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Don’t Know What I’m Doing

I think I was 6 or 7 years old when my brother started touching the private parts of my body. He never actually put his penis in. I was kind of forced to touch him too. We played some games. Back then I didn’t think there was something wrong with that. I thought that all brothers and sisters do that. Now I am 17 years old. I love my brother, but I also hate him so much for doing that to me, because sometimes I feel really bad because of him. I don’t want to tell my parents because I don’t want to break my family, but I just need someone to talk to.

Raped By My Partner

I just watched Brave miss world and i was very touched by it. I am a survivor. I was raped 3 years ago by someone i loved very much. Besides raping me, he also was very abusive, telling me that i would never find someone like him, that treated me as well as he did. He always made me feel that i wasn’t enough for him, that’s why he never assumed me as a firm relationship. Those things made me his slave. I loved him very much and i would do anything to make him love back. So, when he raped me i said no but i wasn’t able to react or protect myself. I was just paralyzed. It took me so long to realize that i was raped, but i couldn’t tell anyone about it because i was afraid that no one would listen to me (he was very popular among my friends). I… Continue reading »

Tattoo Artist

I have been tattooing for about a year and a half, happy in my career making good money, working with my best friends. I was at my best friends kids birthday party, that’s when I met my rapist. He seemed like a super cool dude, that day went well. He’s a phenomenal tattoo artist, so I wanted to learn as much as I could from him. He came to work with us, he took it upon himself to decide that he wanted to teach me a lot more. I was super excited. He showed me lots of things about tattooing I didn’t know within a small period of time. One night he decided to “take me out for drinks”. I already hate drinking but he insisted so I went. He forced me to drink until I was falling down, puking and limp. I asked him to take me home, he refused. He threatened non-stop me… Continue reading »

Bruises and Scars

Honestly, I didn’t even know where to start, it took me 5 days to finish this and have some proof read to see if its okay. It was an ordinary night with friends when we decided to have some overnight. I thought we are all girls yet they brought their boyfriends and their boyfriends friends. I was alone, I texted my boyfriend to notify him but my friends took my phone. They invited me to drink but I resisted because I am pretty aware of what might happened so I just chose soda. Unfortunately.. I began to feel dizzy and numb. When this guy carried me and lay me on the table. I thought when a person was drugged, she’ll not be able to recall the incident but to my experience. I have remembered everything until today. I realized that my friends are already having sex with their boyfriends and here I am, a virgin… Continue reading »

My Best Friend

This story has a lot of layers to it so bare with me here. About 3 year ago I started dating this guy. He was nice and friendly and I wouldn’t expect anything less. A couple of weeks later this guy started to change from friendly to abusive. Spreading rumors around the school. I started getting bullied at school and online. Once I tired to break up withy boyfriend but that didn’t go well. I don’t want to go into detail but I had realized I has gotten pregnant. I didn’t wants child growing up in this environment so after she was born. I gave her up for adoption. But I was still in this nightmare of a relationship. I finally had enough and attempted suicide. I was in the hospital for many days. Nobody pressured me to tell them anything and I was relived to hear that. While I was in the hospital my… Continue reading »

Awareness Among Teenage Boys

I recently watched the Brave Miss World movie with my teenage sons who are 13, 14 and 16 as I thought they needed to see it. Their reactions ranged from anger to horror to outright indignation about what happens regarding rape and sexual assault. I am very open with my boys about a range of issues but even I was surprised by their reactions. After the movie there have been many discussions and questions from the boys and I know they are discussing the movie with their friends and really want it shown at their school. I really encourage all parents to get their teenagers to watch this movie to raise awareness and to also talk to local high schools to try and host a viewing. If we really want to change the way people think about sexual abuse then I believe that we can help the next generation by getting our kids and our… Continue reading »

My Story

was sexually assaulted and this is my story. I’ve known the guy since I moved to where I live now, almost five years ago. He was my neighbor three doors down. We liked each other from the very beginning. We played outside with more of our neighbor friends all the time for hours. We would sit on each other’s lawns and talk about anything from church to basketball to our futures. Our families had game nights and parties. We were really close. A little more than a year ago, he started acting weird and he got obsessed with video games and being on his computer. Now I’m sure he’s been in to pornography since about then. We didn’t hang out with him for months. Then his family moved quite far away. All of my neighbors and I were devastated because he wasn’t with us at all before they moved because he was with his computer… Continue reading »

Almost Raped

When I was 18. I was out with my first boyfriend. We had been together for about 2 yrs and i was head over heels for this guy . He and his 2 friends and I went trail riding and got stuck. My boyfriend and his other buddy had to walk out to the highway to get picked up so we could get another vehicle to get the trucks out of the mud. I stayed behind with Cal to hangout. He was one of my boyfriends best friends from childhood. and i liked and trusted him. He lit a small fire and we hung out for about an hour. Everything was fine, but then i noticed he was staring at me. He told me he always liked my breasts and thought I was beautiful. I said thanks. But felt very uncomfortable. I told him I had to go to the washroom and wandered off into… Continue reading »

My Brother

When I was 8, my brother was 11. We would be home by ourselves for a good 3-4 hours until my mother came home from work. I don’t even know how this whole thing began, but he made me do stuff. And when I say stuff I mean make me give him oral. And he would tell me not to tell our mother. Went along with it because at the time I didn’t see the big deal, and because he was my big brother so I didn’t want to disappoint him. One day though, he got to rough and had me against the wall with my underwear to the side. He put only started and then he pulled away and told me no. I became upset because I thought it was ok what we were doing, so I thought I did something wrong. I went into my room to put on my pajamas, and saw… Continue reading »

It Felt Like Rape

I stopped to pick up a guy I was seeing so we could go to a party. He wanted sex. I didn’t really want to but went with it because I was 19 and wanted him to like me. It was painful so I wanted to stop. I asked and he said no. I got away from him and ran to the door, didn’t care I was naked but he caught me and dragged me back. Threw me on the bed. I tried to get away again but then he shook a gun at me so I just laid there and waited for him to finish. Once he was done, I was allowed to leave. I felt filthy afterwards. Showered for an hour and still didn’t feel clean. Confided in one friend shortly after and was told it wasn’t rape since I went along with it initially. It’s been years but sometimes I still have… Continue reading »