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From the age of 1, he had been in my life. Of course I cannot remember back that far, but he never let anyone forget it, “I’ve been here from the beginning!!!!”, like it really mattered. Growing up, he was the only fatherly figure I ever had. He took me everywhere with him, I was always his special project. Little did I know why he had wanted to keep me so close. I was nine when it started. First it was just fondling. Touching me and rubbing me. I didn’t realize how wrong it was. He wouldn’t progress until later on. When I was 11, we lost our house. I didn’t know it at the time but we lost it because of him. He took our rent money and blew it on cocaine and partying. Losing our house, we were forced to move in with him. We were left alone most of the time, with… Continue reading »

Childhood Trama

I don’t know why I am telling this. But I am, because I can’t keep it locked up anymore. When I was six or seven years old my older cousin started to babysit me. I can’t remember much but, he told me we were playing a game… and it involved a lot with me touching him…and him touching me. I am now 12, and every person I have told has left me. — Cailey

Raped at 17

was living away from home my parents were divorced I needed to take a break away from the problems associated with divorce so I left home. I rented a room near a cake shop at the time I was working there. I started to make friends with a girl that was a customer and had a lot of problems with her relationship with her boyfriend. I decided to leave my job and I told my boss. I had met a 28 year old at thepub and he had told me he had a room available if I wanted. We became friends and I moved with him. There was 11 years difference he had liked me and we ended up in a relationship I was immature and not ready to be in a relationship. I had sex with him for the first time on the beach I was a virgin. Later in a relationship he was… Continue reading »

Raped By My Therapist

I am a survivor of childhood abuse including sexual abuse by my father. In 1995, when I was 40 yrs of age, I started talking about the abuse to a social worker in my doctor’s office. He told me that he was the ex partner and father of the children of the woman who was then the director of the local rape crisis centre. Knowing this information made it easier to trust him. He arranged for me to go to a group for survivors of childhood sexual assault at the rape crisis centre. After seeing him for talk therapy sessions for a few months he told me that we would be meeting after my doctor and her staff had left for the day because my doctor needed the office space during her office hours. After I had been seeing him for about 8 months he asked me to go to his home for a session… Continue reading »


I just finished watching Brave Miss World and it inspired me to share for the first time my experiences. Between the age of 6 and 8, the older son (he was 16) of a family friend sexually abused me. He always said not to tell. I felt so ashamed that he talked about it with his brother and friends when I was in the room and he always said “I’ve tried her”. I felt so ashamed all my life and that sentence somehow always defined me. At 21 one I had my first boyfriend. He was 3 years older than me and very sexually active. He tried to wait for me to be ready but in the end he rushed me and at that time I could not believe he raped me, but it felt like it. I am with him for 9 years. Each time I do not want to have sex or try… Continue reading »

That Night

This is my story. I have never told anybody about this so specific as I´m about to now. Because of a very turbulent and sad years when I was teenager this episode has always been put away in my mind. Until I saw the documentary “Brave Miss World”. I am a girl from Denmark, and the night it happened I was 17. I lost my mom when I was 12 to cancer, and my dad started to drink and get very depressed. He was there for me, but when he drank and got depressed, I had to move away from the house and live with my brothers wife, or somebody else. No one could would talk to me about my mothers dead. I was alone with my hurt. Many years i have been working with my self and my past regarding my loss of my mom and later my dad. But sometimes the episode that… Continue reading »


This is very hard story for me to tell but after finding this site and reading the other stories I’ve built up the courage to tell my story. I didn’t start dating until I was 17 and this was my first boyfriend, he seemed sweet at first always able to put a smile on my face. He was very good looking and new to my school and as this was my first experience with a guy I was excited to catch the new cute guys attention. It turns out catching his attention would turn out to be a nightmare. At first he held my hand and would ask for a kiss but at some point I don’t remember he began to bite me. Hard and painful that left marks on my skin the first time it happened I was confused and asked him to stop he just got angry and gave me the puppy dog… Continue reading »

Need Support

Very recently a friend and I decided that for the day we want to drink. I poured one shot, two shots, three shots, four shots, more down my throat as he did the same. We both were very intoxicated. We went upstairs, no parents were home, nor were there siblings. It was the usual dancing around and stumbling all over until both of us are on the bed. I don’t even remember my pants coming off, but he was on top of me. I accepted it at first, but came to realize it was not what I wanted. Orally and with his hands he kept going, even though I was vocal to stop. I didn’t physically try to hurt him and prevent him from furthering in that way, which is why I consider it my mistake. But soon enough I wriggled out from under him and collected my belongings. While doing so he pleaded for… Continue reading »

Getting Better

Hi, my name is Ashley and 5 years ago I was raped. It wasn’t brutal or horrific and I actually knew the guy but I am still having trouble getting over it and I have only told a few people. My mom met a new guy right at the end of my senior year in high school so my sisters and I would throw parties on the weekends she would go away (which was every weekend) and of course for a couple of teenagers things got out of hand quite a few times. But this happened on a quieter night. Typically we would have over 40 people at these parties but this night it was about 20 maybe less. I was playing beer pong with my friend and we were against 2 guys from high school. We were losing pretty much all night so I was extremely drunk. My sister saw me start to get… Continue reading »

An Amazing Woman

I watched a Brave Miss World yesterday. I think Linor is an incredibly strong and inspirational woman who on her own journey of understanding the most terrible thing that happened to her, has wanted to help others on the way. I think that all the women who took part in the film were also incredibly brave. I was sexually abused and molested as a child and have been raped as an adult. I have huge chunks of my childhood missing where my brain has blocked out what was happening, In a way that is a blessing but is also very scary as it could all come flooding back at any time if triggered by something. My experiances have shaped the woman I’ve become and I like her on the whole now, but it took a long time for this to happen. Rape and sexual abuse are taboo subjects, that people generally feel uncomfortable talking about…. Continue reading »