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My Two Cents

I was 17. Grew up in a small town, so when the doorbell rang I didn’t think twice about opening the door even though it was in the evening, and nearly everyone who I’ve told what happened told me “well why did you open the door?”. I asked myself that for years. What if I didn’t open the door. What if I fought harder. What if. I felt like it was my fault. Still do sometimes. One thing that I cannot stress enough is not aimed towards rape survivors themselves, but the people around them. Your support matters. It can make the difference between life and death. I can only imagine how hard it must be to see someone you love hurt like this, but please be patient. And to my brothers and sisters who have lived through the same nightmare. It will take time to heal. You will heal in your own way. Don’t… Continue reading »

It’s Your Fault

I’m a 22 year-old girl from Belgium, who got raped for 5 years by the boyfriend of my mother who has a borderline personality disorder. I’m really glad that there is a website like this, because, thanks to those stories I feel less alone. I hope that I could meet some of those great women once in my life, because now it still stays a very lonely package to care every day of my life. I was 11 when my mother met a new guy. Another one. My mother’s boyfriend number 44. But this one felt good. He was careful, playful and gave me some attention. We became really close friends. Just until the day that my mom felt into a depression. That first time, he came into my room in the middle of the night. Completely naked. I didn’t know what a naked man looked like, I founded it funny, because his private part… Continue reading »

Kept From Us

My mom’s side of the family is my family through and through. There’s about 60 of us that get together every major holiday since before I was born. We call each other of the phone and talk on Facebook. We are all really close. We all love each other and seemed like a great family. My mom is one of 9. 2 boys and 7 girls. My grandfather passed away more then 15 years ago. My grandmother passed only 4 years ago. My grandma passing is still very hard for me and the rest of the family. This past weekend my mom and her sisters and brothers got together to go through the rest of my grandparents stuff. My dad didn’t want to go and when i asked why he was very upset and didn’t want to tell me. Eventually he told me that he had a very big problem with my grandpa and didn’t… Continue reading »

My “Teammate” Raped Me

I am 27 years old and was raped by a man on my summer, co-ed, seemingly innocent, beer-league kickball team this summer. I had just come home from my family vacation earlier that evening- I was relaxed, tanned, fresh hair cut, feeling great. I knew I was headed out to celebrate with my friends and so I took an Uber (like a cab) so that I wouldn’t have to drink and drive. I had a blast with my friends all night. I caught up with old friends, flirted with new guys. I drank a lot of beer, I took a shot of my favorite whiskey at the end of the night and was feeling pretty happy-drunk. It was nothing unusual though. I knew I had plenty to drink, but I also knew I could take Uber home and be safe and sound in my own bed. Well, that wasn’t the case. At “last call” at… Continue reading »


I’ve met several disaster dates through a popular online dating service known as “match” dot com but the worst was a successful, charismatic, attractive chiropractor who turned out to be a heartless sexual predator. 12 years ago in October, 2002, I went out with a seemingly attractive man who was my age and turned out to be a local chiropractor who was divorcing his wife. I regret ever having trusted him and allowing him to come over to my apartment on the premise of “giving me an adjustment” because he claimed my neck was out. I had met him for drinks the night before which was pleasant, he didn’t try to kiss me or grope me. Said he wanted he wanted to get together again the next morning for brunch. I agreed thinking he was a lovely person, but I was wrong, he was a sexual predator. After brunch, I wanted to end our second… Continue reading »

New Year’s Eve Party

I had spent New Year’s Eve at a friend’s boyfriend’s house, a nice party with great people. I had promised my mother to take the latest bus home, and I intended to do so. But, as I was putting on my coat and my boots to get ready to leave, this handsome guy I knew rather poorly, told me that it wouldn’t be safe for an 18 year old girl to walk from the party to the bus stop alone. He offered to walk with me, told me it was a man’s duty to not make a woman walk alone in the middle of the night. I was flattered, and happy that he would leave the party just to be a gentleman. We walked no more than about seventy yards away from the house, when he pushed me down in the snow, hushed me, tore down my nylon stockings and with the other hand pressed… Continue reading »

What Happened?

I was out with my friends. We went to a nightclub, I was 21 and it was April 2013. I started drinking and everyone was drinking. My parents always told me not to ever let my drink out of my sight. Well that night I guess I got a little comfortable. I did leave my drink around many times and then went back to it. Something that I never do. There were a bunch of people in our hotel room. Some of them were people my friends knew, and some of them were complete randoms that had come from different rooms. I left my drink on a table and then went back to drink it at the hotel room, that is where I believed it started. We went to the club around 12-1, but I wasn’t feeling very well. I felt dizzy, nauseous and confused. One of the random guys that came to our hotel… Continue reading »

My Story

I am 32 and 4 years ago I came face to face with the person who raped me when I was 13. At the time of being raped, I had been out with my best friend and had gone back to another school friends sisters house. I knew the person who raped me from school. At the time, I knew something bad had happened but because of my age, and what little awareness there was at that time about rape, I didn’t know exactly what had happened to me. I just remember wakening up to him on top of me and there being a lot of blood. He said the blood had come from a cut on his knee. He put me in a taxi home and when I got home and tried to tell my mother what had happened and to explain why my clothes were covered in blood, she sent me to bed… Continue reading »

The Time I Was Raped

I was sixteen years old, and was with friends just hanging out downtown on a weekend night. During the evening, I met this person who was an older friend of my boyfriend (who wasn’t with us that night). He hung out with all of us, others seemed to know him. My friends all walked each other home, but I lived further away and had planned on staying at my sister’s house, but she wasn’t home. The older man (nineteen, twenty) said I could use his phone to call my Dad to come pick me up. I thought, since he knew my boyfriend, it was safe. Once we were in his apartment, he locked something like six locks on his door, and he was looking at me funny. So I started to unlock them, saying I could go to my sister’s house and wait for her after all, but he laughed and kept locking them as… Continue reading »

An Orphanage

I was raped in a Romanian orphanage. I was born in Romania and I was in the orphanage until I was 8 years old. I am now 25. I was abused a lot. I got adopted by people from the UK. I now have an amazing family in Scotland. I graduated last year from Oxford university and I was one of the few women to get a first class honors degree in law. You can survive rape and overcome it. Do not let the rapists win. Live your life to the full. Be amazing. Do everything you can to be happy and open up your heart. My heart was so numb but love cures everything. I have a boyfriend and good friends and I am very grateful for everything. You have already won because you survived rape. I just wanted to share my story because you can overcome the worst experiences in life. I was… Continue reading »