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I was raped

When I was 17 I was drinking this wine in my bedroom when I wake up and I can’t see and I can’t move and there’s a guy who’s fingering me and it’s painful and then he taps me on the shoulder and I don’t wake up and he rapes me and moans in my ear and I wake up the next day with my leggings ripped to this day I don’t know who it was but I think it was a boy who went to my school/ — Teruihi, age 19

#MeToo 5 years later…

#METOO i shared my story on this site a few years ago about the time i was raped by a stranger. i’m surprised at how easy those four letters rolled off my fingertips as if i was just writing anything. over the years i have been in therapy a lot on and off and have tried all different types, from holistic, to energy, to art therapy and of course regular talk therapy. sadly, i still have ways to go – its a long road for me and over the course of therapy i learned that what i thought was one isolated stranger rape that caused me to have all these problems i have today, i learned that i was raped and assaulted numerous times beginning in my teenage years and because i was young and naive the first time anything happened to me i always assumed that’s the way things were supposed to be. today… Continue reading »

Me too

My best friend’s boyfriend raped me when I was passed out on a couch. I woke up to him finishing on me. — Survivor, age 20

The Beginning

May 25th, 2017, a day I will never forget. A day that I have thought about every single day. A day that I will remember every time I go on first date, a day I will remember every time I am intimate with someone, a day I will remember for the rest of my life. This day, is why every single day I live in fear. Fear is a very powerful notion; it controls your life. And to have fear every single day- it almost makes you question if this is a life worth living. Of course there are instances where I find myself laughing or smiling, and then something as small as someone touching me, makes me remember all over again why fear lives inside me. Some nights I lay awake and wonder, why. Why me? I wonder if he even thinks about the repercussions, I wonder if it affects him. I wonder he… Continue reading »

Raped as a child and teen

I am very passionate about victim’s rights and that they should be able to speak out without worrying about others. But I am a hypocrite. Let me start by saying that I now have a family who adopted me and would never let anything like this happen to me. When I was still with my bio “mom,” Dawn, she was married to a terrible man. He molested me from ages 5-9. I didn’t speak up until I was 9 because it started when I was so young that I didn’t realize it was wrong at first. I thought this was how father figures showed love. Until I got older, made friends, and he wouldn’t sneak into my bedroom while they were over. This tipped me off to the abnormality of the situation and I confronted him. He threatened me and beat me. I was about 7 or 8 the first time he actually penetrated me… Continue reading »

My Father’s Funeral

After a long illness, my Father passed away, and I flew into his funeral. My bags were stolen out of the airport. I only had my bags, and the clothes I was traveling in. I had to go to the mall and get some appropriate outfit the morning before the service. Fortunately, I had my cards. I called for a taxi, and waited in the taxi stop, and got picked up by a talkative driver, and I gave the whole timeline, before I realized he pulled into a garage. It was an abandoned building, and I figured what was going down. He spent over an hour raping me there, took my purse, though I talked him into letting me keep the outfit for the funeral, in trade promised not to report it. I walked out, with no idea where I was, nor had my phone or cards. I had to walk to a Gas Convenience… Continue reading »

My sisters boyfriend abused me

I was just 15, shy, skinny and a late developer. He abused me systematically, first with teasing, then physical attacks, short and disguised as tom foolery. wresting me to the ground and pulling my pants down, trying to break into bathroom when i was i there, touching my breasts when he passed me by. then finally trying to rape me as I lay asleep, It was over quickly but he managed to penetrate me. he tried another time, this time I was able to fight him off. but to make sure I kept quiet and told no one he murdered my beloved pets. I was afraid of him and left home. It has taken me several decades to come forward about this, because I thought it was just me he harmed, and I thought if I buried it I could forget it But it turns out there are more victims. I have reported him to… Continue reading »

Men ruined my life

Growing up, my older brother mistreated me, abused me, and left me in eternal emotional agony. when I was only 12, my brother was 17, my mother went to work and my dad had the day off I was in the living room watching tv. my brother wouldn’t stop torturing me and I got to one point to where I stood up for myself and that’s when he got me down on the floor and started beating me with no mercy, my stupid father was to drunk to do anything, he made matters worse. when my mother came home that evening, I tried telling her and my drunken father started complaining about his ‘almost grown children wouldn’t get along’ no dumb*** it was my brother who always starts it with me! my mother had to quit her job so she can protect me from my brother, then when I was 14 & 15 I was… Continue reading »

Dream / Recall

I was running running running Past the halls, the screams, the stairs My hand was busy on something -Probably the piece of glass I used to cut him. And then she ripped her necklace off Just as they ripped out clothes off Shattered glass -Another way of showing their power-She said And it was oh so violent He grabbed my hair The floor was cold and There was blood everywhere All I had to do was swallow That was just too much All I had to do I would not; I did. And the taste of his sperm I did not bear -I wanna throw up. -Don’t you dare. (-Why won’t he kill me?) I stood up. And it hurt and they pushed me and I fell and I hit myself and I held to the window and someone passed by and broke it (And they broke me) and they smashed my body against the… Continue reading »

I was sexual abused with no justice

I was 15 years of age sexual abused by my adopted “father”. I never told anyone until I turned 16 years old. They reported it I got taken from the house, then it turn out 2 of my other sister went through the same thing and came forward. I had court and they passed it as a bill and it went to a higher court. We have that court case a year later and the judge rules there isn’t enough evidence setting an abuser free. I got no justice and he gets to be free doing this stuff to even more girls. — Survivor, age 17