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Sexual Assault

My name is Brandon. My story starts 23 years ago at the age of 3. I was molested by my brother who was 13 and our mother walked in on 1 incident. My mother seemed more traumatized by the event than I was. Constantly pushing on me to, “press charges” at an age I did not understand. Through my entire childhood my mother would never talk about it not even when I wanted to talk about it. She began to tell me, “you are sick for letting a child molester get away.” Sometimes I don’t know how to feel and that makes me feel stupid. I’ve told others of the event but never to this extent to let others know it bothered me this much. Thing is…I’m not sure if I would even remember the events if my mother hadn’t constantly pushed them into my head. Remembering her words and distaste for the event she… Continue reading »

I Was 9

The rape… I was 9 years old and was raped by my stepfather. This didn’t happen over night. It started with inappropriate touching until he eventually raped me. I didn’t really understand what was happening. I was disgusted by what he did. I told him yuck you peed on me. I had no idea. I just knew I was told not to tell. So I didn’t, I drew a picture at school in a book called all about myself. I was in 3rd grade. Shortly after that my teacher (male) asked me about it. Cops and detectives came to the home later that night. I had tried to tell my mom earlier but she disregard the whole thing until they came knocking at the door. My mom didn’t want to believe anything therefore, he didn’t have to leave the home, I did. I went to my dads house where I remained for several months. My… Continue reading »


I was 14 years old when the first assault happened. My older brother, Will, came into my room at 3 am and picked me up and took me to the couch where he slept. I was half asleep but conscious enough to remember what happened. After laying me on the couch he cuddled up behind me. He slipped his hand into my “barrett bronco” (my schools name and mascot) shirt and began to rub and grope me. I tried to move his hand away but he hit my hand hard and told me if I moved it he would tell everyone how dirty I was. He continued by moving his hand into my pants and penetrating me with fingers. My whole body tightened up in pain, I was a virgin and this hurt my very badly. He then got up and took my pants off. I kept squirming, trying to get away and that’s when… Continue reading »

I Remember Being Happy

I remember being happy to bump into you and smiling as I spoke to you. I remember feeling good that u invited me in and were not mad at me for staying away. Then I remember thinking that I must have given you the wrong vibe when u wanted to have sex. So I said no again and again! I even said I was serious while trying to keep a firm hold onto the elastic band of my shorts. It didn’t matter because as hard as I held you pulled harder. My fingers hurt from trying to grip so hard. One of us made a scratch across my right hip bone. I froze, not because I wanted to have sex but because I didn’t think I could stop it. I didn’t feel like the same happy 19yr old and I certainly wasn’t prepared to fight someone I thought was a friend, someone I thought was… Continue reading »

I finally said NO

My story began at age 4. I was living overseas in the Middle East. My father worked all the time and was rarely home. My mother was a distant women with a hard life herself. I started out small a touch here or there, then whisking me off when I went out to play. I didn’t understand fully what was happening, or know how bad it would get. At the community pool one day when everyone left I stayed behind while my mother left with my brother to get him something. He came up to me then and forced me to let him touch me. I struggled because it really hurt. He had been getting rougher and harsher with our encounters. I told him I was going to tell my mother if he didn’t stop. I was pushed underwater. He held me there until I thought I was going to pass out and didn’t have… Continue reading »

Two Friends and Two Boys

I’m the friend that everyone talks about. The one that always needs someone to listen to her problems and never really listens back. The one that expects you to be there the moment I need you, but when you need me I may or may not be there. I never realized I was like that. My dad looked out for his unit (him being in the Army), my mom looked out for my little brother Zeus and I looked out for me. I never really had any good friends, especially girls. My best friend Jackson had been my best and really only friend since we were 8. The three places we had been stationed were all together and when we moved to Fort Hood when we were 15 I expected nothing to change. Except it did. He started hanging out with other guys and I made an actual friend that was a girl. Rosalie Grace… Continue reading »

Loss of Innocence

I was twelve. I was in sixth grade. Truly, just a little kid (this was 1972). I knew the generalities of intercourse, but that was it. My parents were out of town smelting (I didn’t even know what smelt were; again, I was young). I was staying at a friend’s house around the corner while my parents were out of town with my godparents. All was going great but then I got sick. The doctor wouldn’t allow my friends parents to take me, so they called my uncle who lived in town – my aunt and cousins were out of town. I was taken to the doctor, I was put on meds (I assume I had an ear infection and a sinus infection). But the adults decided I should stay with my uncle (where my brother was staying). I was asleep on the couch and the phone rang. It kept ringing so I got up… Continue reading »

I Thought I Could Trust Him

My name is Amber and I’m sharing this story with you. My experience as a child and young adult. It’s hard to believe that I’ve come this far but I have. I was 11 years old in the 5th grade. I decided to play sick one day and stay home from school. My family consisted of my Mom, my Dad, and my two sisters. My mom decided to let me stay home from school that day. She left for work and bith my sister’s went to school. My dad was off of work. So i figured I’d stay in bed. My dad called me downstairs and asked me if I wanted to play a new video game he had just bought. I said, “Sure!” He went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. He got up and went to the bathroom. He came out and said, “If I show you something. Do you promise not… Continue reading »

A Girl Who Cried Wolf

I had an okay life. I didn’t think much of it. I had a mom, a dad, my Tia. My mom was always good to me, I was her Dollybgolly, we would play dress up. I did well in school. I made it my goal to earn As in school to make my parents proud. I’m Today, my memories are vague but I still feel it. I just turned 11, my dad had a rough year, his boss retired and I just remembered one day that my dad stopped going to work. Then in the mean time my mom worked some graveyard shifts for extra pay. So Tia did the same thing for a while too. We were just left alone with him. Right before Christmas, I just remember my dad waking me up, asking me to come see him. As every else says, I too didn’t think much of it. I laid on the… Continue reading »

Spousal Rape

Deep inside of me, there is a demon. My demon is panic and anxiety. It was planted there by a person I once had loved. I no longer loved that person as I once had; my love had changed. His love had grown hateful and resentful. One night, while lying in bed, I fell asleep early. It was the night before he would leave the house forever. As I lay asleep in bed, he climbed on top of me. I awoke to his breath on my neck and ear, his hands on my body, breathing “one last time”…. The demon PANIC was planted into my soul that night. Immediately it took root in my gut, clawing and pushing, kicking and screaming. I climbed out from the fray, repeating over and over “no, no, no, no, no….” and scrambled my way to the closet. “GET OUT!” I screamed over and over, as our children sleep in… Continue reading »