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Stranger Danger

I was on vacation walking at night with a friend on my birthday when we saw a bus go by and stop ahead of us. The driver and doorman waved us over friendly like. We go on the bus like we had a few times previous on the tropical island we were currently exploring. After driving for a bit we realize we are being taken in the wrong direction and asked the to stop the bus. The two men in front and in charge of the otherwise empty bus let my friend off first, but as he exited the doorman pushes him hard off the bus. He slammed and locks the door closed as the driver simultaneously drives off. I remember my friends water bottle exploding on the back window of the bus as we sped off when he threw it in anger and fear while another car pulled up behind him and tried to… Continue reading »

Hundreds of Times

I don’t remember exactly when it started. I know it started when I was very small, still in diapers. The beginning memories are all light, color, sound, smell-no words, no names or descriptions attached. Then they get more visual, more defined, more acute and sharp and poignantly terrifying. Then they get monotonous, old, repetitive and full of shame, disgust, confusion. And they become intertwined within the hell that was the first 13 and years of my life. I was sexually abused by my father until I was almost 13 and a half. The first time I was raped when I was six, and it continued until a few months until my father was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was almost 14. It was a daily occurrence, happening sometimes multiple times in day, if he had free reign or the time to do it. He was the president of cardiology for my area. He was… Continue reading »

Raped by Brother

I was about 12/13 years old when I was raped by my brother. In my memory it happened often during approx. 1 year. He warned me not to talk about it with my mom. When we went on a family holiday, my eldest brother did not come. Usually they would be together in a room and I would sleep with my parents. This vacation I was with him in a room. I never did talk about it and blocked it. When I was about 16, my brother became mentally ill. He was hospitalized and told my mother that he could understand I never should visit, and told her the story. She felt so guilty. But I was angry he told her, because now it was there again. Long story short, my brother, who was brilliant smart, good in all sports, funny etc., committed suicide at the age of 23. All not easy. But, still tried… Continue reading »

Ignored For a Lifetime

I was sexually abused repeatedly at the hands of an uncle when I was nine years old. My entire family has always chosen to ignore that ever happened, to this day. The ghosts of this traumatic series of events have haunted me for the next 41 years of my life. I have grown deep, emotional scars that have become an ever growing rage which, frequently, consume my soul and my life. I have never sought help, therapy, or any sort of professional assistance. I am strong and always thought I could handle it by not thinking about it and living the life I was meant to live… I was wrong. This abuse took place in Caracas, Venezuela. I was born in Caracas, in 1964. I have one elder brother and my parents were both born in Cuba. They fled Castro’s Communist regime and found a friendly, hospitable, fertile young country where to start their lives… Continue reading »


Not even sure where to start even though I have told my story before. From ages 1 to 7, I was sexual abused by my father. My uncle also sexual abused me last time when i was 12. I was date raped at age of 20. I am 47 years old now and when my son was born in 1995, it all started to come back to me. I have been working very hard since to make my son and my life livable. I could write how hard it has been, but for now want to make it clear that it still happens. I mean my dad denies it all, and I never confronted my uncle. Every time he does, it feels like the rape is going on again. My sister was the one how came to me saying she always remembered. But 2 years after she said it wasn’t true and took her words… Continue reading »

My Story

I was raped by my boyfriend at the time, and 5 of his friends, when I was 18. It happened in a hotel in London where I live, and although it was 22 years ago I’ve never been able to go near the hotel -it’s really well known. But, now after watching Brave Miss World, I’ve decided that I need to see it to help with my healing process I have a wonderful boyfriend who I’ve been with for four years now who has offered to come with me for support. Thanks to you and the other amazing women on your film I finally, after 22 years, feel strong enough to do it. Thank you so much and I’ll let you know how I get on.


I’ve just finished watching your amazing documentary, it’s taken me a couple of months of knowing about it to finally be able to press play. I’m so pleased I did, I cried for you Linor, I cried for myself and I cried for all the strong women who spoke, and more than anything I think I cried with your family and friends, giving me some insight into my own family as after 19 years I am on a journey to stop minimizing what happened to me and realize what an unimaginable reality it really was. Kind of a really amazing movie that no one would actually want to watch. In 1995 as a 21 year old New Zealander I was living as a volunteer on a Kibbutz in the North of Israel, I had been there for 4 months and was having a wonderful time. I was very aware of the freedom I represented and… Continue reading »

My 21st Birthday

I’ve never told anyone this story before, mostly because I know too much time has passed between what happened and now and know one will believe me. One of my best friends is still good friends with my rapist. Furthermore, I know that they will not believe me because many years before when I was 19, I had a former teacher. A man who I trusted, gets me so high of weed and try to take advantage of me. Lucky in that situation, I still had enough of my wits that I was able to deflect him. When he pinned me down and began pulling down my trousers. I started to crying about a former boyfriend and how I wasn’t ready for intimacy. So, he left me alone. I thank god every minute to this day that I thought so quickly despite everything. When I told my friends about it none of them believed me…. Continue reading »

A Childhood of Sexual Trauma

My father began sexually abusing me before I started school. I remember him telling me to touch his penis as he was lying on the bed and I was sitting beside him. He told me it was ‘sex education.’ I have only that one flashback from the early years. Years later, I remember waking up in the middle of the night with his head between my legs. The next morning before I left to catch the school bus, he said ‘Now, you know not to tell anyone about what happened last night, right?’ I said ‘Yes sir.’ Then, one day when I was 12, my mother asked me if I believed my dad would do something sexual to my sister. I just broke down and started crying and I said ‘I know he would, because he did it to me.’ Nothing more was said, but I didn’t have to go back to him for two… Continue reading »

The Party

I was 14 years old at the time it happened. It was summer the end of august. The year was 2006. I liked football and hang around with hooligans because i thought there were cool people and just wanted to belong something. With my closest girlfriends at that time we went to a party and one of the “good looking guys” started to speak to me and flirt with me. 14 years old me, who hasn’t have any attention from guys before, was exciting. I remember that I wanted him to like me and he said to me that I should drink up my cider. I did and he gave me another and another. When I was basically drunk he took his arms around me, because I really couldn’t stand up. I remember he took me in to his laundry room in the house. He started to take of my jeans, my favorite pair. It… Continue reading »