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Lying Child Molester

When I was 14 I had met a guy who told me he was 18. Even though I told him I didn’t want to date he kept persisting and eventually we did have sex. Soon after our consensual sex I had received a phone call from his 17 year old girlfriend (who also had a child with him) and his mother that he was actually 23. When he would call I would tell him to leave me alone. Yet, he would threaten to come by and hurt me if I were to ignore him. My dad had tried kicking me out of the house at 14 because he thought I was still contacting him since he would still call me. I just didn’t want him to abuse me. He stalked me for about half a year when no one was at my home and when I was in school. He came so often to my… Continue reading »

Bus Ride Of Missing Hope

When Ii finally told someone, no one believed me. He was the good kid in class. They said he not like that. It was after school in 5th grade we had a sub bus driver because ours just had surgery. I was sitting in my set when I felt someone touch me. I looked over and saw him sitting there. He kissed me. I just let that go until he said he wanted to please me. I got real scared because at the time I didn’t know what he meant. As time went passed, he started rubbing and fingering me. Only stopping when someone went to get off the bus. On the weekends, he made me come over so he could keep doing while he made me jerk him off. It didn’t help that he lived 3 houses down from me. It didn’t stop until he moved. Every time I bring it up, he’s always… Continue reading »

75 Percent Humidity

You never want to be the person who admits to being raped twice, but I’m that woman. It was at college and I was a virgin. The assailant’s family had a lot of money and were well connected. He was never prosecuted. The second time, I blamed myself because who gets sexually assaulted twice? But after a time I decided to exorcise the demons and wrote a monologue about it. It was my only way of explaining my story. MY story. My thoughts, my experience. It’s okay ’cause I’m okay. And I’ll always be okay. I’m a comedian. Here goes: I was never an active participant in my earlier life. I am now, but back then…driving home from a friend’s house. Listening to the DOOBIES, man…jammin’ out, I wasn’t thinking about anything but my favorite song on the radio. “China Grove” blasting made me happy. I had an ice cold Dr. Pepper in the cup… Continue reading »

Tree House

It started when i was 9. My brother was always mean to me, I’m guessing he learned a lot of it from my abusive father. He physically abused my brother and I when we were younger so I sometimes believe this all happened because he was trying to cope? Anyways, it started slowly, my brother called me into his room to look a naked pictures of girls, he also printed them. He was only 14. A couple days later he asked me if knew what masturbation was. He took me up stairs and laid on the ground and touched him self. I wasn’t interested in watching and just wanted to go down stairs but he made me watch until he finished. The next day he came into my room while i was playing dolls. I asked him if he wanted to play and he said sure, instead he asked me if wanted to play house…. Continue reading »

Molested, Tortured, Rape, Survivor

As a young girl, I was molested by my mother’s boyfriend son. I thought it was okay to let a little boy play down there, but then later on in life it was not. At the age of 16, I was walking home and saw these guys walking up behind me. So, I ran into this shortcut but to my surprise they followed. As I ran into a hiding spot they caught me. It was seven of them and little ol’ me. They tortured me. They beat me with a wire, gun butted me, burned me with a lighter, pulled my hair, and had gotten me drunk. Every time I fought back I would be chocked or punched in the neck. I remember blacking out and waking up naked in this disgusting motel with them starring at me like I was a piece of meat. One of the guys screamed out “hold her down.” I… Continue reading »

Sleep Over

We had lived in a small subdivision at the time and everyone knew each other , and we always did stuff. I was 8 at the time and I had gone to stay the night at one of my friends house, but we’d gotten into a childish fight. I left her home and started to walk to mine, but I was in tears with what she had said so I didn’t see the van coming up behind me. I was suddenly grabbed from behind, I started screaming and shouting, but nothing came out for he had a hand over my mouth. I was through in the back of the van so hard I barely was conscious. After what seemed like forever he reappeared, and grabbed me by the legs to drag me out. I was thrown over his shoulder, while kicking and struggling to get away. He opened a door, and threw me to the… Continue reading »

I Thought He Cared

It all started in 7th grade. I was some what popular spoke my mind about things I tho was wrong even tried to break up a fight once. My boldness is what caught his attention. We started out as friends laughing about almost everything but I soon became interested in being more than friends and I let him know how I felt. One day I was headed to my last class of the day when he stopped me and asked me if he could touch my ass I was appalled at the idea but he just kept pressing me and so I let him. He continued that for a couple of days before making his new move. He asked me to meet him in the library to talk and I agree because I st really liked him. He led me into the darkest part of the library before grabbing my arm and pulling me down… Continue reading »

Raped By My Brother’s Friend

I was 11 at the time. I went over to swim with some friends at my neighbor’s house. He was always touching me in places that he should not have. That day it started raining, my friends and I were going to leave because of the rain, but he didn’t want me too. It was the biggest mistake I’ve made. I stayed with him, not expecting anything to happen. He pulled my pants down and raped me. I didn’t do anything, because I went into shock, and that’s what I regret. I felt like he broke me, and ever since I’ve been picking up the pieces. After that happened I left, and kept it to my self for my years. I am 18 now and finally talking about. — Stephanie

I Want to Be Brave

Linor, I have just finished watching your film and am simultaneously in a state of awe & inspiration as well as complete and utter hurt & pain. I ache for the pain of your story, the stories of those you helped speak out, and my own story. I was molested by my oldest brother for six years. He raped, sodomized, and threatened me from the age of 6 years old to the age of 13. Why it stopped, I do not know and may never know. It was a secret that I help inside, eating at me from the inside out until just recently. I have spent my lifetime on a journey trying to accept what happened and who I have become, knowing that it is not the person I would have become if this had not happened to me. I want to reclaim my personhood, but at times feel that he has taken so… Continue reading »

This Is My Story

When I was born my mom said when she first held me she didn’t want me that there was something about me she didn’t like. She named me after her and gave me to my dad to do what he wanted with me. I was raped by him from birth to the age of 14 when I was kicked out of the house. I lived in the park and ate out of trash cans. One night when I was walking through the park to find a place to sleep, a man grabbed me from behind and slammed my head into the cement wall in the bathroom. He then brutally raped me and beat me up real bad. When I came to the next day, a man sAW me walking down the street with blood all over me. He called the police, who then called the ambulance. I am a survivor of not only raped, but… Continue reading »