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Thank You

I was raped when I was in college. I haven’t told many people about it because I had been drinking at the time and did go home with him. I thought it didn’t count or I deserved it because I had lead him on. Watching Brave Miss World made me feel better and taught me it doesn’t matter if I was drinking or lead him on…it is still rape. It’s a shame in our societies that people feel this way, but I think what you are doing is helping change that. This documentary will be seen by so many people all over the world and help open up the eyes to the reality about rape. Thank you so much for what you do and I wish you the best.


I realized I was holding shame of when I was molested from a childhood friend at age 8. She was a child herself that was brutally molested. For years I held anger towards her then let that go. Then held anger towards her abuser. We were children who both had trust and innocence and in an instance it was taken. For years I felt shame and anger. I hated myself. I became depressed. Suicidal. Angry. Every negative emotion you can think. I felt so alone. Then when I was 20 years old I was almost raped. At this time I was healing again my spirit was ripped away. I was saved by my friend who heard my muffled screams as my attacker was ripping my clothes off. I blocked this out until I heard your story. I realized I was still a victim. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you. I have… Continue reading »

Molested By a Stranger

When I was younger about 6 my mother and father were heavily addicted to drugs, I remember one night or it could have been during the day. My memories are a little fuzzy. My mom had dropped us off at a mans house. He was African American. My younger sister was also with me. I remember my mother telling me “If he touches you, you better tell me.” To this day I have never told her. I’m too embarrassed and scared to do so. We were watching “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.” I turned around and saw my little sister, who was way younger than me, under the covers on the couch with this stranger. I did not know what to think, so I just kept watching the movie. I want to say she was under there a while, but I’m not quite sure. Than she got off the couch into the floor, and proceeded to… Continue reading »

Trusted Him

I was 13, attending high school. I had developed a crush on an older boy whom was 16 at the time. We flirted here and there and I was really hoping he would notice me too. He did. We had made plans to hang out one night, a month and two days after my 14th birthday. His friends had warned me he was bad news, but I still proceeded. He came over. Things got a little weird when he pinned me against a hallway wall of my place to kiss me. But I thought “This is okay. He is attractive and this is what I should be doing…” We moved to the living room. Music was turned on and next thing I knew, he had me pinned down and his shorts were coming off and my skirt was going up. At first, I thought I was into it. Then I remember saying “Stop, please stop…. Continue reading »

Happily Married, Rape Survivor

I am one of the lucky ones, I was blessed with an amazing man, who loves and supports me. I do not know if it has to do with the fact that he himself is also a survivor rape victim. I cannot remember at what age I began to be molested. I cannot remember who? I know that it had to be from such a young age, because my first sexual recollection was of me masterbating myself probably around six or seven, I know at that age, a child doesn’t just masterbate. It might be that my molester is someone so close that my mind still does not allow me to remember. Molestation, became a part of my life, my first actual memory of being molested was at about age 8, I remember riding in the night with family friends in he back of the wagon, while the adults were in the first rows, the… Continue reading »

Married My Rapist

I watched the project on Netflix. I saw Joan Collins. She is the first person that I have heard of doing what I did. I was a virgin and had planned to remain a virgin until I was married. The guy I was dating knocked at my apartment door which opened into the bedroom. He fell on top of me, tore off my clothes, broke the zipper on my pants, and raped me. Like Joan, I decided that I must marry him because he took my virginity, but I hated him. We had 3 children and I divorced him. His second wife also divorced him. He died while living with his mom, all his possessions in a single box. He was a drug addict and alcoholic and died in his 40’s all alone. I have had male friends but could not be intimate with them and never re-married. I was raped at age 18, divorced… Continue reading »

We Live Part of Hell on Earth

I grew up believing that the world is a very dangerous place and i thought that after my first trauma, i would never have to deal with a similar event. When i was 6 years old, my grandfather molested me several times. it may have lasted for about a year or 2. He molested me when we were alone and when the family was together. My family never noticed anything and I never acted as though something was wrong because I did not understand fully what was going on. The first time it happened, i remember playing with this toy that when it was pulled back and released, it would roll really far.. it rolled under the couch where my grandfather was sitting. i went under the couch to get it and with his foot, he was massaging my private parts. as the weeks past, i found myself rolling that toy on purpose to find… Continue reading »

Few People Know

I was 17 years old and told my mom that I was going over to my friends house to spend the night, and she told her parents the same thing. We’d been walking around the small town where we lived and ran across a friend of my boyfriends, whom I trusted. He asked if we wanted to ride around with him and his friend to drink some beer, and of course we both said yes. I noticed my friend and the friend in the car were getting along well, which made me happy. Even though I had a boyfriend, after drinking a few beers, I started kissing one of the guys in the back seat. Later, we drove to his father’s place to get more beer, and almost got shot because his father thought we were burglars trying to steal from his store. If that wasn’t a sign… Later we all went down by the… Continue reading »


I was raped when I was 16 and again when I was 17 but now I am in my 20s. When I was 16 I started looking for companion ship online. I was always a socially anxious person so it was a way, for me, to meet new people. I came across this guy I thought he was very cute. So we talked and talked. And he asked me out. Of course I said yes. But I was still anxious like I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. That something was wrong and I ignored it. He came and picked me up. He earlier had said we’d go to his place and watch a movie hang out and see where it lead. But that didn’t happened. He lied. He took me to the middle of the desert. He told me to get in the backseat. We made out. And at first… Continue reading »

With Love

I was 6 years old when I was first raped. My older brother saw fit to make me a woman. For many years this went on, I didn’t even realize what he was doing to me until I was 13 and it continued for several years after as I did not know how to stop it. I don’t know how to share my story, I still feel like it’s dirty. I’ve come a long way though and I know that what my brother and father did to me is not dirty and is not ok. It does not make me a lesser person. I’ve come to terms with the fact that something different happened to me than happens to most people. My nightly rape continued for a period of 7+ years and to this day I find it difficult to have a relationship with the opposite sex, for reasons they will never understand. I write… Continue reading »