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Don’t Belive Your Cousins

When I was 12 years old, I went in my uncle’s house to celebrate my birthday after eating dinner. We slept in a bedroom (in uncle’s house)with my cousins, my sister & big brother. My big brother would take me in the garage & he attempted rape with me. Every time I said “no, I’m hurting please leave me.” But no one listened when he was taking me at the garage. — Suhani Yadav, age 14

The Cliche

Rape is an ugly word. Short, finite, guttural. The word reflects its own nature, the lasting impact a few moments can have on your life. And yet often so many of us refuse to use it. For so many years I did. Because I thought of rape as an extreme word to use for extreme circumstances. But often the circumstances aren’t extreme. Mine was a cliché. 14 years old, dressed in what I’d now consider a top, tight black and showing off legs which haven’t yet found their curves. I went to my first proper high school house party; no parents, buckets of booze. Summer encourage us to take risks, bare our skin and relax. My cousin who I tagged along with had a fight with her boyfriend and left me. I sat flirting with boys whose names I’ve long forgotten. Showing off how quickly I could finish beers and Bacardi breezers. Then I began… Continue reading »

Attempt to Rape

It was 4 years ago. I was 15 then. M from a place Where rape,harassment is no big deal, people really think girls as sex material that’s all. I had a boyfriend then. I bunked my classes n went out with him. There was a train station. In that area there were some burnt train compartments where nobody ever goes. I went there with him. I didn’t know what his intentions were. I didn’t know about that anything like that could happen to me. He kissed me. That was d first time ever. Then v heard people coming towards us. If they would have seen us then that would have been a problem. So he suggested to get off from two different gates before anybody comes. He got off when I turned back that compartment was completely burnt. I couldn’t reach another gate since it was burnt. 4 men came. Two of them held each… Continue reading »

Never Got His Name

I was nineteen years old when I lost my virginity. I wasn’t really saving it for anyone special; I just hadn’t done it yet. I was somewhat embarrassed about it, but most of my friends were virgins too, so it was okay. For my first real college New Years Eve, I went to a party at my friend Mary’s, who was attending a pretty large school in the State of Michigan. She’d been a friend of mine from High School, and our entire friend group was staying at her place for the night, with no reason to walk around the campus or make our way to bars (as we were underage and only some of us had fake IDs). I had never been to this campus, and though my university was much larger than hers, I was happy to stay at her place all night because the area wasn’t the safest. I wore a tight… Continue reading »

I’m Still Here… Wish For Peace

My name is Amber. I am 30 years old, from San Diego CA. I feel I should share my story. I have been followed and stalked by a pedophile since I was 11 years old. He is from Fresno CA. His name is Rosendo R. Rodriguez. This man forced me to take nude photos as a minor the police wanted me to convict him when I was in high school. He tried to molest/harass me multiple times while I was a minor. He is far older than me and was well over 18 when I was 11. He also had attempted and raped me. That was the final straw. He still continues to stalk me, make fake profiles of me. Just won’t stop. He is dangerous. He should be in prison serving years for the crimes he’s committed but our corrupt system keeps letting him free. Free to harass and bother people who wish he… Continue reading »

A Letter to My “Family”

January 15, 2015 I was raped by my uncle, my moms brother. I’ve told my family, they just say “Oh he’s an over grown child”. Or “he didn’t know what he was doing”. Or “you were just high on drugs, you wanted it”. But none of them truly understand how I felt that night. None of them know what its like to be forced onto a bed and have your pants ripped off by your uncle. They didn’t get to see me bawling, begging my uncle to stop. They didn’t get to hear my uncle whisper “awww. Its okay sissy don’t cry”, while he tucked my hair behind my ear. You didn’t have to feel empty as your uncle raped you. And touched you. While you laid there sobbing repeating “I hate you” over and over again. I felt like I wasn’t even in my own body. I was completely empty inside. I tried to… Continue reading »

Stranger Danger, Yeah Right.

When I was a child, I lived next door to a police man whom was considered an upstanding man in our little South Australian street. I was best friends with his daughter who was only a few weeks older than I was and everyone presumed that I was safe to go over there all the time when he was home, he’d protect us. After all, he was a cop, he went to the school down the road to teach us children about stranger danger and what to look out for. What people didn’t know, it wasn’t the stranger they needed to be afraid of. The wolf was in sheeps clothing. My earliest memory of what he did to me is 3 years old. There could be earlier, because when I look back at my childhood, he is ALWAYS there. ALWAYS. His daughter and I would play hide and seek and he would tell her that… Continue reading »

3rd Grade Terror

Since my father was in the military I was a military brat. I lived in Japan at the time and was only in the 3rd grade. I was in the middle of gym class when I was signed out by a strange man saying he was my father’s friend and was picking me up for him. Of course, due to the fact that our school was lower in security than the U.S we believed him. I remember him grabbing me roughly and bringing me behind the building. He then ordered me to remove my clothes, and because of my age (8) I did so. He touched and fingered me and I remember crying and feeling so confused and dirty and it just felt downright wrong. He slapped me and told if I ever told anyone he would kill my family and take me away. Of course I believed him and ran home that night crying…. Continue reading »

A Night Out

Amidst all the allegations towards the rapist Brock Turner, I made a vow to myself to never get so drunk that someone would do something like that to me. As I rarely go out to begin with, I never have found it difficult to avoid creepy bar rapists. I didn’t realize how wrong I was. Friday night, I went out with a few girl friends of mine. At the bar we saw these guys that were from our high school, and we always loved hanging out with them when we went out. One girlfriend and I decided we would go back to one of their houses with all of them just to hang out. We were both way too hammered, but we trusted these guys and knew we would just end up passing out at their house on a couch somewhere. Boy was I wrong. It was 5 a.m., and I had been on my… Continue reading »

The Day I Was Raped

I knew him. I’d known his since middle school. He was my friend. At least, he acted like my friend. Now I know what he wanted. He left In 8th grade and went to a new high school. I didn’t hear much from him till the summer after 9th or 10th grade. But we reconnected over Facebook. We talked, and he admitted he liked me. He just never could find a good time to ask me out. I was surprised, because there where times on and off in the years where I had liked him. I suggested we hang out. The day came. My mother dropped me off. It took some convincing for her to let me go. I wish she had stuck with no. I wish I hadn’t made her changed her mind. I walked up to his door and knocked. He came right out and invited me in. He asked me if I… Continue reading »