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Still Haven’t Healed

I was raped while on a second date with a guy I had met at a bar. I was 18 and a virgin. My family was very strict catholic and sex was never something that was discussed. One night I met a guy. He seemed really nice. I didn’t have a lot of experience with dating so I was excited to meet someone who was handsome and thought I was beautiful. On our second date, we were having some drinks at his place while his mother was out. I had told him before that I was a virgin and that sex was off the table. We started making out in his room and he kept pressuring me to do things I didn’t want to do. He was at least twice my size. At one point he held me down and lifted up my skirt and when I said no he just pushed his body on… Continue reading »


I am 54 years and is still not free from various problems in my intimate relationship because I experienced some sexual abuse from my stepfather’s side, from the time I was 12 years to 15/16 years. My mother watched one of the assaults, without helping me, and later, she denied it had taken place. I just saw Brave Miss World and recognize many things that have given me an understanding of why I can not enjoy my intimate life with my husband, and why I do not want to perform sexual things. I have been in treatment for my post-traumatic stress, but I have never been free from various after-effects of these abuses. I am so glad the movie because it teaches the one who sees it, while it gives me a room I can talk openly in, and be understood. Thank you Linor for your courage, and thank you to you who have made… Continue reading »

I’ll Never Be Whole Again

My story is long. Long and pathetic. Have you ever heard the saying “I survived, but I’m also dead”? That’s me in a nutshell. Everything I’m writing is true, and really happened. The way I’m going to write it is like reading a fucked up book. The reason why I’m doing this is when I use this format, sometimes I can separate myself from the reality of what happened. Pretend that it’s someone else’a story. I’m sorry for any typos, I got a 36 on my English ACT, but I’m crying as I’m writing this, so please bear with me. I’m going to tell you right now, if I was someone else who was reading this, I would think I was pathetic. So if you want to continue reading, that’s fine, but just know that I’m bordering on manic, and it might not make sense in some parts. ………… Intro: I was in my sophomore… Continue reading »

Family Rape

One night when I was 12, my cousin came over to spend the night while my parents were out. I kinda was sexually attracted to him so when he was laying down I messed with him and soon he got an erection. I played with it for a little and he then asked if I could suck it and I had no problem with that. He then asked if he could dry hump me with clothes on and we did. He then started touching my under my underwear and when I told him to stop he didn’t and said that I’m a dirty slut and wanted it. In a way I did, so I did nothing after that. When he penetrated me ,he wasn’t gentle and I hurt so much. He came inside me and said that if I tell anyone that he would “Get him and his friends to fuck every hole they can… Continue reading »

Finding My Voice

I just finished watching the film on Netflix and felt compelled to share my story. I have shared pieces of my story with close supporters but never in a public forum. I a a trauma therapist. I have been helping others overcome their trauma for many years yet for me I feel sharing my story is something that I can’t do. As a therapist in training I was told that if I didn’t “get over” my past traumas I could never be helpful to others. So I avoided doing any kind of clinical work and focused my helping career in program development. And spent many countless hours in therapy myself because from a young age I knew that what happened to me as a child and in my late teens had to be useful for something. I knew that I didn’t Want to live my life as a victim. So what is my story? From… Continue reading »

Date Rape

It was 32 years ago, but it changed the direction of my life. Seventeen and so many dreams. But, the gorgeous, smart, popular quarterback took that away. He moved on to have a big life in Silicon Valley. I stumbled through several attempts. Only my later trust in Jesus gave me joy and hope necessary to believe in a worthwhile and forgiven life.


I was raped 8 months ago…I was 20 years old at the time at my university when it happened. After watching Brave Miss World I felt compelled to share my story. I went out to the bar one night and got a drink, I set it down for a short while to help a friend and didn’t think anything of it. Soon after I began to feel weird, almost as if my body was beginning to weigh thousands of pounds. I went to the restrooms and realized I was in trouble. I remember leaving the restroom but nothing else, I blacked out and remember very little until I was laying on the steps outside of my apartment. The moments I do remember are of me laying on my stomach feeling the weight of someone on top of me and feeling a sharp pain, i tried to fight but couldn’t and I passed out again. When… Continue reading »

Betrayed By My Own Mind

I had a shower, and sat on the floor with my legs crossed and my head resting on the glass, for maybe a good 45 minutes trying to meditate or at least practice some mindfulness breathing that our marriage counsellor suggest I try. I can’t. I can’t for more than a few seconds just sit there and let the water flow over me and breathe, my hands twitch. I find myself unknowingly squeezing my hands or wringing them out almost. I have to stop myself and remind myself to breathe and be here and present and grounded. I even repeat in my head, ‘be grounded” to try and guide my mind. I feel almost infected with some kind of flesh eating disease that is eating me from the inside out. I struggle to be alone in my mind, because my thoughts fly through so fast and so quickly that I barely have a chance to… Continue reading »

Another Victim

I was 18 when I was raped. I went on holiday with my friends to a Greek island. It was my first holiday without my parents and it was supposed to be a celebration of finishing our exams. To get to the beach we had to walk through a beach sidebar. A nice local man who worked in the bar started talking with us and we had a few drinks with him. He seemed nice and said he was lonely. He pointed to the bar at a much older man and said he worked there with his brother and that was his only company. The next day we were out chatting in different local bars. We had maybe two drinks each. My friends started arguing and I was sat quietly alone. The local man came up and asked if I wanted to go swimming in the sea. I said yes, and he said he would… Continue reading »

My Modeling Experience

I am an Irish woman. A single mother to 3 amazing boys. I was 17 when I was raped. I had just started my modeling career in an agency here in Ireland. An aunt of mine was also in the agency at the time. I won a big competition here and was face of 1990. My agency hired a photographer to take pics for my portfolio. I remember that the man they used was also a model in the same agency. I was so young and naive. I went on the day he was booked to do photo-shoot to meet him. My father dropped me. I took along a friend of mine. When we arrived he insisted on dropping my friend home “saying” there would not be enough room in car for all of us and his equipment. We dropped her home. I was extremely nervous. Our first location I had to change my clothes… Continue reading »