I did not… Continue reading »

Remember as a victim you have done nothing wrong

There are so many opinions. She wore a short skirt. She didn’t say no. She wanted it. Yep… I believe it can be complicated unless you are in the middle of the situation. Then it is very clear. You have said yes or no, or your body has indicated yes or no, very clearly. Historically, silence meant – I abstain. I will not partake. When did silence begin to imply consent? I was talking with a taxi driver recently and he said, from the age of 10 we had clear ideas of what was right and wrong. We knew we should or shouldn’t. There was no doubt. Maybe others were never taught the line or the lines they grew up in were changing. Daily. For me, there are many stories that I can share… many. I don’t share with my friends or family as they will see me as a victim. Then I will suffer… Continue reading »

Home from School

I got home from school, and mom was working. I was 12, and a latchkey kid. I surprised a classmate of mine, who had broken into our home while I was at school. He started it on the couch, and rapidly went for sex. I was a virgin until then. He would not stop or use any protection. He left, and it seems I was the only thing he took. When mom got home, she was mad at me, and wouldn’t call the police, or take me to be examined, or get help. He was in my classes, and I could not get out of them. I soon found he got me pregnant, and I could not concentrate. Mom tried to get me in private school, but it was too expensive. Mom took me for home schooling, and arranged for me to get an abortion. Nobody but us could know what happened. A couple of… Continue reading »

I don’t know what to think

This isn’t rape. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what to think or feel or even how to act around him. I guess it started when my mom went on vacation and left me and my step dad at the house. He would sleep with me and I didn’t think much of it…until I would wake up in the middle of the night to him cuddling me close. He would have his leg over mine. I stayed up for hours to scared to sleep until I eventually fell asleep. Now after that everytime I would fall asleep with my mom he would touch me, not touch my private parts but he would touch my legs and I would wake up in the middle of the night to that and pretend I was still sleeping like a coward. He would always wake up the next morning and be extremely nice to me. This… Continue reading »

Amusement Park

I’m sharing this today because it’s something I’ve told to only three people in my entire life. It feels liberating, knowing that I will be able to get it all out without people knowing who I am. It was at an amusement park, I know that. But I don’t remember how old I was, somewhere around seven or eight. I don’t remember what he looked like. I don’t really remember anything about the actual experience, mostly just what happened before and after. What I do remember feels like it was just a bad dream. Like it never actually happened and it was merely my brain trying to get in a good scare. I was with my mother in the bathroom. The line was long and stalls were small. My mother told me to wait outside the stall she was using until she came out. I now wish that I had. But be it because the… Continue reading »

Sexual Assault by Chiropractor

Dr. Richard Ulm of the Columbus Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Dublin, OH was my chiropractor for a pelvis/lower back running injury I had been trying to recover from for 1 year using multiple techniques and doctors. I began noticing an unusual behavior from him and an unusual issues began to arise. I left a couple of times dizzy and nauseated. He as my first chiropractor and I had no idea what to expect and what was bad chiropractic form. The last 3 visits were extremely unusual and that’s when I first started noticing what appeared to be an alteration to a thoracic adjustment. At the last appointment, I chose to hug myself to prevent his chest from touching mine when doing the thoracic adjustment. He asked me about my job. I loved my job and just started talking about how as an analyst, my job was to reduce a paper’s topic to search terms… Continue reading »

Sexually assaulted as a young girl

I was about 6 or 7 yrs old when I was first sexually assaulted by one of my relatives close friends, my mom was away for the night and I had to spend the night with my older cousin and in the middle of the night I woke up to his friend rubbing his middle part on my bottom area, I remember i had on this little pink nightgown dress on and he lifted up my night gown and removed my underwear and got on top of me and held my head where I could not move it and was looking straight into my eyes while he assaulted me , I was just a little girl then and what he did to me was not right and I knew it wasn’t I cried and cried but he put his hand over my mouth and told me to keep quiet after he was done he told… Continue reading »