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First of all, I’m sorry if my English isn’t fluent, I’m Dutch. I have never been raped or anything that comes close to that. I just watched Brave Miss World this afternoon and it really touched me and I just felt like I had to show my respect to all the women in the movie. I’m 19 years old, and I’m in my 3rd year of college to become a social worker. In my internships, I’ve spoken a lot with people with PTSD as a result of sexual abuse. Of course, I could never understand what they felt but I could see how they struggled with their pain. A lot of the girls/women I’ve spoken with where cutting themselves, to punish themselve or to release the pain that’s inside. To all of those who cut themselves I would like to say; the person who did this to you, is not worth it for you to… Continue reading »

Drugged and Gang Raped

The guy I met, I thought was a nice guy. Very undercover, nice, seemed genuine. I met him, he was walking a baby Pitbull. I have a passion for these dogs, rescued some, and have one myself. I invited him to come to visit me, as I had not been in the neighborhood long. I showed him around, and it was empty on 2nd floor. He turned up a few times and every time he did I was by myself. He was chasing me, setting me up. Easy prey! A foreigner in Chicago. I am not American. The next thing I was in hospital, 3 weeks. Being treated for toxic poisoning for a medication I was taking. Sedated because I wanted to leave. Eventually I did leave. I had memory loss a black hole in my life for years. Cried like a baby and was treated for severe depression. Nightmares over and over again, waking… Continue reading »

My Best Friend

I am sorry if my English isn’t that good. I am from Belgium and English isn’t my “main” language… I was 11 when I made the most horrible experience in my life. I had some friends, not a lot, I was very leery and I chose my friends very carefully. Even though I chose them carefully, one of them hurt me so much that I completely lost the trust to myself. I am still struggling with myself until today. He was a boy, some years older than me. My mother had a best friend, living a 15 minutes walk away from our house and she had a son. Daniel, who just turned 14. We were spending some our free time together. I would say that I liked him, but I never fell in love with him. At this time a lot of girls were kissing other boys. Nearly everyone except me. Me who has been… Continue reading »

Assault at 12 Years by Teacher

In the fall of 2014, news came to me of a young girl raped by the same man who sexual assaulted me as a child. I felt like I was in a movie. This news brought me to my knees, comfirming what had happen to me 38 yeàrs ago. Back then I didn’t realize what he did was sexual assault because no one was educated about this subject. I lived in shame and began having panic attacks as i still do today. I think the hardest thing for me was when my mother, teaching at the same school, informed me that I had told her he had touched me. This was in grade 3 or around there she figures. The story I told her, I remember only parts of it. The last time he sexually assaulted me I remember like it was yesterday, I was in grade 6. Keeping a secret for ll these years… Continue reading »

Me & My Girlfriend

I am opening up about my assault and my girlfriend was raped. We have been together for 3 years, and she is not just my everything, she is my soul saver. I was assaulted last year, and she was raped three times. Well, what happened to me was the summertime, and I was over at my sister’s house basically the whole summer because we wanted to have fun…and we did until I got assaulted. I didn’t want it to happen. My sister lived down the hill, and her friend lived up the fill. So, all of the teenagers were up there at that house, and the kids were at my sister’s house. I was in this dark room, and this boy I had known since the 3rd grade was with me. It was just me and him, so we started flirting and playing until he held me down. He tried to me me. He was… Continue reading »

The Setup

Growing up I was always a good church girl. Never cursed,n ever had sex, never did a lot of things. Until I turned 16, and began experimenting with opiates. I became an addict. To this day, my mouth still waters when thinking about a day in bed with a nice Percocet. One day, I needed a place to stay and a girlfriend of mine told me to call a man who I had done drugs with a few times. I met him at his apartment and did a few pills and he told me I could crash on his house. When we came downstairs his two friends suddenly showed up. They poured me everclear and all the sudden I began to black out. I knew something was wrong and became hysterical. The three men carried me upstairs and laid me on the bed. I began to lose consciousness as I begged for them to stop…. Continue reading »

Survivor of Rape

After my rape, I tried to pretend like everything was okay and stuffed the pain away somewhere deep inside. I finally wrote my story almost a year ago to a friend of mine. At the time I thought I was strong and “over things”, but the truth was, I wasn’t. Writing my story took me through an emotional journey that I definitely didn’t expect to happen, but one that I needed to go through. I now share it again, more publicly, incase my story of what happen to me, might help someone else and incase it encourages someone to share theirs. Sharing your story is scary, I’m scared right now to put my story out there for the world to see, but I know in the end it’s so relieving to let it all out, its empowering and sharing our stories is what makes us survivors become stronger. I was raped while I was in… Continue reading »

Raped at Camp

I was 9 years old at a campground my whole family went to every year, literally since I was a baby. The two teenage boys that raped me were neighbors from the adjacent campsite. They were sons of a minister. It happened when I was walking enjoying the woods. The first time they raped me, I wanted to see the way the sun was shining in the grassy area. It looked so nice, but they were there. I see no need to get specific, it was bad enough. I tried to fight. I even had a pocket knife, but I didn’t have the heart to use it on them. I just threatened to use it. The second time they raped me, was by the boat launch. They pushed me into an outhouse. It was so bad. I didn’t know what was going on, but I fought so hard and did my best but then he… Continue reading »

What Can I Do

At the age of 11, I got my first boyfriend. He was a 16 year old boy that went to a near by high-school, and I had my eye on him for awhile. We were together for about 6 months and he always wanted to do more but I never did. Some days he would call me to come to the back of his school to hang out. While there he would ask me to suck his cock, and I would want to please him. One day when he called back there, he had about 6 older friends with him. I asked him what was going on, and he told me that he owed them. He then told me to suck all there cocks and I refused. They were all drug users that were about 20-25. They grabbed me and ripped my close off. I looked at my “so called” boyfriend and asked for help… Continue reading »


First of all, I want to thank Linor. Thank you for sharing your story. I have watched it about 5 times by now. Every time I have a hard time, I watch this so I don’t have to feel so alone. I am 22 years old now and I was sexually abused when I was around the age of seven by a man that was fixing things around my parents house. At first I actually liked him. He was funny, brought me games and other things. I remember the first time something happened very well. He asked me if I wanted to see something, but it had to be a secret between just us two. Of course, a seven year old thought a secret was awesome. Well it was not that secret I had in mind. It happened a few times, I don’t remember everything and sometimes I’m glad I don’t. Sometimes I want to… Continue reading »