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I am a survivor and got over it eventually

Hi my name is Sienna, I’m 14. I was raped about two years ago. My brothers best friends little brother, he was my crush for so long. Finally he talked to me and then we started talking to each other. We met up at the Rec center next to me. We were playing games outside and he pulled me in the trees and started kissing on me. I didn’t think anything of it tell he escalated he started taking my clothes off. Then he pushed me down. I said no and kept saying no. Finally he hit me and I stopped pushing, he raped me. I didn’t tell anyone for months, finally I told my cousin and she told my aunt finally my parents figured out. It was the hardiest thing I ever went through and I hate that sometimes I can’t even look in the mirror without feeling like a slut. I realized one… Continue reading »

Date Rape

I met a boy off of the dating website Tinder. We met up and went on a motorcycle ride as our first date. I felt on top of the world and we hit off real well. We started hanging out anytime we could. One night, he came over drunk. He was mad that I wasn’t ready to be official with him and I invited him over so he wouldn’t do anything too stupid. I told him as soon as he came over we weren’t going to have sex that night because he was drunk. We spent some time just kissing on my bed before we watched a movie and he ended up starting to kiss all over me and he went lower. At first it felt good but then my body froze. He eventually slid my pants down and ended up going down on me before he raped me. My body froze. I was so… Continue reading »

My Untold Story

I don’t know when my grandfather started abusing me, I don’t remember there being a time before abuse. I know that I told a teacher in the 4th grade and that’s when it stopped. I don’t remember all the details, but bits and pieces come together all these years later (I am 40 now and just starting to face this since ignoring is no longer working). I remember being made to urinate in jugs while he watched, a massaging vibrating object in my body, and more frightening moments that still make my face turn red with shame although 30 years have passed and he is long dead. I think I need to tell my husband these details, but I am so afraid… I feel as if I cheated on him though I know logically that doesn’t make sense and that he loves me no matter what. I am just starting to mourn the loss of… Continue reading »

My Story

I went to my friends house. I thought I knew him well. We hung out for a while and he never showed any signs, but I was on his couch and in an instant he was on me. He raped me and denys he did it. It took me two months to tell my parents.

My friend assaulted me and another

I wish I knew how to say this in a fleshed out, eloquent way but I just found out so I don’t. My room mate (we’ll call him John) assaulted me a few months ago. I was asleep drunk on the couch and when I woke up he was behind me groping inside of my shirt. I confronted him and he said that we were both drunk and he didn’t know I was unconscious, that I was acting like I liked it and it was probably because we had a sexual relationship awhile ago. I knew something was wrong but I blamed myself because I was drunk which is INSANE because if any other woman told me that’s how she felt, I’d tell her to not blame herself at all. So for the past few months I noticed most of our friends who live in the complex haven’t been coming around as much or John… Continue reading »

Married to Abuser

The evening of December 25th 2015 was the last time I was assaulted by my ex husband. I had a dread in me the entire day knowing what he would be trying to initiate when we arrived home. He had assaulted me on several occasions previously and I knew what was to come. He was a very abusive and mentally exhausting, he would wear me down until finally I would give in. The type to feel he had a right to my body and would flip out, threaten and demean me if I refused. That night he left the house and screamed at me over the phone that he would leave me, take everything I had and fight me for our 2 year old son. I was terrified as I couldn’t take the emotional abuse and stress anymore. I cried silently to myself as he assaulted me that night, just as I had all those… Continue reading »

My Story

I was raped by my best friend. I’ve been scared to talk about it because I’ve always been a strong, independent woman. Everyday of my life it hurts. I have recently told my boyfriend and he’s been awesome. But I couldn’t tell him for a year. I mean, this guy had been my closet friend for almost two decades, I never expected it. Then when I finally confronted him (he sought me out because I wouldn’t talk to him), he said it was my fault. I am so destroyed by this. I thought that person loved and respected me.

There Is Hope For Us

Hi, I’m not here to share my story. Because I already did that ( I’m here to tell you all, that there is hope for us. After almost 1 month of joining this site/forum and telling my story, yesterday (with the help of my boyfriend), I finally got the courage and strength to tell my mom. And even though I was consumed with fear and sadness at this point, I let it all out. And now I wonder…Why did I keep it to myself for so long? After almost 7 years of that incident, I finally did it. (Shout out to the people here who helped me and encouraged me to do it!) And I have to got to say, she took it in a really nice way. She’s always been a strong woman, and I admire her for that. So she has been really supportive. And I just want to say, that if there’s… Continue reading »

Sexual Assault

I was at work one day and a coworker of mine who is higher up than I was sexually assaulted me. It was horrible and what happened after was also awful. I reported it and was treated like garbage. Although I intern got very frustrated and acted out in my frustration because I was being misled to believe that they were on my side. They ended up blaming the victim which I have come to find out is very typical and a very sad reality. No one should ever feel afraid of their workplace. I know longer work at this facility however he still works there. They let him roam free and I somehow got punished. I’m hoping that by putting my story out there I can feel some relief. Thank you. — Survivor, age 28

A Poem

It was just another rainy day In that fateful month of May The hours faded into Sunday, And I faded away. A million thoughts running through my mind, Only one in yours. The memories we’ve tried to shed Still live on within my head. And the words they’ll never say, Even to this day, The ones i have to hear The ones I’ve always feared ‘I’m sorry’ A confirmation An apology Anything to set me free But you won’t even give that to me.