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This happened recently and I’m not sure if it was rape or not. But I want to share this. I was mad at a guy I’m seeing for dumb reasons. I ignored him all day at work. Our coworker asked me for a ride home. I complied. As I’m driving he mentions that he has great weed and if I’d like to smoke and hang out w him. He said he had a girlfriend but she was out. I don’t smoke weed but I really wanted to feel “stoned”. I said yeah I can hang out with you for a little bit. I’m thinking 30 min tops. We get to his apt no sign of his girlfriend or when she will be back. We smoke pot. He brings me an alcoholic drink. I’m feeling high and drunk. Next thing he says is, “should I use a rubber? I don’t like playing games, it wastes time.”m… Continue reading »

My “Step-father”

When I was about 5 my mother married a guy. The first year was awesome, I loved him he bought me anything I wanted and always made sure I didn’t get yelled at by my mom. He “got sick” for about a week during the summer usually my mom left me with my aunt while she worked, but since he was home she let me stay. I remember the first day was fine he played with me all day and we ordered pizza and ate ice cream. The next day he asked me to go to their room and lay down with him to watch cartoons. He cover us and told me he was going to show me something but I couldn’t tell me mom or she would get mad at me. He touched me. He told me it would feel good but I remember being so uncomfortable. He also showed me his private area… Continue reading »

Relationship does not equal consent

I had been with my boyfriend for 6 months, and he was starting to distance himself from the relationship. When we made out he always tried to take things further but I wasn’t ready. In an attempt to save the relationship from ending, I told him I wanted to do it. It would be my first time. He took care of everything, but on the way to the motel I started panicking and regretting my decision. He got angry, told me it wasn’t fair for him, that I had promised and eventually guilted me into getting into the room. I cried the whole time but he didn’t stop. I wasn’t ready. — Survivor, age 25

2-4 am on January 15th

Its almost Cliche, the way it starts out. I was out clubbing with friends, got too drunk, and was taken advantage of. There was a pre-party, and I had three drinks there. Everyone else was going out clubbing, and i was unsure of what i wanted to do. A friend convinced me, and so I went. I had two drinks at the club, before he started buying me more. In those type of situations, i’ve learned from the world to be suspicious of a man like him buying drinks for a girl like me. But he was a friend of a friend of a friend, and he was buying drinks for others, and it didn’t faze me. From the last drink he gave me, to leaving his apartment, is more than just a blur. I remember feeling his hand on my wrist, pulling me through the streets. I remember him giving me more to drink… Continue reading »

You Can’t Trust Anyone

At the time he was my boyfriend of about 6 months. my first boyfriend in high school had cheated on me with my best friend, that relationship doesn’t hold much meaning to me because first loves to me can be first mistakes I was very young and should have seen it coming. But regardless I didn’t and I moved on. He was older, about four years captain of the basketball team I was a freshman in nursing school with a whole Future ahead of me. I had taken two online classes for him to help him pass his senior year of college. I refuse to hold myself accountable for being til giving because I will never discredit someone for being too giving. To give is to receive and I learned immensely from the process. It was a few months after he graduated I was soon to enter my sophomore year. His birthday was in early… Continue reading »

Is It My Fault?

I’m 15. I was raped exactly 11 months ago. He is autistic so nobody believed me. As bad as this sounds I only agreed to go out with him because he pressured me into it. I’m not allowed to date until I’m 16 and only if the boy is a Christian. There had been multiple occasions where he would touch my breasts and my butt and he stuck his fingers inside of me. I talked to his brother and my best friend because my best friend was dating his brother so I thought they could get him to stop. So they talked to him and he stopped for a couple days and then we were in my friends house and he pulled down my pants and then tried to have sex with me anally but I said no. We were waiting downstairs for my friend and I told them I would be outside. We later… Continue reading »

Ready to Share

I was 18 years old. As with many of these stories, I was a freshman in college. I was drunk. It is embarrassing to admit that I was so drunk that I fell off of a 5′ loft bed into a mini fridge, resulting in a moderate to severe concussion (later diagnosed by medical professionals). I am now even more aware of this because I am a mental health professional. Back then, I didn’t know so much. I saw myself as an over-sheltered youth “breaking free” from my parents’ shackles. So, I drank…a lot. This particular night, I was so disoriented that had to be carried up the stairs by a few friends, including one young man who decided to stay with me for the night to “make sure I was okay.” That night, I lost my virginity. I lost everything. He made sure that I knew he was my first. Nothing, not even time,… Continue reading »

Ashly’s story

I found this website, and it has been just so helpful reading other stories I don’t feel so alone. All these survivors so strong. When I was first rapped I didn’t know it was rape I thought it was my fault and I told myself, well you put yourself in that situation so that’s what you get. It was three years ago I was only 19 at the time and my sister 16 and our friend also 16 we were invited to a guy friends house we went to school with. He had an older friend there he was 28. We were drinking all night none of us girls drank so this was new for us. I don’t remember much but what I do remember is the 28 year old took my friend out side and they were out there for awhile my sister went to the guest room to sleep so I was left… Continue reading »

Afraid of Him

First of all hi, I always felt the need to share my story. when i was 17 i was dating this really nice guy (at least i thought he was nice at the time.) A few months before my 18th birthday we were in my car having a nice conversation and then everything went wrong he pulled down my pants and raped me. im not going to go into to much detail because i have blocked most of it out. i just remember that it happened twice now it is almost 6 months later and i cannot be alone in a room with just men, even though i know that these men wont hurt me. anyone can get raped it doesn’t matter who you are. i didn’t think it was going to happen to me but it did. — Survivor, age 18


I’m 15 years old and I was raped about 4 months ago. He was 17 years old and I was still 15. I met him while I was in 9th grade now I’m in 10th. I remember getting a snapchat from him saying he had nothing to do on Monday and I told him we could go out to eat at like Taco Bell or something, so he said okay. Well when it was Monday, he texted me in the morning and told me to get ready so I did. He picked me up and we drove straight past Taco Bell because he said he left his wallet at home so we went to his house. He lives out in the middle of nowhere and he was driving on this long dirt road. He slammed on the breaks and I looked around and asked what we were doing here and he asked me if I’ve… Continue reading »