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Don’t Walk By Yourself

I was walking on my way to soccer practice at my high school, it’s about a 20 minute walk not that far to me. While I was walking, I saw a a group of boys up the street between the ages of 18-20 and their were 5 of them. I didn’t really pay attention until they got really close. They started catcalling me as they walked up to me I tried to walk a cross the road but one of the boys stop me by pulling my hand. I pulled back my hand and told him to get off of me. Then his friends surrounded me. I said please leave me alone, I’m not in the mood. Then one of the boys grabbed me and put me on his shoulder. I was kicking and screaming they took me to this wooded area. I couldn’t stop crying. I said “please don’t do this” over and over… Continue reading »

My Mom

Hello my name is Vivian. About 2 years ago my mother, with great shame and fear, revealed to me that she had been raped as a young girl on a date. She and her older sister, my aunt, went to the police for help and was told there was nothing they can do. It took everything my momma had to even tell me this. She said she had told my father not to long before she told me. She has been caring this burden inside for many years. I believe she thinks it is her fault! I didn’t want to upset her any more than she was so I did not ask her many questions. I hugged her. I believe that years of this kind of silence put a huge strain on our family and on our relationship as mother and only daughter. She never delt with the hurt and trauma of it all and… Continue reading »

Memories in the Dark

Hello my name is and I am Rosicler, survivor of rape. Sorry if there is any word or phrase meaningless in this statement because I am Brazilian and I am not as fluent in English. I’m using the google translator to share my story. I was 4 years old when it happened, I was traveling with my grandparents to the state where they were born which is in northeastern Brazil and we were in the house of an aunt of mine. My grandparents always realize this trip later in the year. They always went there and after the divorce of my parents they decided it would be great to take me to get away from the problems of my parents and separation. Many of my memories of rape are still blocked, according to my psychologist that was the way I found my brain so I could continue blocking all about it. But everything changed when… Continue reading »

Speaking Up

I was raped was by my ex boyfriend. We were living together at the time and he had a really big drug problem. I didn’t want to believe that a person I trusted would ever hurt me. After it happened several times and I started to be afraid to go home I finally decided to leave him. I still wake up scared in the middle of the night and sometimes I find something that was his and I relive it all. I am so proud of myself for being strong enough to leave him. I never told my story to anyone before and I never reported it but after seeing Brave Miss World, I wanted some to know my story.

My First Memory

I was raped from before I can even remember till I was about 9. My parents were young whenever they had me, so I got left with my grandparents or aunts house a lot so that my parents could either work or go out and be normal 19 20 year olds. I stayed at my great aunts a lot she had 4 sons. Two of the sons had already moved out. So I hung around the other two a lot. I was an only child till I was six so they were like my brothers.. So I was grown up to think. I can’t remember the first time is ever happened, but my first memory is my cousin C told me that he wanted to play house. He use to always wanna be the dad if I was the mom. He had his own reasons why he wanted to play like that. He use to… Continue reading »

I Thought He Loved Me

I recently moved to another school. Nobody knows the really story behind me but I will tell all of you because all of you understand. I was all ways insecure because I had a mustache when I was a younger. I shaved in first grade because a kid told me I had a mustache. I was bullied for seven years. I all ways wanted somebody to love me because I felt lonely. I thought that if I had a boyfriend I would feel better about myself. I decided I was going to change so society would except me. I changed but I also lost myslef. I started throwing up my food since fifth grade and I stoped in eighth grade. But before that I met a boy, but I won’t say his name. He had to leave to DR the night after the last day of school. I liked him for at least seven months…. Continue reading »

What Was I Thinking?

I was 14 when I was raped. I lied to my parents about sleeping over at a friend’s house and instead my (now ex) boyfriend picked me up. We had fun and drank and had a party. After about 10p.m. he got high, I went to a room and locked myself up. I went to sleep thinking I’m safe I woke up and somehow he got in. He came to me and before I realized what was going to happen, he pinned me down on the bed. He pressed my arms above my head and when I felt my pants being ripped off, my entire body just went numb. I couldn’t fight back at all. I was laying there, thinking “What am I going to do?” Everything was full of blood. Eventually he decided to get off me. I was dazed, having an exact idea of happened. I got my phone and called my mom…. Continue reading »

Never the Same

At the age of 6, I started being molested by a family member. At first I didn’t understand what was happening. At first it was just touching then he started making me have oral sex with him. It went on until I was in the 7th grade (12 yrs old). I took health and I learned that what he was doing to me was wrong and I started hating myself for not knowing. The next time I saw him, I told him I didn’t want to do it anymore and I was gonna tell. He told me if I told nobody would believe me and that I would get in trouble for letting him do it. I didn’t know at the time he had a history of being inappropriate with his sister when the we’re young about 10 so everyone already knew to stay away. He was 12 when he started touching me, now he’s… Continue reading »

My Two Days of Hell

16 years ago I had just finished college and had a 1 year old son. I met a young man through friends and we had started dating. He seemed so great. He was tall and muscular, good job and was so good to my son and so good to me… Until he wasn’t. My story is what I’ve called my “Two days of Hell”. He came to my apartment one evening high on speed. I didn’t know he was on meth at the time, I didn’t know he used drugs at all. I was sick with the flu, so when he wanted to have sex. I said no. He became enraged. He literally tore my panties off and raped me then rolled me over and sodomized me. I cried as quietly as I could because my son was in his bedroom sleeping. I thought that when he was done he would leave, but he didn’t…. Continue reading »

My Rape

I was raped by my emotionally and physically abusive husband while living abroad. I had finally decided to leave and lied telling him it was a trial separation, either way I was going home. And that despite the fact he always had sex when I said no other times over the past decade that I would not ever let him touch me again. So we got into a verbal altercation which then escalated into a physical fight. He roundhouse kicked me in the face, breaking my orbital bone (it was fractured in two places I learned later) and while I was unable to defend myself further he raped and sodomized me. Only my mom knew (and she only knew about the rape) until he started stalking me here in North America from his home in Europe. Then I had to alert local police to alert customs and border patrol so he will be questioned if… Continue reading »