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I was 5 years old when I was first molested by my second step dad. My mother use to work at the prison. She left us alone with my step dad we was watching wrestling. I was in my pink and white night gown. I was sitting between my brother and my step dad. He told my brother to go play in his room. So it was just my step dad and myself. He started wrestling with me he stopped and went grabbed a cover. He started wrestling with me. I thought he was playing he put the cover over us. Where our whole body was submerged underneath the covers. He grabbed my waist pulled me down. I was trying to get up when I felt his hands touch my private area. Before he could go any farther my brother came to the room. I ran to the room and cried. I was 9 years… Continue reading »

Was Once a Best Friend

It actually wasn’t too long ago that this had all happened although I do see myself as less naive and a stronger person since it has all happened. I would give anything to take back my own choices that day and maybe take a more light approach. So, me and this guy had been best friends since we were born, our parents knew of each other and we were born around the same time. We would do everything together my first day of high school would’ve been a tragedy without him. About three years into high school he had decided to tell me how he felt about me, I was well, overwhelmed I didn’t want such an amazing friendship to be spoiled over him being my boyfriend. So I softly declined and somewhere along the lines he snapped, he flipped out and started shouting at me swearing at me etc. It wasn’t pleasant so I… Continue reading »

I Said No

Sorry that is so long but please read. I don’t know where else to share this story. I went out clubbing with my best friend in August 2015. She met her boyfriend in the club and I didn’t want to third heel or bug them so I buzzed off and went to the bar to take shots by myself. It’s not a big deal, I just wanted to get drunk and go dance by myself or possibly meet a cute guy. I’m fresh out a break up, my ex of 2 weeks at the time cheated on me and then broke up with me so all I wanted from that night was to drink my pain away. A few hours pass, I’m still drinking and I’m absolutely trashed. I enter the bathroom where I meet a girl and we become friends. She told me her male friends she came with are super cute and they’re… Continue reading »

Trapped In a Fantasy World

I grew up with my grandma and visiting my granddad every second weekend. Wasn’t exactly the normal growing up. When I was 13 years old I moved in with my Uncle and Aunty. They had 3 other children. His name was Chris and hers Karen. Chris told me he wanted to give me a normal childhood and a mum and a dad like a always wanted. I believed him. For the first year everything was okay. Then things started to go south. Chris lost his job, I was struggling mentally with a lot of issues from when I was younger. Chris prayed on my venerability. I wanted to feel loved and have a mum and a dad. I started calling them mum and dad. When I turned 14 years old, Chris starting raping me. Sometimes a few times a day. This went on for 5 years. No one knew. He had an emotional and physical… Continue reading »


I was approached by a student on campus and he told me to break up with my current boyfriend because I would be his. I took it as flattery at first even though he creeped me out. I would see him on campus but he would just stare from a distance. That was freshman year. The following year when I moved off campus he found me. His girlfriend actually lived in the same complex. He started sitting at my door in the morning. Following to catch the city transit. One day he told me that I was going with him. He grabbed me and forced me into his car. It was cold and rainy. He took my shoes and my purse before we entered the home. He pulled out a brand new box of condoms and told me his plan was to use them all! This doesn’t happen in real life. He raped me continuously…. Continue reading »

Broken Homes, Broken Families

my mum and I were always really close when I was younger, when something happened at home (I live with my dad) I could always vent o mum. when I was 7 years old, dad meet my step mum. they got married four years ago. they are now divorcing. my step mum and I got along okay, but when we fought, it was major. so I would talk to my mum about it, because I felt as though dad would take her side. anyway, around the same time as when dad and step mum got together, mum meet this really great guy. he was good with kids, great with the outdoors, could cook, was good looking, and just generally a great guy, I was always happy that mum had him, because she has bad experience with men (her previous relationship got her a broken arm, and my older brother thrown through a wall, but it… Continue reading »

My Story

I feel like now is the right time to share my story. I was 18 at the time and just started a new life for myself across the country from my family at a college that I thought was perfect for me. One night I went out with my friends to a fraternity party. It was just like any night until I woke up the next morning in a random apartment with no one next to me and my pants were on the floor and I was wearing a man’s t-shirt. I couldn’t remember anything that happened, but I knew I had sex because I was hurting. I got up and walked to the bathroom trying to remember anything that happened the night before. I looked at my phone with about 20 missed calls and 15 texts from my friends asking where I was and to please answer the phone, but my phone was shattered… Continue reading »

Cafeteria Food

When I was 16 years old I was a nerdy person. I kept to myself and didn’t go out to parties or other. So when I got my first boyfriend I was ecstatic. He was a practical god to me. Things had been going well, until one day when we were both making out at a movie theater. I don’t know what got into him but he started to go for my breasts reaching his hand down my pants. I had to push away from him and he tried to follow up. I wasn’t ready I told him. He simply tried again saying he was and that it was time to prove I loved him. I just stood up and left without a second thought. When I got home I tested him to say that I was sorry. I didn’t mean to leave do abruptly. But I wasn’t ready yet. I was still a virgin…. Continue reading »

Deep Scars

I remember everything..I remember him screaming and his blows to my face. I hate him more than anything in the world. I feel as though he broke me. Till this day I can smell him. It makes me sick. As a young girl all I wanted was to my brother happy he was my, “best friend” or so I thought. He raped me and made me believe it was my fault. I used to be such a happy little girl even my own father said I came out smiling. Now, I can’t even smile without it hurting.. My own mother was abusive and walked right past the door as it happened and eventually left me. My oldest brother didn’t protect and my “dad” left. My rapist was all I had left for “family” I loved him. And he knew that and took full advantage. He took my innocence my childhood almost my life at points… Continue reading »

Close Call

I dated a guy, for a day, in second grade. My memories of him that day consisted of us holding hands doing circles around the skating rink. In sixth grade, we were once again in school together. I remember him telling everyone I was his ex girlfriend and I thought it was weird because we only dated a day at such a young age. Anyway, him and I remained friends and talked on the phone periodically through my middle school and high school years. During my senior year of high school, after I had recently broke up with my then boyfriend of 3 years, my cousins and I went to his house. He had a couple friends over and we were down in the basement listening to music. I knew he still had a crush on me but he was too short for my liking. I remember he asked if he can talk to me…. Continue reading »