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Cousin Rape

I am 33yrs old and married. I was raped my cousin when I was still young up to until I realized that what was happening was wrong and it is not supposed to happen to anyone. He would rape me whenever he get a chance of us being two in the house. These thing affected me throughout my life, and I am being struggling to take it out of my mind. Every time my husband touches me, that moment pops in my mind immediately and it turns me off completely. I have not told anyone about this before, it is really messing with my life big time. I have a daughter and it is always a problem to leave her in the house with her dad because I am scared he may do the same to her…though to me it was done by my cousin. I see every man as weak as my cousin, at… Continue reading »

No Longer Keeping the Peace

I don’t remember when my abuser began touching me; I guess I was too young. When I was 6-years-old my mother asked me if anyone touched me, and I finally admitted it was my teenage cousin. He would bring me into his room, turn off the lights, and turn on the TV. I mostly remember images of the room, but I think my mind blocked out what he did to me in order to protect me from the pain. For years, until I was in my early 20s, I denied I was abused. My family began to believe I forgot about it and they were relieved that we could all keep the peace in the family and move on. I used to look at trauma survivors who had the courage to talk with disgust. I know now that my silence kept me weak and afraid. Having to see my abuser at family events made me… Continue reading »

Twenty Years of Hell

I was twelve. I hadn’t become a woman yet as mother nature was not ready, I was not ready. My family needed a horse trainer for our paso fino horses. We met a man, age 26, that was working at another farm a about two hours away. He began training our horses. At some point, he and his family were kicked out of the farm he was working at so he and his wife and small daughter and son moved in with my family on our farm. He and his wife slept in my bedroom. I slept in my brother’s bedroom with my brother and my abuser’s two children. He would come into the bedroom at night and molest me while his own children and my little brother slept inches to feet away. Once he asked me to help him in the barn. There he raped and sodomized me. I remember asking and begging him… Continue reading »

My Step Brother Raped Me

It started when I was 8. At the time I didn’t know what he was doing. He would come in my room when my parents went to the store to get groceries. It went on till I was about 9 or 10. As I grew older I started to realize what he was doing and I didn’t like it. I used to hide in the attic for hours until my parents would come home. He would still manage to find me at times. I never told a soul. Not until a couple months ago. I told one of my close friends. 2 weeks ago I told my parents. It was the hardest thing and my step brother doesn’t know anybody knows. I just told my best friend I’ve known since I was 4 yesterday. We were best friends when it all was going on. I’m happy to have such great friends and family but I… Continue reading »

Sexual Assault Survival

I am 16 years old, I was 13 when I got sexually assaulted by a boy a few years older than me that went to my school. My experience has given me the kick I needed and I feel very passionate about helping others that have experienced similar events to me. People look down on me because I am young. When my case went to court he got not proven as I live in Scotland and there was apparently not enough evidence even though I had seen doctors after the assault and they had backed up my account of what happened. All I want is justice. I have had girls tell me I am a slut because of what happened and that I could have ruined this boy’s life. People tell me to move on but it unbelievably hard to forget something so dramatic and life changing.

A Fun Night

I was out with my girl friends in a bar where I met this guy from Brazil named Matheus. He introduced himself and asked me for a drink, while chatting he seemed to be interesting and intelligent person. Later we find out that we have a friend in common he was visiting here, to be precise his cousin, who was studying in my city and with whom I was hanging out quite often and going to parties at his place. Matheus said that they are planning a party tonight around midnight and that there should be quite a lot of people around the house. I decided to go to the party as their house was nearby but my friends did not want to, so they stayed in the bar and we made a deal to meet in a few hours in one of the clubs. This was my mistake. I never thought this guy can… Continue reading »

Male Rape Victims Suffer in Silence

I don’t have the luxury of forgetting, cursed with an eidetic memory & an I.Q. of 174 I can neither forget, or lie to myself about what happened, I was only 4 at the time & it continued until I was 12. These events have forever stained my mind & soul to the point I am far beyond lost. I am a 35 year old male as I type this, you read correctly, a “MALE” rape victim, surely such a things not possible? Yes, it happens, I am living proof of it, you see, male rape victims almost always suffer in silence until the events & emotions eat you up inside like some kind of grotesque cancer. At one point in my life I was a normal very outgoing kid & remember those days like it was yesterday & wish with such fervor I could go back & somehow change what happened. I was raped… Continue reading »

All Just Too Much

I know I’m young, I’m only 25. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced more in my few years on this earth than most will in their life. 17 years ago, when I was 8, my friend’s older brother raped me. I didn’t tell anyone, and over the years, I’ve only told 3 people, none of whom are still in my life. My father was physically and emotionally abusive, and I moved away after high school, and moved in with the first guy that treated me well. He was my first boyfriend. He was so sweet at first. That didn’t last very long before he started assaulting me on a daily basis. Sometimes he would drug me, and sometimes I would drug myself just so I wouldn’t know what was happening. After a year and a half I was finally able to get away from him, only to end up being passed around by someone… Continue reading »

Tinder Rape

I was raped when I was 19. I had been talking to a guy on tinder and he seemed to be normal and an ideal guy to date. He appeared to be attractive when we exchanged photos. What I did not notice was he never smiled with his teeth in any of his photos. After talking for over a week I agreed to meet him. We had previously talked about sexual things and desires thankfully without sharing sexual photos, he probably would have leaked them after I kicked him out of my apartment. When I opened the door to my apartment to greet him I was immediately unattracted to him. He was my height and missing a front tooth. He immediately tried to sleep with me. I kept telling him no and turning my body away from him. At one point I was sitting on the ground with my body turned away from him wrapped… Continue reading »

Assault In the Family

I just watched brave miss world on Netflix and I am moved to tears by Linor’s story and the story of other survivors. I myself have been molested during my childhood within my family. It is very hard to speak about it. I was about 12 to 13 years when the assaults started and it ended when I was 15 or 16. It is something I blocked out for years, suppressing it when it came to me, trying to forget it since the assault happened within my family. I could never tell anyone in my family since to this day I feel ashamed and insecure about what happened. I know if I told any family member it would destroy my family so I decided to take this out with myself. But it feels healing to read stories of other victims and to share my story. It also feels kinda therapeutic to write it down so… Continue reading »