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Bringing the Stories to Light

I am so grateful for the bravery and commitment to change that Linor has demonstrated. When watching Brave Miss World I was moved by her courage. I have been in contact with Linor and the Brave Miss World team because I am also working toward ending the silence of rape culture. I am completely agree with Linor that rape thrives in silence and as a society, together we can find our voices, tell our stories and collectively stand together to make change. The project I am heading is called bringing the stories to light. I am collecting stories from those effected by sexual abuse/ assault and am going to be making a book out of the stories. My sole intention is to raise awareness and break the silence. I would like to encourage those who resonated with Brave Miss World to consider having a look at the bringing stories to light project. You can find… Continue reading »

Raped Three Times

I’m 21 years old and I would like to share my story. When I was 10 years old, my uncle’s friend who worked at his place, tried to rape me. My cousin said that he wanted to talk with me. I went to the shop who were next to my grandpa’s house. He took me in to the changing room and started to kiss me. While he was touching me all over my body, I begged him to let me go. I understood that it was not right. He finally let me go and I ran out and got back to my grandpa’s house. I pretended that nothing happened. Then when I was older, I was 12 years old, I was playing with my friend when her dad took us in to his room and told us that we haven’t behaved. He had me on his lap and started to put his hand in my… Continue reading »

I Dated My Rapists

I was raped three times in my life. After seeing the documentary Brave Miss World and hearing Joan Collins, from the film, who married her rapist, it resonated a lot with me. I was first raped when I was 16 years old by my boyfriend. I was a virgin waiting for marriage. I was so innocent and I felt that everything was robbed from me. He took me on a romantic date on a beach to have night picnic with wine. I was 16 and should not have been drinking and should not have lied to my mother about where I would be. We started making out heavily and he asked me to take off my underwear. I said no, but he begged me and pleaded with me until I gave in. I told him that I was not having sex because I was not ready. He claimed that he just wanted to feel skin… Continue reading »

My Strength

When I was 14 years old I was groomed off the internet by a boy who was one year older. He was a friend through a friend. I was being bullied at school, and did not have many friends and he seemed there for me like he cared about what happened to me. When I turned 15 we began dating, he was so loving and kind to me. Then over time things changed and he would yell at me and the yelling turned to the odd slap on the back of the head, which later became more. He told me he was ready for sex and I refused but he didn’t take it as a no. I was raped the first time on Valentine’s Day, in his bedroom. He made threats. If I spoke out he would hurt my family and if I didn’t come back when he said so, he would rape my cousin… Continue reading »

Date Rape Drug

I am 67 now. In 1984 my younger sister met a man and he drugged her with a date rape drug. Her story was like so many I have heard. She woke up naked and didn’t know how she had gotten there. She was horrified. She knew she had been raped, but of course he was telling her it was consensual sex. Weeks later she realized she was pregnant. She finally told me what had happened and ask me to go with her to have an abortion. A year later we are out one night at a bar, it is getting close to closing time and every one is getting ready to leave. We are milling around deciding who is riding in what cars. I start feeling very strange, so I excuse myself to go to the ladies room. While I was in the bathroom I could feel I was loosing control of my body… Continue reading »

Don’t Want to Admit It

I meet him online. I built a friendship with him. Kind of a match thing except for younger people. The connection was great. I said let’s meet at a coffee shop. He picked the place. He was late to give me the address and I waited for him. Meet him and he told me after a while to go somewhere else. His personality is very confident and demanding, but I liked that he is very open. A friend. After driving for two minutes, we ended up at his house. My instinct was confused. We went into his room, no one was home. He was trying to make me comfortable. I don’t like being touched. He hugged me and told me to relax. I “owed” him a kiss and as I reached to kiss him he turned his face and kissed my lips. I pulled away and he began to kiss me. Throwing me on the… Continue reading »

A Lifetime of Trauma

I was sexually assaulted by my father from infancy onward. It lasted until I was 19 and he impregnated me at 17. I have 8 brothers and was taken out of school at 14 to help my mother care for my younger brothers and the household chores. I raised my daughter alone until she was 17 years and she became depressed after her 3rd child. At ages 8, 10 and 12 I took them in my home and raised them. The damage is generational! At age 39, I took my 80 year old father to court and charged him with the rape. He was convicted and sentenced to 11 years in prison. I feel my struggle will never end and now suffer permanent disability because of the trial. Out of all my brothers, there is only one who has supported me throughout and the others are angry at me. This is so hurtful because all… Continue reading »

After 14 Years

I wasn’t stabbed, beaten, or even hurt. There were no marks on my body. Two and a half years after it happened, the police officer, detective, and lawyer to whom I told my story all believed me and were respectful and empowering. In so many ways, I have been lucky. But even after 14 years, I feel alone, lost, drowning.


I was 13. And it was walking home from school, like I did everyday. And this guy that was a grade lower than me started to to ask me inappropriate questions, like “are you wet, if your not I can fix that.” “Let me shove this in you ass” and just kept harassing me and threatening me. Then he pushed me to the ground and started touching my lower back and told me he wouldn’t hurt me. I pushed him off and started running. I called 911, but my phone lost service. When I got home I locked the doors and shut the curtains. I called my mom and I was hysterical and couldn’t talk. And then the cops showed up at my house and asked me a bunch of question. All they did was tell me they couldn’t do anything but file a restraining order between us. People at school found out because he… Continue reading »

The Aftermath

This is the first time I’ve ever written down what happened to me. I watched Brave Miss World and Linor’s strength has inspired me to share my story. I was 18 years old when I was sexually assaulted. I knew the man who hurt me for just under a year. We met in a first year world religion class in University and became friends. The following summer, he asked me out on a date and I agreed. When driving me home after the date, he confessed to me that the first time he had ever seen me in class he began to watch me, he became determined to get to know me and wanted to date me. I was shocked and a little uncomfortable when he told me this. To me, this seemed strange. He dropped me off at home and I invited him inside to see some art prints that had been gifted to… Continue reading »