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Never Forgotten

I was 16 I had just left school ready to start college i met up with friend Emma in Guildford town for shopping where she saw some guy friends of hers. I didn’t know them and never met them. We went to the castle it was a nice day we sat outside in the gardens. One of them called Aaron said let’s go for a walk. He seemed ok. He said he knows a place with good view of Guildford. He took me to a building that was shut waiting to be bulldozed down there were sleeping bags were squatters were staying but none was around he took me to the roof. It was isolated. He raped me. I asked him to stop but he didn’t. I was a virgin. He just kept saying let me finish. After I was bleeding. I was bruised. I didn’t tell anyone got on a bus and walked home…. Continue reading »

My Boyfriend Raped Me

This all began when I met a guy at the age of 15. I met him through friends and all was great. He was so nice, attractive, wealthy, he really put on a good show for the first month. I was a virgin when we got together (obviously.) We had sex for the first time February 28th, I had never been comfortable in my body, I didn’t feel attractive or anything so this was a very uncomfortable experience for me. Let’s jump to a month into the relationship (march 2009) this is the month he started cheating on me with his ex girlfriend. You will have to keep in mind that the story I am giving you is the absolute worst two and a half years of my life. At this point we had had sex multiple times, I was never comfortable, nor did I initiate it, it was often painful (but I never said… Continue reading »

One Bruise Too Many

After going through so many things with my mom and being bullied as a young girl I felt that my best friend of many years would be there for me after seeing me crying and hurt most of the time especially being that we were both at a new school together. I began to like other guys at school he didn’t like me liking any of them and told me it made him feel some way when i was with him. I began to like him to a point where it felt like love even after the damage was done I still couldn’t stop liking this boy. One day I told him I liked him and we ended up kissing and I couldn’t explain how great it felt but I felt as a young girl we should leave it as a kiss. Couple days after we return to school he told me in order for… Continue reading »

Someone Left To Trust?

I’m just upset! I was just walking to my friends house and then he came by – Connor. He was addicted to me anyway. Before, he used to kiss me intensely and convince me to date him but I said no – all the time. He even got me to come to his house before and tried to strip me, luckily, I was able to escape, but he got me back -_- Connor popped in a message saying he could see me when I was on the way to my friends house and grabbed my arm and dragged me to his house. I was terrified. His house was pretty big and forced me inside. There was no-one home except us two. I felt weird as he pushed me to the sofa and got me to sit down and watch a movie. It was Fifty Shades of Grey! I slept through it but I don’t know… Continue reading »


I just don’t know how to start. It feels weird and I am ashamed, I feel dirty and I don’t have any self-esteem left. I am having a great boyfriend. We both are having a strong relationship and we are dating since five years and a half, I met him when I was 20. We had up and downs, like every relationship does but my boyfriend was the first person I slept with. It was a new and great experience for me – I have been always very distrustful and I was scared of men who touched me. I could never enjoy intimate contact to other men but everything changed when I met my boyfriend. I told him that I cannot enjoy sexual things because something, that I displaced, happened to me in the past. He accepted it and waited until I was ready, he showed me that having consensual Sex wasn’t bad, he showed… Continue reading »

13 & Alone

I was 13 years old I was best friends with this person that I knew for 5/6 years. I was going through a lot then I started liking him a lot to the point I thought I was in love and in fact I still love him till this day. I told him how I felt and he said I have to do these things in order to be his girlfriend. He forced me to hump him touch his area. He told me I wasn’t going to say no and made me kiss him all the time he hit me cause I wouldn’t go down on him and wouldn’t have sex. This was a repeating innocent that occurred for a month. I am now 18 about to be 19 & I have depression, anxiety and PTSD and wish he would have took my life along with him. I didn’t share my story until I was… Continue reading »

Catching Up With Me

I was twelve years old when I vividly recall my grandfather walking towards me and for the first time placing his hands on me. I was stunned and paralyzed. Each time that we would visit him (or have a sleepover) and when we were alone he would touch me, kiss me, lick my ears, invite me to the bed. I can still see the glister in his eyes, boyish, like he was ‘alive’. I tried to avoid being alone with him. My cousin knows, she’d even witnessed some of it. Her and I are very close and she means more to me than I can tell. But I never told my mother or anyone else. I could never hurt her like that. I’m afraid that the knowledge of what her father did to me, will cause her so much sadness that she wouldn’t be able to bear it. And there is this fear that my… Continue reading »

Stranger Rape

Hi, I’m Nye-Emah and it was kinda weird how it happened 5 months ago. It was my birthday i turned 12. So. I went to my BFF. We was going to hang at the park. While we were there were strange men was there too. So we payed no attention to them as we played on the swing. I fell off the swing. I was knocked out cold. All I heard was screaming like in those movies. When I was able to wake up I found my friend laying down. I went over to help her but the van stopped and the door swing opened. I was scared. I was like a new born, one grabbed my friend and the other one got me. We ended up at a mansion. It was pretty nice. They gave us clothes to put on we was forced to do it. They each took us to different rooms. He… Continue reading »

Never Going To Happen To Me

After a year of constant abuse and rapes I couldn’t get out of bed no matter how much I wanted to leave. I had no job, no car, 6 pets, no money, no food and no home. Leaving seemed to be a luxury, not an option at the time. It wasn’t until he urinated on my cat that I was able to gather the sheer force of will to leave. The week I was leaving him he came up to me held me down, shoved his finger into me, grabbed my head forcing his penis in my mouth. He then penetrated me. Afterwards he folded my clothes and took the dogs out on a walk. I didn’t even remember the rape until I began having terrifying nightmares. At the time I was desperate to save my babies. After he raped me he filed domestic violence charges against me and kidnapped my cat. After I joined… Continue reading »

Why Me?

I was 3 or 4 at the time. This boy was about fifth grade age. He would unzip my pants and point with his friend. I was at daycare and only my mom and dad know. I am ten and just recently told my parents. Nothing is worse than this. I have autism, ADHD and many more. I struggle with anger and a fear of getting raped. Good thing he did nothing further.