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My Rape Story

As a child, I was raped multiply times by my own uncle. Just this past summer, something happened to me and I finally decided I should tell someone about it. It was scary. I always thought that it was my fault and I still blame myself till this day. But, I was glad to get that out of me. The man was never sent to jail. Until this day it stills hunt me. But I never let it show. I keep thinking that I’m going to be a prostitute because it get sexually addicted to people I don’t know what to do. I keep thinking that i’m going to be raped again but by a stranger. My friends don’t know that this is going on with me, and I really need help.

Sexual Abuse and Rape

I was sexually abused by an extended family member from the ages of 6 to 12. When I was 21 when I was raped. I was an au pair in Italy. So like you I was raped in Italy. I am watching your film right now. You are very brave to go back to Italy. I’m to scared. I’ve just watched the part saying you cried on the train after you were raped. I remember crying on a train to Milan, the pain I was feeling was horrible. I reported the rape when I was back in England. I’m still waiting for the Italian police to tell me what’s happening with the case. I’ve only recently reported the childhood sexual abuse to the police. It has taken me awhile to find my voice again. I have suffered so much from the abuse and rape – depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorder, self esteem… Continue reading »

Speaking Up for Women

My own personal experience involves someone I trusted, drugging and attempting to rape me. I used creative writing as a form of healing during this process. I would like to share my short piece of spoken word surrounding the issues that women face on a daily basis all over the world. the world is equally exceptional yet flawed in so many ways, but the issue I want to talk about is completely overlooked and ignored in so many ways. We are all equal and consist of energy, we all have a heart that’s playing remedies. But the conditioning of society is having a profound effect, and playing a role in this huge mess. People should not be conditioned to believe women are any less. There is a bigger issue than the difference of our biological sex. Gender stereotype’s, conformities and conditioning are playing a masked role within this mess. The whole of society and the… Continue reading »

Dating For 10 Months When…

Hello, whoever may be reading this. I am 16 years old and I feel like it’s time to share my story for anyone that’s willing to listen. I have a boyfriend, he is 18 years old and to me he was great for the most part. We had been dating for about 10 months when he started to become extremely antsy. He would constantly ask if we could “do it” or just try it out and every single time I would say no. I figured it was harmless since he did have an older ex girlfriend that used to do it with him all the time. Well, one night we were cuddling in my bed, watching one of those little movies on HBO when we started to kiss. I didn’t think anything of it since this was normal for us until all of a sudden he started to get on top of me. At the… Continue reading »

My Secret

The other day a high school friend of mine posted pictures of the inside of the school before it gets torn down. I smiled as I saw the lockers and the hallways I frequented. I remembered seeing friends and boys I had crushes on. I felt happy. Then I saw the picture of the black box. While the picture was 100% black my heart stopped and then started pounding ferociously. I remembered everything in a flash. I remembered the dance. I remembered the dress I wore. The top was luxurious silver lace with a black underlay. The bottom a taffeta bubble that rested just above my knees. I had never felt more pretty in the 14 years of my life. And then there was my date. He was gorgeous and looked older than his 15 years. He was a hockey player and I was smitten. We arrived at the dance and checked in. We barely… Continue reading »

Rape Survivor

First of all, I would want to tell Linor that she is such an amazing woman. I watched Brave Miss World on Netflix last night and again today as it touched my heart and soul on so many levels. It saddens me that there are so many of us all over the world having to cope with this horrific experience. I was sexually abused as a young child, molested as a teen and brutally raped as a young adult. A stranger entered my home, held my baby out the window of my 4th floor apartment, told me to do what he said or he would drop him. For many years I have lived in shame and guilt and suffered alone. I had learned to stuff and suppress from early childhood on. I learned no one listens; no one believes. However, the rape is something I cannot stuff and suppress. Even though the rape occurred well… Continue reading »

Rape of My Partner

My partner was raped 10 years ago by a man she at the time trusted. He drugged her at his home. His wife was there and carried her home saying she had passed out due to alcohol but on the way back to her home raped her. She knows this from pain and the grass stains on her jeans and then dumped her on her sofa. She was ashamed as she is a lesbian and felt people would laugh but went to a clinic and had some sexual disease tests and I believe the morning after pill. They tried to encourage her to report it but she was too scared. They said her vagina was a mess. She felt violated from a very different perspective. I watched your documentary and it has helped me understand her pain. You are a very brave and beautiful lady, Linor. I have tried to help heal my partner and… Continue reading »

Returning to Mexico

First of all, I am very proud of any rape survivor. I’m proud of how strong we all are and how much stronger we become through this experience, even though the healing process is so hard and takes very long. But we can do it, and in the end we become stronger. I am 22 years, female and from Amsterdam. 1,5 year ago (August 2013) I was raped in Mexico. I had studied there already for 6 months, and went back to do my internship in this lovely country. However, at the first night of the return I was drugged in a club, taken by three guys, brought to a Motel, and raped by two guys. I wasn’t conscious the whole time but I remember some parts quite clear. Definitely saying no and trying to get away but I couldn’t, the drugs paralyzed me. And I remember parts of them having sex with me. When… Continue reading »

A Rough Life

I was born with half developed lungs and had to stay in the hospital for two months. My grandparents took me home when I okay to leave the hospital. I lived in a filthy house with two older siblings, a sister and a brother. I had a mother and father who didn’t care about me or my brother and sister. I was neglected and abused. I lived in a house that was roach and rat infested. I slept with crusty blankets, and no pillows. I had fleas and lice, was covered in bites. There was garbage everywhere, and I slept in a closet. I was never bathed and rarely feed. All of my clothes were filthy and to small. My diapers where rarely changed and I wasn’t even loved. When I was thirteen months old, my brother and sister and I were taken from that house and put into foster care. We lived in seven… Continue reading »

Diana Oakley’s Story

A sexual assault Victim’s story. Watch the video.