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I’m sure my story starts when I was a baby. A cousin, who is ten years older than I and still molesting and raping little girls, started molesting me and several others in the family. At six years old, my mother would send me to the store a ways away, and he would pick me up, take me to the country and molest me. I had to touch him, put my mouth on him, and he would fondle me. Then, around eight, he started coming to our home at around midnight and fondle me. At nine years old, when he was nineteen and in the Army, he raped me in my bed. His continual mantra was, “If you tell, I will kill you, your Dad will kill me, and your Dad will live out the rest of his life in prison.” I believed him. After nine, he went after my little sisters and younger cousins…. Continue reading »


Born A Girl When I was 10, I noticed men looking at me differently When I was 10 to 12 men and boys of all ages honked their horns, whistled and yelled profanities at me When I was 13 my friend and I were walking home in the daylight, when a man came out from his backyard and asked us if we wanted to drink beers and join his party When I was 14 a handsome man in his 20’s began spending time with me. I thought he would love me forever if I gave him my virginity. He accepted and took it because he could. He was known for his interests in young girls, yet he stayed quite popular When I was 15, I was intoxicated and walking through a park. I could hardly stand, let alone walk. A man pulled up in his truck, walked up to me and raped me. He left… Continue reading »

We Stand Together

I’m a survivor. I have severe PTSD trauma due to being molested the young child for 6 years raped by neighborhood kids the broke into my house and videotaped and spread all over the streets by the age of 13. For years boys and men abused me. I was being by my father that I watch bleed to death by the age of 11. And then all the sexual abuse started I turned to drugs and alcohol and self-harm to escape the pain. The only Outlet that I had was Sports. And that saved my life. I know I’ve been clean off drugs and alcohol I started the road of recovery in 2011 I’ve had 12 suicide attempts cuz I couldn’t live with the pain. And now I was a year-and-a-half sober and I’m taking my life back because I’m a strong woman and I’m a survivor. And I stand up for my rights as… Continue reading »

Set Up

This is crazy because this is the first time I’ve ever publicly talked about it. Not even many of my friends know. I always say “something transpired in college.” It’s my way of not dealing with it. Well, by the subject I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean by set up. My “friend” in college set me up for what she said would be a party but that I was the special guest. In college, all you do is party. The crazy thing is I was never the party type because my parents allowed me to have a pretty decent social life so when I got to college I didn’t need to break free. Well, that was all dandy until I met Dee. She was really cool, and so was her family — they are socialites. Dee, who I spent what seemed like every free minute with was trying to get me out of my… Continue reading »

Grandpa Molested me

My Dads Dad molested my sister and I when we were very small. I guess I told my mom one day and she stopped letting him babysit us and eventually I comepletely forgot about it. At my cousins wedding I sat down next to him to ask him if he would help me out with a projecf. He put his hand down my shirt and I didn’t know what to think. My mom told me that he had done it before and so I haven’t seen him or that side of my family since. They have babies and it hurts my feelings that they would rather hang out with him then me. I have bi polar disorder now. I hate this country and Donald Trump. It’s ok to say no! Your body your choice. Don’t let let creeps like this get away with this. It’s bad. — Katelyn, age 22

I like to think I won’t feel so guilty one day

At some point during childhood most of us find ourselves afraid of monsters. We fear the horned creatures snarling in our closets, the rows of teeth hiding under our beds, but the scariest thing of all is that, in reality, monsters don’t look like “monsters”. They don’t have fangs and claws or wear scary masks. They don’t come with warning signs. They don’t really look any different at all. The monster could be your friendly next-door neighbor or the nice guy at the bar who offers to make sure you get home safely. The monster could be someone you thought you knew. Someone you thought you could trust. Someone you thought you loved. I was sexually assaulted when I was sixteen. It was hard to separate what was being done from who was doing it. It was hard to know that it was not okay. There was a lot of confusion, a lot of manipulation…. Continue reading »

I thought we were friends

I met him in the summer of 2011 in college. We were close friends, he was my go-to for advice. He moved across the country in May of 2014 and I followed in April of 2016. after graduating college the previous December. We were roommates, close friends, then he said we could be more, but he kept me at arms length. I was falling in love with him and didn’t realize what he was doing until it was too late. He emotionally abused me in multiple ways for months. He physically abused me as well. He would force me to go down on him, every day, sometimes more than once. He started off pleasuring me in return but that eventually stopped. One night in particular it turned really ugly and he attempted to strangle me to death. I was lucky enough to get out of there, out of that apartment. We work for the same… Continue reading »

Was it rape?

I used to never understand the word rape. I used to never think it could happen to me. Too be honest, I still don’t understand it all I know is what happened was wrong. It was six years ago. It was a warm night in may I was at my best friends house in the hot tub. We had a few drinks and then our “friends” came over.. fast forward to five am in the morning this “friend” started to feel me up… He then began getting more and more intimate and persuaded me to come out to his jeep. I get in scared out of my mind, and he climbs in on top of me. He begins to kiss me all over saying how it was time for me to stop being a good girl and how I wanted “daddy” to eff me. He had his way and then finished. There was blood all… Continue reading »


It happened when I was 15, I am now 16. I’ve known this friend for my whole life. Trusted him with everything. But my trust for him changed. I was sitting on my couch waiting for my older brother to get home. He is really close with my brother. Once my brother got home I noticed he had a friend. I was sitting down watching a show on Netflix. I was covered in sweats and a long sleeve. Then my brother’s friend came and started talking to me. And I wasn’t going to be rude to him so I answered and talked to him. After talking to him for a few minutes when back to my brother’s room and stayed there for about 10 minutes and came back. He looked at me and sat down next to me. I was really uncomfortable. Then he started to touch my leg and I told him to “stop”…. Continue reading »

Child rape

Some people think that when two little kids around the same age engage in sexual activities, neither of them know any better. Maybe with some cases, but this is not one of those cases. I was around 6 years old, a very innocent child, and didn’t even know what sex was. My cousin Peter who was around the same age as me, grew up in a very different house from me. He knew exactly what sex was from friends, from the things he watched, etc. He and I were over at our Grandma’s house for Christmas one year in a separate room from our parents watching TV. Suddenly Peter leaned over and asked if I wanted to do something with him. I said sure, and he pulled down his pants and told me to put my mouth on his penis. Like I said, I didn’t know anything about sex but I felt that this was… Continue reading »