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Abusive Relationship

Hello, I’m 18 years old but my story happened a year ago, I was 17. I started talking to this guy on Instagram in December of 2014. He was 16 years old, and seemed like a sweet guy and called me beautiful and etc, me being a teenage girl the attention attracted me to him. He asked me to hangout and at first I was very iffy about it, my parents always told me to not talk to strangers but I couldn’t resist. A couple days later, on January 1st, 2015 I went over to his house, he was just how I expected him to be, he was so sweet and handsome! Nobody was home when I was there and he showed me up to his room. He started to cuddle with me and we had sex. It wasn’t rape but it felt super weird due to the fact I never had sex with someone… Continue reading »

Justice Didn’t Help Me

I am 19 years old, when I was raped I was 16. This year in may the man was found, it was a long process but two weeks ago after a week long court case he was sentenced to 16 years in jail, it was unanimous from the jury and he will serve at least 8 years of his sentence before he is eligible for any sort of applications. The verdict is great, I’m so happy at the idea that at least for the time being he can’t do it to anyone else. However even after the sentencing, I don’t feel any different, in a way I feel worse, it’s like all of a sudden after 3 years the world has acknowledged what happened to me. He was found guilty and that is wonderful, but it does not make me feel better. I feel like I am supposed to feel better, some girls never get… Continue reading »

Male Rape Victims Suffer in Silence

I don’t have the luxury of forgetting, cursed with an eidetic memory & an I.Q. of 174 I can neither forget, or lie to myself about what happened, I was only 4 at the time & it continued until I was 12. These events have forever stained my mind & soul to the point I am far beyond lost. I am a 35 year old male as I type this, you read correctly, a “MALE” rape victim, surely such a things not possible? Yes, it happens, I am living proof of it, you see, male rape victims almost always suffer in silence until the events & emotions eat you up inside like some kind of grotesque cancer. At one point in my life I was a normal very outgoing kid & remember those days like it was yesterday & wish with such fervor I could go back & somehow change what happened. I was raped… Continue reading »

The Worst Relationship

I was 14 when we started our relationship, we were together for about 5-6 months maybe before the first time. I went through 3 years of it, being a regular thing. The last time I was 17 and left him when I was 18. The first time I had just had a shower, and comfortably got on the bed. He had just bought a new batch of weed, and it made him violent. He started to scare me. The next thing i knew it was happening. I cried and cried and told him to get off. But he was much stronger than me. When he was finished I just stayed where I was, terrified and ashamed. He sat on the floor rocking backwards and forwards crying, saying he didn’t know why he did it and that he loved me so much and he was sorry. I felt bad for him… now this makes me angry…. Continue reading »

Not Really Family

I was in a relationship for two years. At first, my boyfriend was the best anyone could ever ask for. But after 6 months, he changed starting to slap me and choke me. It’s been getting worse and worse until a point her would rape me. I have passed out many times waking up sore and scared. I tired getting away but he would blackmail me. Then my uncle started to see me more recently I never thought anything of it until he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me. He tried touching me but he was very drunk and fell. I keep telling my self he was just drunk. But now every time I see him he will grab my ass and let his hand slip. I can’t tell anyone as he is happily married and is the carer for his wife I couldn’t put her though that. My boyfriend eventually… Continue reading »

I Am a Warrior

6-8 years: Sexually molested and abused in gross and horrific ways, about 200 times, by my step father. Some times by the use of porn and he would punish me, by beating me, if I didn’t do it exactly the way he wanted it. 7 years: Molested by one of my teachers, twice. 8 years: My step father sold me to an older pedophile man at a hotel room for about 2 hours, for raping and molesting me. This happened about 5 times. 8-10 years: My step father started raping me, about 100 times from the age of 8-10. He would rape me through the use of kama-sutra and other gross and horrific ideas he had. 10 years: My step father sold me to four men, for about 7 hours, where they raped me, molested me and abused me, repeatedly. This happened once at our house and the other 4 times it happened at a… Continue reading »

All Just Too Much

I know I’m young, I’m only 25. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced more in my few years on this earth than most will in their life. 17 years ago, when I was 8, my friend’s older brother raped me. I didn’t tell anyone, and over the years, I’ve only told 3 people, none of whom are still in my life. My father was physically and emotionally abusive, and I moved away after high school, and moved in with the first guy that treated me well. He was my first boyfriend. He was so sweet at first. That didn’t last very long before he started assaulting me on a daily basis. Sometimes he would drug me, and sometimes I would drug myself just so I wouldn’t know what was happening. After a year and a half I was finally able to get away from him, only to end up being passed around by someone… Continue reading »

The First Time

I was 6, when my family was hosting a religious prayer. About a hundred people were invited. And in went on for almost a month. People would come and go. There was a priest, who would make me sit on his lap whoever he got the chance. One day, my parents were at work and I had just come home from school. I was about to go to my room when the priest came out and asked me to come to his room. He I got in there, he had me on his lap and he started touching me. All I knew I was I didn’t like it but if he was doing it than surely my parents knew and approved. So I let him. For weeks I would try avoiding coming home from school until it was crowded. But he would always find me and continue touching me. For the next 6 years I… Continue reading »

Tinder Rape

I was raped when I was 19. I had been talking to a guy on tinder and he seemed to be normal and an ideal guy to date. He appeared to be attractive when we exchanged photos. What I did not notice was he never smiled with his teeth in any of his photos. After talking for over a week I agreed to meet him. We had previously talked about sexual things and desires thankfully without sharing sexual photos, he probably would have leaked them after I kicked him out of my apartment. When I opened the door to my apartment to greet him I was immediately unattracted to him. He was my height and missing a front tooth. He immediately tried to sleep with me. I kept telling him no and turning my body away from him. At one point I was sitting on the ground with my body turned away from him wrapped… Continue reading »

Assault In the Family

I just watched brave miss world on Netflix and I am moved to tears by Linor’s story and the story of other survivors. I myself have been molested during my childhood within my family. It is very hard to speak about it. I was about 12 to 13 years when the assaults started and it ended when I was 15 or 16. It is something I blocked out for years, suppressing it when it came to me, trying to forget it since the assault happened within my family. I could never tell anyone in my family since to this day I feel ashamed and insecure about what happened. I know if I told any family member it would destroy my family so I decided to take this out with myself. But it feels healing to read stories of other victims and to share my story. It also feels kinda therapeutic to write it down so… Continue reading »